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Grant Co., KY Tax Records  1820-1850
        (SLFHL 0007994)
Osburn, Elias                                   1 - - 2
        Jesse           200     Eagle           1 - - 3

Osburn, Jesse           200     Eagle           1 - - 5
        Bartholomew                             1 - - 1

No tax book for 1834

Osburn, Jesse                   Eagle           1 - - 3

Osborn, Jesse           200     Eagle           1 - - 3

Osborn, Richison                                1 - - 1
        Jesse           200     Eagle           1 - - 3

Osburn, Richard                                 1 - - 1
        Jesse           200     Eagle           1 - - 3


Osborn, Richard         100     Eagle           1 - - -
        Bartholomew                             1 - - -
        Wesley                                  1 - - 1
        Jesse           200     Eagle           1 - - 2

Osborn, Wesley                                  1 - - 1
Osburn, Jesse           200     Eagle           1 - - 4
Osborn, Richerson       100     Eagle           1 - - 1

Osbourn, Wesley                                 1 - - -
        R.              100     Eagle           1 - - 1
        Jesse           160                     1 - - 4

Osbourn, Richison       100     Eagle           1 - - 2
        Wesley                                  1 - - -
        Jesse           140     Eagle           1 - - 4

Osburn, Jesse           152     Eagle           1 - - 3
        John A.                                 1 - - -
        Wesley                                  1 - - -
        Richard         100     Eagle           1 - - 2
        Richison        100     Eagle           1 - - 2

Osbourn, Wesley                                 1 - - -
        Richerson       100     Eagle           1 - - 2
        Jesse           152                     1 - - 4
        John A.                                 1 - - -

Osborn, Wesley           25     Eagle           1 - - 1
        Jesse           252     Eagle           1 - - 4
        John A.                                 1 - - -
        Bartholomew                             1 - - -

Osborne, Wesley          25     Eagle           1 - - -
        John                                    1 - - -
        Jesse           152     Eagle           1 - - 4
Osburn, Bartholomew                             1 - - -

Osburn, Bartholomew                             1 - - -
        Washington                              1 - - -
        J.A.                                    1 - - -
        Jesse           152     Eagle           1 - - 3
        Wesley           25                     1 - - -
        Richard                                 1 - - 2

Osburn, Wesley           30     Eagle           1 - - -
        J.                                      - - - -
        Jesse           152     Eagle           1 - - 3
        R.                                      1 - - -
        B.                                      1 - - -
        Washington                              1 - - 1

Osbourn, Jesse          152     Eagle           1 - - 3
        B.                                      1 - - 1
        Jeptha                                  1 - - -
        Wesley           30     Eagle           1 - - -
        B.                                      1 - - -
        W.R.                                    1 - - -

Osburn, Jesse           152     Eagle           1 - - 4
        Sinclair        126     [no wc given]   1 - - 3
        Wesley           25     Eagle           1 - - 1
        Jeptha                                  1 - - 1
Osbourn, Bartholomew                            1 - - -
        Washington                              1 - - 2

Grant Co., KY Deed General Index  Books A-K  1820-1861  (SLFHL 0266205)

  G/66    Osborne, S.           from  J. OHara
  H/235         J.              from  W. P. Mitchell+@
  I/458         Richd. R.       from  Scotts Executors
  I/536         + wf Lucinda    to    Trustees of School Dist.
  J/37          R. Wash.        from  Lewis Myers
  J/142         Sinclair        from  W. P. Brumback
  J/167         Jesse           from  Henry Wilson
  J/291         W. R.           from  P. Thompson       mort.
  K/267         Washington      from  Eunice McClure
  K/370         Jesse           from  County Clerk      land warrant

Grant Co., KY  Grantors Index to Deeds, POA  (SLFHL 0266206)

  bk/page       date        Grantor             Grantee                 desc
x Q/101         10/27/1870  Osborne heirs       Osborne, R.R.

Deeds received from Grant Co., KY County Clerk

Bk P, p443.  5/30/1870;  Whereas the Grant Circuit Court at its May Term 1870
  rendered a judgment in the action Peggy C. Osburn + Wesley Osburn
  Pltffs against Wm. Jump, John H. Jump, Willis M. Jump, James L. Jump,
  Anna Kinman + her husband Jack Kinman, Nancy Webster + her husband Jack
  Webster, Polly Jane Jump, Melvina Kinman + Phebe Jump, Sallie Osburn +
  her husband John Osburn, Eliza Beard, Patsy Beard, Thomas Beard, Thomas
  Jump son of Thomas D. Jump dec'd, Cynthia Jump widow Defts directing
  the undersigned Master Commissioner to convey to the Plaintiff Peggy C.
  Osburn the property hereinafter described;  $1.50 for 20 acres on
  Stevens Creek in Grant Co.;  Signed Ben. Stewart, Master Com'r.

Bk Q, p101.  10/27/1870;  R.R. Osborne's widow + Heirs + others of the first
  part;  R.R. Osborne of the second part;  In consideration of the action
  of M.B. Thomas Adm'r against R.R. Osborne's widow + Heirs + others at
  the May Term 1868, and $563.55 for 40 acres in Grant Co.

Bk U, p24.  3/12/1877 rec. 3/12/1877;  Whereas the heirs of Richard R. Osborne
  dec'd (towit) Richard W. Osborne, Elizabeth McCormack (late Osborne)
  and George McCormack her husband, Elias Osborne, widow of said Decedent
  filed their petition in the Grant Co. Court for partition of the land
  which descended to them from their said ancestor Richard R. Osborne and
  at the April term of said Court for 1876 ... and lay off to Lucinda
  Osborne her dower and then set apart to said heirs the respective share
  of each in severalty; Lot #1 to Richard W. Osborne, 18 acres and 23
  poles;  Elizabeth McCormack and George McCormack her husband, Elias
  Osborne, and William Osborne by Henry Childers (Comr).

Bk W, p291.  3/30/1881 rec. 4/5/1881;  Bell Osborne + John Osborne her husband,
  Roppus Co.<sic>, LA <s.b. Parish of Rapides>;  James G. Hemingway,
  Grant Co., KY;  $2970 for 54.199 acres;  Signed Belle Orsborne +
  J. Orsborne.  (Copied at courthouse)

Bk X, p151.  2/16/1882 rec. 2/17/1882;  D.F. + Mary J. Osborne, Grant Co., KY;
  John Howard, same Co. + St.;  $600 for 30 acres;  Signed D.F. Osburn +
  M.J. Osburn.  (Copied at courthouse)

Bk Y, p298.  6/17/1882 rec. 6/17/1882;  Whereas in Obedience to the last will
  and testament of Jessee Osburn dec'd we Jepthah Osburn, William B.
  Osburn, Jane Obanion wife of Jessee Obanion, B.E. Garnet wife of L.M.
  Garnet, Sallie Bennetta wife of Alfonso dec'd, Almira Sebastian wife
  of Elisha Sebastian, W.R. Osburn, David L. Osburn, and Thomas Osburn
  being the heirs and the only legal heirs of the said Jessee Osburn
  dec'd;  1/3 to Jane Obanion widow of said Jesse [crossed out] decedent;
  Lot #2 in plat of division to Thomas Osburn;  Signed W.R. Osburn,
  Armilda Osburn, Jeptha Osburn, Sally Ann Osburn her mark, Sarah A.
  Bennett, W.B. Osburn, M.D. Osburn his<sic> mark, D.L. Osburn, S.E.
  Osburn her mark, Elisha Sebastian his mark, Almira Sebastian her mark,
  B.E. Garnet, L.M. Garnet, J.O. OBanion his mark, Nancy J. OBanion her

Bk Y, p305.  8/13/1883 rec. 11/7/1883;  Jesse Osborne heirs;  T.J. Osborne;
  $600 for 20 acres + Dower.  (Copied at courthouse)

Bk Z, p31.  12/7/1883 rec. 12/8/1883;  L.T. Blanchet and Angelin Blanchet his
  wife;  D.F. Osburn;  $586.75 for three undivided shares in 28 acres;
  Signed L.T. Blanchet + Angelin Blanchet.

Bk 5, p450.  10/11/1890 rec. 10/11/1890;  D.F. Osborn + Minty Osborn his wife
  of Grant Co., KY;  Ed Husby, same Co.+St.; $600 for three undivided
  shares in 28 acres;  Signed D.F. Osborn his mark + Minty Osborn.

Bk 6, p82.  4/16/1889 rec. 4/16/1889;  M.A. Osburn + D.F. Osburn her husband;
  J.W. Chipman, all of Grant Co., KY;  $75 for their undivided interest
  in the land of Robt. Jump dec'd on Clark's Cr.;  Signed Matilda Osborne
  + D.F. Osborne.

Grant Co., KY  Com'rs Deeds  Book 1  (Photocopied at Grant Co. Clerk's office)

p130.  9/8/1879  H. Osburn's Admx vs. H. Osburns Hrs. + @;  5/31/1881
  Mary J. Osborne widow and Chas. Newton Osborne, Tabitha Jane Osborne,
  Geo. W. Osborne, Henry Osborne children + heirs of Henry Osborne, dec'd
  by R.H. O'Hara master commissioner;  Wm. Cates;  $136 for a house and
  lot in the town of Downingsville, Grant Co., KY.

p332.  4/14/1879  Jane Beard + @ vs. Stephen Beard + @;  5/8/1979 Parti-
  tion of the real estate of William Beard, dec'd;  Mary J. Osborne, Mary
  C. Kinman wife of Noah Kinman + husband<sic> Thomas Beard, Elijah Johns
  Jr. + his wife Artemelia Johns, Shadrack Beard, Brockenridge Beard,
  Arminda Beard, Tabitha Rossell and her husband James Rossell by R.H.
  Elliston special commissioner;  Louisa A. Jump wife of James L. Jump;
  Lot #1 in said division of 19 acres.

p348.  3/10/1879  John H. Tayler + @ vs. Mary Jane Osborne + @;  4/7/1879
  Partition of the real estate of Mary Tayler dec'd;  Rebecca J. Howard,
  Fernando Jackson, Lycurgus Ga-- Williams, Mary Tayler, Ellen Pr---, +
  Mary Jane Osborne by R.H. Elliston special commissioner;  John H.
  Tayler, B.F. Tayler, A.P. Tayler, + F.A. Tayler jointly;  Lot #3(8?)
  of 27 acres.

p350.  3/10/1879;  Deed similar to deed on p348 except Rebecca Howard,
  John H. Tayler, B.F. Tayler, A.P. Tayler, F.A. Tayler, and Mary Jane
  Osborne to Fernando Jackson, Lycurgus Ga-- Williams, Mary Tayler, and
  Ellen Pruit jointly for Lot #4 of 23 acres, 1 rood, + 13 poles.

p452.  4/14/1879;  Deed similar to deed on p332.

p567.  Whereas in the action of Lucinda Osborn + @ vs. W.T. Wilson + @;
  Partition of the real estate of Margaret Jump dec'd;  Lucinda Osborne,
  Elizabeth Jacobs, Caroline Burnes, Rachel Webster heir of Wm. Jump
  dec'd, Alfred Marksbury, Hensly Marksbury, Samuel Marksbury, S.W.
  Marksbury, Mary J. Jacobs, + Tracy Robinson heirs of Sally Marksbury,
  Alfred Bennett, Mary C--per, Caroline Sayers heirs of Catherine
  Bennett, Daniel Jacobs, Ben Jacobs, Martha Jacobs, Richard Jacobs,
  Perry Osborne, Joe Osborne, Jno Osborne, Geo. Osborne, Frank Osborne,
  Wm. Osborne, Hugh Osborne, Strother Osborne, Geo. Osborne, Wm. T.
  Wilson, Jno R. Wilson, Newton Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, and Sarah E.
  Wilson heirs of Polly Wilson by R.H. Elliston commissioner;  Armilda
  Marksbury;  Lot #3 of 3 1/4 acres;  3/8/1876.

Grant Co., KY  Will Book E  (SLFHL 0266215)

p351.  Sale Bill for Richard Osborn  1864  filed 1/19/1865;
   Mentions Rich Osborn, Lucinda Osborn.

p423.  Sale Bill for G.W. Osborne  10/19/1865;  Mentions  Wm. Skirvin, S.
   Osborne, Sarah Osborne.

Grant Co., KY  Will Book H  (personally collected at Grant Co. court house)

p47.  R.R. Osborn dec. Division of Land.
   Lucinda Osborn + @
     vs.      Pet. Division of Land
   Wm. Osborn + @
        By virtue of an order which issued from the Offic-- of the Grant
   Co. Court in the above cause, we the undersigned Commissioners ap-
   pointed by said Court did go upon the land mentioned in the petition
   and exhibits on the first day of Nov 1876 and after first being duly
   sworn, proceeded to execute said order by beginning the survey at an
   Elm + sycamore stumps ... then adjourned until Nov 3.  Met after ad-
   journment on 3rd of Nov. and then proceeded to allot Dower + make
   said division.  Dower to Lucinda Osborn of forty seven acres and thirty
   one poles.  To R.W. Osborn Lot No. 1, eighteen acres and twenty three
   poles.  To Elizabeth McCormack Lot No. 2, twenty acres and twelve
   poles.  To Elias Osborn Lot No. 3, twenty four acres, one Rood, and
   five poles.  To Wm. Osborn Lot No. 4, twenty eight acres, three roods,
   and thirty eight poles.  [This totals 137 acres, 4 roods, + 109 poles.]
        State of KY, Grant Co. Court, November Term, Nov 13th, 1876.
   The foregoing report of the Division of the Lands of Richard R. Osborn
   deceased was at the above term filed, received, confirmed and ordered
   to be recorded which is accordingly done this 2nd day of July 1877.
   Att. R.N. Elliston Clk.

Grant Co., KY  Will Book J  (personally collected at Grant Co. court house)

p521.  Will of M.D. Osburn, written Jonesville 7/19/1913;  Daughter Belle
   King;  The children of Eva L. Macatee, Mirtie McAtee and Iva Rachel
   McAtee;  The children of my daughter Lenora Osburn;  My daughter
   Sahra<sic> Roland;  Son Jesse E. Osburn;  Signed M.D. Osburn;  Wit:
   J.R. Ennis, J.J. Blackburn.

p616.  Will of William Thomas and Martha Ann Osborn his wife, written Dry
   Ridge 5/21/1921;  No children named;  Signed William Thomas Osborn his
   mark + Martha An<sic> Osborn;  Wit: L.B. Fisk, Joseph Stone.
        Probated 4/11/1922, but not stated whether William Thomas Osborn
   or his wife died.

Grant Co., KY  Will Book L  (personally collected at Grant Co. court house)

p147.  Will of Sam Osborne, written Jonesville 9/10/1936 prb. 10/12/1936;
   Wife Mary Ann;  Children Lou Mille Osborne who is now dec'd but has
   living children, Mattie Kinman wife of Hiram Kinman, Sallie Cammack
   wife of Floyd Cammack, William Osborne, Johnson Osborne, Montie Berkley
   wife of J.I. Berkley, Mary Kinman wife of Grover Kinman, Rash Osborne,
   Russell Osborne, Revel Osborne, Albert Osborne, and John Osborne;
   Signed Sam Osborne, his mark;  Wit: B.C. Cotton, R.A. Steger.

p435.  Will of W.A. Osborne, 11/1/1935 prb. 1/14/1946;  Wife Nettie B.;
   Five children now living: Hubert, Evan, Vera, French, and Ethel;
   Signed W.A. Osborne.

Grant Co., KY Court Order Book J  8/9/1869  (Personally abstracted)

61               Margaret Osborne + @ Pltft
                   vs.  Petition div of Land
                 Daniel R. Jacobs + @ Deft  [Photocopied at courthouse]

90    3/26/1870  W.R. Osborne gdn settlement Maud H. Bennett.  Ordered to lie
                 over one month for exceptions.

98     5/9/1870  Above order confirmed.

220    2/3/1871  On motion of Richard Osborne, ordered that O.D. McManama be
                 and he is hereby apptd Guardian Ad litem for Wm. Osborne an
                 infant for the purpose of being served with notice of Div.
                 of the lands of Richard Osborne, Dec'd.

254   4/10/1871  Washington Osborne resigns as Surveyor of Carter Rd.

261    5/8/1871  Sinclair Osborne resigns as Surveyor of Warsaw Rd. #10.

397   2/14/1872  W.R. Osborne gdn settlements for Flora A. Bennett, Maud H., +
                 Mary E. Bennett.  One month for exceptions.

409   3/11/1872  Above orders confirmed.

Grant Co., KY  Circuit Court Index  1820-1868
        Transcribed at the KY State Archives

  May 1847  Osborne, R.         vs      Jas. O'Hara     54
  May 1849      Jesse           vs      Ben Sallee      59
  Nov 1850      Jesse           vs      M. Downing      65
  May 1859  Osburn, Jeptha      vs      L. Clements + @ 109
  Oct 1866  Osborn, G.W.        vs      Saml Anderson   152
  May 1834  Osborne, B.         ads     Comwth          16
  Aug 1840      Jesse           ads     Comwth          32
  May 1844      R.              ads     Comwth          44
  Nov 1845      Richard         ads     Comwth          49
  May 1847      W.              ads     Comwth          54
  May 1848      Jesse           ads     Comwth          56
  May 1850      Doctor          ads     Comwth          61      (missing)
  May 1865  Osburn, Hugh + @    ads     Comwth          138
  Oct 1865  Osborne, W.R. Admr  ads     R.C. Bennett    139
  May 1866  Osburn, Hugh + @    ads     Comwth          149
  May 1868  Osborne, R.R. Hrs + @ ads   M.B. Thomas Admr  164

Grant Co., KY  Circuit Court Index  1869-1900
        Transcribed at the KY State Archives
+ Dec 1882  Osborne, Martha  vs Elias Osborne           306
  Dec 1885      Thos J. + @  vs Jane Osborn + @         334
  May 1886      Hugh Admr    vs Hugh Osborn Hrs + @     373
  May 1890      J.N. Admr    vs J.N. Osborne Hrs + @    378  (missing)
+ Feb 1897      John T.      vs Allic Osborn            436

Grant Co., KY Circuit Court Records
        Copied at the KY State Archives

Martha Osborn
  vs.   9/18/1882
Elias Osborn
  Martha Osborn states that her maiden name was Kinman.  That she and Elias
  Osborn only lived together a short time when they separated.  They were
  married in Grant Co., KY and now live in Grant Co.  Deposition of Frank
  McCormack: He has known plff and deft since they were infants.  They stayed
  together after being married only 3 days and nights.  It has been 13 or 14
  years since they separated.  Divorce granted.

John T. Osburn
  vs.   8/21/1896
Allie Osburn
  The plff states that he and Allie Osburn on 4/11/1889 were married in
  Grant Co., KY.  There was born by this marriage a boy who is now about
  2 years old and living with its mother.  The plff says that he believes
  and is informed the deft is now residing in Covington or Milldale, KY.
  Deposition of R.E. Lawrence: They resided at David Osborn his father's.
  Deposition of David L. Osborn: He is father of plff.   Divorce granted.

No. 3175
Commonwealth of Kentucky
vs.  }  Willful Murder
Pray Osborne
Henry Juette
1918 July 22
Received from the Foremand of the Grand
Jury, in the presence of the Grand Jury,
and filed in Open Court.
A.C. Arnold Clk
Frank Coulson
James Rogers
Owen O'Banion
Taylor Simpson
Jeff Link
H.C. Lusby
Clay Conrad
Jasper Wainscott
John Dietz
Mollie Wainscott

        AGAINST                 }  willfull murder
Pray Osborne              Deft. }
Grant CIRCUIT COURT, July Special TERM, 1918.
   The Grand Jury of Grant County, in the name and
by the authority of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, accuse
                 Pray Osborne
of the crime of Willful Murder
commited as follows to-wit:  The said Pray Osborne
in the county and circuit aforesaid, did, on the ____ day of
April 1918, and before the finding of this indictment,
feloniously, willfully, and with malice aforethought, kill and
murder Mary Coulson by striking and cutting her, the said Mary
Coulson, on the head, face, neck, and body, with a deadly     
weapon, towit, a hatchet, from which striking and cutting the 
said Mary Coulson did then and there die, contrary to the form
of the statute in such cases made and provided, and           
against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
           John J. Howe
           Commonwealth's Attorney Fifteenth District Kentucky