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If you are looking for a particular record category, you would do better by going to the Source Records section to locate the page with the information you are interested in and then using your browsers' FIND (ctl-F) facility to locate a particular item. Also, when using this SEARCH facility, do not search for any variation of the Osborne name or common first names. This will just result in every page in Osborne Origins being listed. You should search for uncommon first names, spouse's last names, locality names, etc.
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WorldConnect's Advanced Search facility allows for searching through the database using birth and death dates and relatives' names. The search will provide a "Results" screen. Click on a person's name in the "Results" screen takes you to a personal data screen. The first line of this screen is the persons "ID" -- note the ID number (ignore the letter "I" in the ID). Go to the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records -- in the menu on the left click the part of the index containing the person's name. Then on the frame on the right, use your brower's Ctl-F (Search) facility to search for the ID number obtained from RootsWeb WorldConnect.