\osborne\ky\scottcrt  5/25/97

Scott Co., KY  Court Order Book A  1798-1808  (SLFHL 0183205)

210  3/28/1803   Jas. Osburn admr of Estate of Thomas Osburn, dec'd.

212  6/27/1803   Inventory + Appraisement of the estate of Thos. Osburn dec'd
                 returned to court + ordered to be recorded.

239       1804   James Osburn apptd road surveyor.

252 11/26/1804   Ordered that ... settle with Wm. Ward admr. of estate of
                 James Osburn, dec'd.

252 11/27/1804   Bennet Osburn due payment from County Court.

Scott Co., KY  Court Order Book B  1808-1816  (SLFHL 0183205)

74  1/25/1808    Ordered that ... settle with Wm. Ward admr of estate of
                 James Osborne, dec'd.

82  3/28/1808    Settlement made with Wm. Ward as admr in the ---- estate of
                 James Osburn.

180  5/7/1810    Dower to Catherine Osborne, late Catherine Miller on the lands
                 deeded by Abraham M. L--tins to Miller's heirs.

204  1/7/1811    Comr apptd to divide the estate of Thos. Osburn, dec'd
                 returned + ordered to be recorded.

                 William Osburn apptd road surveyor.

302  9/6/1813    On motion of William Osborn ordered that William Ward, Ash
                 Emison, David Kerr, + George Bradford be apptd comr to divide
                 the land of Thomas Osborn dec'd amongst his heirs + also to
                 allot the widow her dower.

Scott Co., KY  Court Order Book B-2  1817-1826  (SLFHL 0183205)

78  11/5/1821    Bennett Osburn apptd road surveyor.

344  4/7/1817    John Williams + George Wood apptd admr of estate of John
                 Osborne, dec'd, the widow refusing to do so.

                 On motion of Susanna Osborne by her friend William <surname
                 not recorded> ordered that ... to allot to her her dower out
                 of the estate of John Osborne.

353  7/7/1817    Inventory + Appt of the estate of John Osborne, dec'd.

Scott Co., KY  Court Order Book C  1821-1831  (SLFHL 0183206)

374  8/21/1832   Bennett Osburn declaration that he was a Rev. War Soldier.

Scott Co., KY  Court Order Book D  1832-1839  (same film)
No Osborn entries.

Scott Co., KY  Court Order Book E  1839-1845  (same film)

145  12/20/1841  Thomas M. Scruggs + Moses B. Mothershead apptd admr of
                 the estate of Bennet Osborne, dec'd.

                 Rebecca Osborne widow of Bennett Osborne, dec'd.  Allotment
                 of dower of said dec'd.

153  2/21/1842   Thomas M. Scruggs + Tho. B. Cattite(?) made proof that
                 Bennett Osborn late a pensioner of the U.S. died 12/6/1841
                 + Rebecca Osborn his widow.

266  11/20/1843  Motion of M.B. Mothershead + Celia Mothershead, Thomas M.
                 Scruggs + Nancy Scruggs his wife, James S. Branham +
                 Elizabeth Branham his wife, John Gray + Martha A. Gray his
                 wife, Ephraim R. Osburn, Adley M.<sic> Osburn, Lee B. Osburn,
                 Tho. Osburn, + Joseph Osburn heirs of Bennett Osburn, dec'd
                 for div. of land.

Scott Co., KY  Court Order Book F  1845-1851  (SLFHL 0183207)

217  5/15/1848   On the motion of Lee B. Osborn he is apptd gdn of his infant
                 chn under the age of 14 years.