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Some Indiana Will and Estate Records

Year County
1842 Orange  Osborn,  Abraham (Will (abstract))
1862 Wayne   Osborn,  Alonzo (Will (PDF))
1859 Putnam  Osborn,  Anderson (Will (abstract))
1871 Perry   Osborn,  Ann (Will (abstract))
1858 Parke   Osborn,  Asher P. (Will (PDF))
1878 Boone   Osborn,  Caleb (Will (PDF, abstract))
1860 Dearbo  Osborn,  Charles (Will (abstract))
1871 Hendri  Osborn,  Charles (Will (PDF, abstract))
1838 Randol  Ozburn,  Daniel (Will (Book B/44), Letters Testamentory (PDF))
1846 Wayne   Osborn,  Daniel (Will (PDF))
1854 Founta  Osborn,  Daniel (Will (abstract))
1857 Sulliv  Ozborn,  Daniel (Will (PDF))
1879 Hendri  Osborn,  David (Will (PDF, abstract))
1881 Founta  Osborn,  Doctor F. (prob. recs. (abstract))
1860 Hamilt  Osborn,  Ebenezer (Will (PDF))
1884 Decatu  Osborn,  Elizabeth (Will (PDF))
1827 Orange  Osborn,  Enoch (inventory and sale bill (PDF))
1864 Hendri  Osborn,  Hardin (Will (PDF, abstract))
1877 Hendri  Osborn,  Henry (Will (PDF, abstract))
1867 Boone   Osborn,  Hiram (Will (PDF, abstract))
1847 Wayne   Osborn,  Isaiah (Will (PDF))
1835 Parke   Osborn,  Jesse (Will (PDF))
1869 Parke   Osborn,  Jesse (Will (PDF))
1840 Hendri  Osborn,  Joel (Adminstration and Heirs of Joel Osborn (abstract)))
1821 Randol  Ozburn,  John (Will (PDF), Distribution (PDF))
1828 Greene  Osborn,  John (Recorded Will, Gdnshp of Chn, Inventories (PDF))
1869 Jackso  Osburn,  John (Will (abstract))
1874 Hendri  Osborn,  John H. (Will (PDF, abstract))
1875 Wayne   Osborn,  John (Will (PDF))
1888 Henry   Osborn,  John (Proof of Heirship (PDF))
1834 Parke   Osborn,  Jonathan (Will (PDF))
1842 Greene  Osborn,  Jonathan (Will (PDF))
1863 Rush    Osborn,  Larkin (Will and Heirs (abstract))
1880 Decatu  Osborn,  Levi (Will (PDF))
1880 Tippec  Osborn,  Levi D. (Will (abstract))
1863 Grant   Osborn,  Mahlon H. (Will (PDF))
1869 Orange  Osborn,  Martha (Will (abstract))
1869 Hendri  Osborn,  Mary Mariah (Will (PDF, abstract))
1835 Hendri  Osborn,  Mathew (Adm of Estate and Gdnshp of children (abstract))
1858 Hamilt  Osborn,  Phineas J. (Will (PDF))
1876 Benton  Osborn,  Simeon (Will (PDF))
1856 Spence  Osborn,  Squire (Will (abstract))
1832 Frankl  Osborn,  Thomas (Gdnshp of children (abstract))
1841 Union   Osborn,  Thomas (Heirs (abstract))
1872 Fulton  Osborn,  Thomas J. (Will (PDF))
1835 Frankl  Osborn,  Warren (Will (abstract))
1841 Warric  Osborn,  William (Will (abstract))
1841 Wayne   Osborn,  William (Will (PDF))
1860 Founta  Osborn,  William S. (Will (abstract))
1899 Fulton  Osborn,  William G. (Will (PDF))

1841 Frankl  Armstrong,  John (Will (abstract))
1861 Hamilt  Mendenhall, Jonathan (Will (PDF))
1856 Fulton  Reed,       William (Will (PDF))

Boone Co., IN Wills

Will Book 1/281;  4/1/1867 prb 7/2/1869;  Will of Hiram Osborn, Boone Co., IN;
  Wife Hannah Osborn;  Son Napolean Bonapart Osborn;  Other children, not named --
  they are not heirs to the estate;  Exr: William H. Clements;  Signed Hiram
  Osborn;  Wit: James W. Shirley, Allen Bright, William H. Clements.  (SLFHL 1320122)

Will Book 1/535;  1/17/1848 prb 2/9/1878;   Will of Caleb Osburn;  Wife, not
  named;  Son David W. Osborn;  Daus. Eliza Brown, Elizabeth Walker's children,
  Judah Inlow, Mary Anna Couch, Nancy J. Hendricks, + Mary E. Crump;  John S. Brown
  husband of Eliza Brown;  Grandchildren John C. Walker, Sarah E. Walker, Eldiva
  (Eldira?) Walker, and the rest of the heirs of my dau. Elizabeth Walker,
  dec'd;  John B. Couch husband of Mary A. Couch;  John Hendricks husband of
  Nancy J. Hendricks;  Exr: Son David W. Osborn;  Signed Caleb Osburn;  Wit:
  Taylor Peterson, T.B. Williamson.  (SLFHL 1320122)

Dearborn Co., IN Wills


Will Book 3/508;  10/9/1854 prb 8/11/1860;  Will of Charles Osborn, Dearborn Co.,
  IN;  Wife Elizabeth;  Son John B. Osborn when he becomes 21;  Exr: Sons George
  Osborn and Albert J. Osborn;  Signed Charles Osborn;  Wit: Mary Alden, James
  Bower, Merit Hubbell.  (SLFHL 0209849)

Fountain Co., IN Wills

Will Book 2/123;  10/9/1860 rec. 11/7/1860;  Will of William S. Osborn;  Wife
Mary Jane Osborn;  Oliver Osborn, exr;  Signed William S. Osborn;  Wit: Watson
N. Clark, Edward Stevens.  (SLFHL 1321673)

Will Book 2/215;  4/5/1854 rec. 12/5/1854;  Will of Daniel Osborn, West Point,
  Columbia Co., WI;  Wife Rebecca Osborn;  Daus. Eliza Jane French, Deborah Zeigler,
  Mary Smith;  Two youngest daus. Sarah Osborn, Joanna Osborn;  Elizabeth Thompson?;
  Grandchildren Ester Ann Funk, Hartson Morhouse, Alcinda Walker, + John Walker;
  Three sons William Osborn, Oliver Osborn, + Thomas Osborn;  Sons Thomas Osborn +
  William French, exrs;  Signed Daniel Osborn.  (SLFHL 1321673)

Fountain Co., IN Probate Records

Fountain Co., IN  Will Index  1827-1876  (SLFHL 1321672)
     Decedent            Executor         Date        Rec.       Vol./Page
     Osborn, William S.  Oliver Osborn    10/9/1860   11/7/1860  2-123
     Osborn, David       Thomas Osborn    4/25/1854   12/5/1854  2-215
                            +William French

Fountain Co., IN  General Probate Index Vol. 2  (SLFHL 1321676)
     Osborn, Doctor F.;  8/2/1881;  Wm. A. Summers, admr;  Order Book S p414;
        Complete Probate Book F-1 p293;  Fee Book J p408.

Fountain Co., IN  Complete Probate Book F-1  (SLFHL 1321807)
     p293.  Letters of adm of estate of Doctor F. Osborn, died March 1881
        for William A. Summers.  Doctor F. Osborn had estate of about $75.
        John T. Lyons + Thomas Allen surety on William A. Summers bond.

Fountain Co., IN  Complete Probate Book G-1  (SLFHL 1321807)
     pp268-277.  Doctor F. Osborn Inventory, Sale Bill, + Final Acct.;
        Mentions: John Osburn, Jesse Osburn, Jno F. Osburn, J.W. Osburn,
        Mrs. Melvina Woods, John Brissie, A.J. Osburn, Andrew Jackson Osburn,
        Mrs. Cook among others.

Fountain Co., IN  Order Book S  (SLFHL 1321688)
     p414.  8/2/1881;  Wm. A. Summers pet. for adm of estate of Doctor F.

     p443.  9/26/1881;  Letters of adm of estate of Doctor F. Osborn issued
        to Wm. A. Summers.

Franklin Co., IN Probate Records

Franklin Co., IN Probate Order Book 1



  (SLFHL 0476718)

p104.  8/14/1832;  Gdn settlement, Estate of Thomas Osborn, dec'd;  9/8/1828
  George V. Ewing appointed gdn. of the persons and estate of Benjamin
  Osborn, b. 8/20/1809;  Margaret Osborn b. 10/8/1813;  Elizabeth Osborn
  b. 10/23/1815 children + heirs of Thomas Osborn, dec'd.  Margaret Miller
  late Margaret Osborn heir of Thos. Osborn, dec'd.  George Miller husband of
  Margaret Miller.

Franklin Co., IN Probate Order Book I



  (SLFHL 0476721)

Not indexed and not searched.

Franklin Co., IN Probate Order Book B



  (SLFHL 0476721)

p17.  Mary Osborn + Redden Osborn admr of Thomas Osborn, dec'd.  March Term

p25.  George V. Ewing apptd gdn of Benjamin Osborn b. 8/20/1809, Margaret
  Osborn b. 10/8/1813, Elizabeth Osborn b. 10/23/1815 infant children and
  heirs of Thomas Osborn dec'd.  Sept. Term 1828.

Franklin Co., IN Probate Order Book C



  (SLFHL 0476721)

p53.  9/19/1835<sic> prb. 9/16/1835<sic>;  Will of Warren Osborn of Franklin
  Co., IN;  Child Levi Osborn given 80 acre lot in Shelby Co., IN being the
  east half of the NE quarter of Sec. #23 in twp #13 N of range #18;  Brothers
  Thomas Osborn + Amos G. Osborn;  Friend Larkin Osborn, exr;   Mentions, but
  does not name mother;  Wit: Redin Osborn + George M. Miller;  Signed Warren
  Osborn, his mark (X).

Franklin Co., IN Will Book D 1844-1854

        (SLFHL 0476718)

p150.  5/25/1841 prb. 8/18/1846;  Will of John Armstrong;  Wife Elizabeth;
  dau. Ally, wife of James Osborn;  sons Henry, James, Elijah, Absolom, dau.
  Phebe wife of Samuel Sloan, William Gipson Armstrong, dau. Margaret wife
  of Joseph Wynn, dau. Elizabeth.

Hendricks Co., IN Wills

Will Book 1/26;  3/6/1864 rec. 6/6/1864;  Will of Hardin Osborn of Hendricks
  Co., IN;  Youngest child, dau. Susan C. Osborn;  Son Bennet Osborn;  Son
  James Osborn;  Son Jefferson Osborn, dec'd;  Wife mentioned, but not named;
  Signed Hardin Osborn;  Wit: Amos S. Wills, Leroy H. Kennedy.

Will Book 1/122;  11/16/1867 rec. 3/3/1869;  Will of Mary Mariah Osborn of
  the town of Plainfield in Hendricks Co., IN;  Isaac Hiss, son of Sebastion
  Hiss and grandson of my dec'd husband Isaac Osborn;  Emma Mariah Hiss, dau.
  of Sebastion Hiss and granddaughter of dec'd husband Isaac Osborn;  Sister
  Emily Christiana Manning;  Sister Gincy Hughs Smith;  Sister Sicily Ellen
  St. John;  Sister Anne Melissa Scott;  Brothers Samuel P. Chaplin, George
  Whitfield Chaplain;  Stepson Madison Osborn;  Stepdau. Dorcas G. Hiss;
  Exr. Samuel Sossett;  Signed Mary Mariah (her X mark) Osborn.

Will Book 1/199;  7/6/1871 rec.7/18/1871;  Will of Charles Osborn of Hendricks
  Co., IN;  Wife Asenath Osborn;  Sons Alpheus Osborn, Cuthbert H. Osborn;
  Daus. Elizabeth Osborn, Hannah H. Osborn, M. Sybil Osborn; Exrs. Wife
  Asenath, sons Alpheus + Cuthbert H.;  Signed Charles Osborn;  Wit: Joel W.
  Hodson, Spencer C. Monnett.

Will Book 1/293;  1/15/1874 rec. 1/29/1874;  Will of John H. Osborn of
  Hendricks Co., IN;  Mary M. Leadbetter (no rel. given);  William Thompson
  (no rel. given);  Signed John H. (his X mark) Osborn;  Wit: Archibald
  McKinley, George W. Scearce.

Will Book 1/416;  3/15/1877 rec. 3/26/1877;  Will of Henry Osborn of Hendricks
  Co., IN;  Son Edmund Osborn;  Son Elihu Osborn;  Dau. Mary Ann Jones;
  Son Cyrus;  Signed Henry Osborn;  Wit: Obed Anthony, Robert Fraizer.

Will Book 1/487;  6/8/1875 rec. 3/13/1879;  Will of David Osborn of Hendricks
  Co., IN;  Wife Anna Osborn;  Stepdau. Sarah Montgomery;  Children Mary
  Newlin, Ruth Johnson, Calvin Osborn, Mariah Atkinson, Elizabeth Stanley,
  Asenath Simmons, Wyatt Osborn, Eunice Hockett, and Job Osborn;  Grandchildren
  Rhodena Mendenhall, Elizabeth Shields, Sylvester Osborn, Ruth Ann Osborn,
  and Flora Anna Osborn, children of my son Addison Osborn, and Eunice Anna,
  Mary Jane, John Melton, Sarah Ann, Simon D., and Job Stewart, children of my
  dau. Nancy Stewart, dec'd.;  Exr. Evan Hadley;  Signed David Osborn;  Wit:
  William H. Nichols, N.T. Hadley.

Hendricks Co., IN Probate Records

Hendricks Co., IN Probate Order Books  (SLFHL 1316441)

1/74.  1/3/1833;  Letters of adm. granted to Job Osborn for estate of Matthew
  Osborn dec'd.

1/158.  5//1835;  On petition of Jane Osborn, widow of Matthew Osborn dec'd,
  Joel Osborn apptd gdn of Ira B. Osborn, Elijah C. Osborn, Rachel Osborn,
  Lydia Jane Osborn, Esther Osborn, Anna Osborn, + Mary Ann Osborn heirs of
  Matthew Osborn dec'd.

3/43.  2//1840;  On petition of Jane Osborn, widow of Mathew Osborn, Simon T.
  Hadley apptd gdn of Esther Osborn, Ann Osborn, + Mary Ann Osborn, under the
  age of 14 years and Ira B. Osborn, Elijah Osborn, + Lydia J. Osborn infant
  heirs of Mathew Osborn over the age of 14.

3/69.  5/30/1840;  Charles Coffin admr. of est. of Joel Osborn.

3/100.  8/14/1840;  Charles Coffin, admr of est. of Joel Osborn petitions for
  sale of real estate;  Heirs are Jane Osborn, Charles Coffin + his wife Rachel
  Coffin formerly Rachel Osborn, Lydia Osborn, Ira Osborn, Elijah Osborn, Anna
  Osborn, Esther Osborn, + Mary Ann Osborn.

Jackson Co., IN Wills

Will Book 1(1868-1884)/205.  12/18/1865 prb 2/7/1869;  Will of John Osburn;
  Son Alfred Osburn;  Son Gabriel Osburn;  Dau. Angeline Smith;  My wife (not
  named), mother of son Alfred Osburn;  Exr: Son Alfred Osburn;  Signed John
  Osburn x his mark;  Wit:  Daniel W. Bower(n?), Thomas Prather.  (SLFHL 1314634)

Orange Co., IN Wills

Will Book 1/113.  5/20/1842 rec 7/18/1842;  Will of Abraham Osborn, Orange Co.,
  IN;  Wife Martha;  Youngest son Abraham K. Osborn;  Son William C. Osborn;
  Daus. Hannah, Achsah, + Sarah Ann;  Daus. Abagail Holaday, Mary Wilson,
  Rebecca Phipher, Hannah Morrman, Elizabeth Hill;  Exr: Jesse Osborn;  Signed
  Abraham Osborn;  Wit: Joseph Henley + Andrew Wilson.  (SLFHL 1316746)

Will Book 2/168.  9/29/1862 rec 8/14/1869;  Will of Martha Osborn, Orange Co.,
  IN;  My three dau. Mary Wilson, Elizabeth Hill, + Axcy Hadley;  Exr: Jesse
  Osborn;  Signed Martha Osborn, her mark;  Wit: A.J. Simpson, Cornelius White.
  (SLFHL 1316746)

Perry Co., IN Wills

Will Book B/227;  1/16/1871 prb 3/3/1871;  Will of Ann Osborn, Cannelton, Perry
  Co., IN;  Husband William Osborn;  No mention of children;  Signed Ann Osborn
  her + mark;  Wit: John Donnelly, Jno McCarty.  (SLFHL 1377769)

Putnam Co., IN Wills

Will Book 1/165;  1/24/1859 prb 2/7/1859;  Will of Anderson Osborn, Putnam Co., IN;
  Wife Cynthe Ann;  Dau. Margaret Hannah;  Dau. Sally Ann, son Samuel Lowry,
  son William Anderson;  Exr: Wife Cyntha Ann Osborn and George W. Osborn;
  Signed Anderson Osborn;  Wit: W.C. Harris, William T. Scott;  Anderson Osborn
  died 1/29/1859.  (SLFHL 1315795)

Rush Co., IN Probate Records

Rush Co., IN General Index of Estates

Box                                     Record Book      Discharge
103  Osborn, Aaron T.   ltr 5/28/1873   12/20,137,529    1/5/1875
74   Osborn, Larkin     ltr 10/28/1863  9/1,6,18,33,202  10/20/1864
                duly probated will, but not recorded in will book, found in
                Complete Record Probate Book 15
15   Osborne, William                   7/268,348,373

Rush Co., IN Complete Record Probate

Book 15

10/14/1863 rec. 10/28/1863;  Will of Larkin Osborn, Rush Co., IN;  Wife Mary;
  Chn, not named;  Signed Larkin Osborn;  Wit: Wm. A. Pugh, John R. Mitchell.

Rush Co., IN Partition Book 1

7/11/1870;  Mary Osborn, Theodore Osborn, Lucien B. Osborn vs. Aaron T. Osborn;
  Larkin Osborn d. 1863;  heirs: Mary Osborn widow of dec'd;  Sarah J. Allen,
  wife of David A. Allen;  Mary Eubank, wife of Roland R. Eubank;  Clem A.
  Patterson, wife of Thomas N. Patterson;  Julia A. Williams, wife of Augustus
  N. Williams;  and Aaron T. Osborn, Lewis M. Osborn, Theodore Osborn, and
  Lucien B. Osborn.

Spencer Co., IN Wills

Will Book 1, p20;  11/9/1853 rec. 1/28/1856;  Will of Squire Osborn of Spencer
  Co., IN;  Son Caleb Osborn; Grandson David Osborn;  Son Daniel;  Daus.
  Melinda, Lucretia;  Son James;  Dau. Prudence;  Wife mentioned, but not named;
  Signed Squire (his O mark) Osborn.  <There is no Jonathan mentioned>
  (SLFHL 1321784)

Tippecanoe Co., IN Wills

Will Book 4/52;  12/10/1870 rec. 7/16/1880;  Will of Levi D. Osborn, Battle
  Ground City, Tippecanoe Co., IN;  Wife Eliza Osborn;  Other heirs: John George
  Osborn, Corline Mitchell, Manerva Jane Chesnutt, Walter Scott Osborn, and
  Selinda Ellen Osborn;  Exr: Wife, Eliza Osborn;  Signed Levi D. Osborn;  Wit:
  Joseph S. Stockton, William Mate.  (Copy from Clerk of Tippecanoe Co., IN)

Union Co., IN Prob. Records

Union Co., IN Complete Probate Book C

        As personally recorded at the Union Co., IN courthouse

p341;  2nd Monday of Feb., 1841
James Osborn, John Osborn, Rebecca Frilis, and ----- Frilis her husband of IL;
Julian Larkin, Harrison + Isaac N. Osborn and Eliza Ann Osborn infant chn of
William Osborn dec'd; and Bennett Osborn, and Robert A. Osborn, Sarah Osborn
Caroline Osborn, Cinderilla Osborn + John Osborn, infant chn of Katherine,
dec'd, America Small formerly America Osborn, Daniel Stephenson, and Mary his
wife, Mathew George and Sabree his wife, Benjamin Kernodle, and Sarah his wife:
adults, and Thomas Osborn, David Osborn, Garrison Osborn, and Eliza Ann Osborn,
now Elijah Coe's wife, infant chn + heirs of Thomas Osborn dec'd; and Sarah
Osborn widow of said Thomas.

Warrick Co., IN Wills

Will Bk A, p30;  5/25/1840 rec. 5/10/1841;  Will of William Osborn of Warrick Co.,
  IN;  Wife Susannah Osborn;  Two youngest chn Petiphas + Azenith;  Two
  stepsons Francis P. Shrodes + Pas--- (Permentha?) C. Shroads, chn of present
  wife;  Sons James, Squire, heirs of my pretended son Morgan (not named), Hiram,
  William J., Minoah;  Dau. Sally White;        To the heirs of my dau. Susannah
  Bradshaw, Betsy Gray, Clementine Read? (Goad?);  Signed Wm. Osborn;  Wit:
  J.W.B. Moore, Edwin Adams.  (SLFHL  ?)