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War of 1812 Bounty Land Warrants

Alphabetical Index of Missouri Patentees Compiled from Dept. Information
        Gilfim + Rowland, Quincy, IL, 1858.  (Fed. Archives M848, roll 1)

  Warrant issued to     v/page        Warr#   Location        Mil. Unit.
  Osborne, Wilson S.            19316   SE 30/33/18     Gill's 19th Inf.
  Osborn, Eleanor,              22183   NE 8/54/23      Sangster's 12th Inf.
    sis + @ hrs Isaac Osborn

Index of Arkansas Patentees

  Osborn, James         9/478    8446   NW28/13N/1W
  Osbern, Dempsey       3/516   22759   NE17/7N/14W
  Osborn, Phineas hrs   9/489   24791   SE15/16N/3W
  Osburn, Moses hrs     13/51   26468   SE10/6N/8W
  Osborn, Jonah         12/505  26904   SW1/10N/5W

Partial Index of Illinois Patentees
        (Only covers C+D)

Index of Patentees Under the Act of 1842

  Osborn, Daniel        1/439   11617   NW14/13N/5W

War of 1812 Land Warrants  (Fed. Archives M848)

Roll 12
  24791  John Osborn, Brother, + the other heirs at law of Phineas Osburn,
                late a Pvt in the company commanded by Capt. Nelson, 6th
                Reg. U.S. Inf., entitled to 160 acres;  7/24/1821;
                Loc'd Arks (v1), p312

  26468  Jane Skeen, dau., + the other heirs at law of Moses Osburn late a
                Pvt in the company commanded by Capt. Lane, 14th Reg. U.S.
                Inf., entitled to 160 acres;  4/26/1832;  Loc'd Arks v2, p475

Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files

   National Archives and Records Administration film M313.  Notes double
   checked with Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, Virgil D. White,
   Waynesboro, TN, The National Hist. Pub. Co., 1989.

The pension list below is ordered by first name, irrespective of spelling
of the Osborn(e) surname.  When ordering a copy of a pension application
from the National Archives and Records Administration(NARA), though, the
spelling of the surname is important.  Please note the spellings as given

Instructions for ordering copies online from NARA can be found on the NARA
web page Order Online!.

I have posted PDF files containing images of some of the pension files.  The
links are labeled "PDF".  The Federation of Genealogical Societies in
conjunction with other organizations is now scanning and posting the entire
series of War of 1812 pension and bounty land application files.  Those are
available at http://www.http://go.fold3.com/1812pensions/
Unfortunately, as of 31 Dec 2012, none of the Osborn files have been

SO  survivor's original       SC  survivor's certificate
WO  widow's original          WC  widow's certificate
MO  mother's original         MC  mother's certificate

Osborn   Aaron      SO-22084 SC-14226; pvt, Capt Garret Pearson's Co NY Mil
Osborn   Aaron      SO-9592 SC-11904; Capt Stephen Smith's Co OH Mil
Osburn   Aaron      SO-6715 SC-3033; Capt Benjamin Coleman's Co NY Mil
Osborne  Abner      WO-28987 WC-16557, wid Hulda; Bty Land Wt 73206-160-55;
                        pvt, Capt David Traviss NY Mil (photocopy)
Osborne  Alexander  WO-803 WC-756, wid Martha Osborne; Bty Land Wt
                        17199-40-50, 2964-120-55; sgt, Capt Pike's Co MD
                        Mil, enl 8/19/1814, disch 11/30/1814; sol res
                        1850, 1855 Belmont Co., OH, wid res 1871 St.
                        Clairsville, Belmont Co., OH; sol marr. 7/15/1813
                        Baltimore MD Martha James; sol died 1/2/1867 St.
                        Clairsville OH, wid died abt 1878 (PDF)
Osborne  Allen      WO-31685 WC-21604, wid Sarah Osborne; Capt Benjamin
                        Lindeley's Co NJ Mil
Osborn   Alpheus    SO-15792; sgt, Capt John Taylor's Co MA Mil
Osborn   Andrew     SO-1049 SC-6990 WO-43253 WC-33836, wid Sally Osborn;
                        pvt, Capt Amass Parker's Co NY Mil
Osborn   Benjamin   "Old War" Invalid File No. 27273; pvt, Capt Manger
                        NY Mil; Bundle 9, Can No. 121
Osborn   Caleb J.   (or Osborne) SO-13249; Capt Charles Shipman's Co NJ
                        Vol Arty
Osborn   Chauncey   SO-17133 SC-18140 WO-21665 WC-25263, wid Polly Osborn;
                        Capt Daniel Buel's Co NY Mil
Osborn   Cyrus      SO-19329 SC-12832 WO-26038 WC-14943 MO-224095, wid
                        Betsey S. Osborn; pvt, Capt Noah Shattuck's Co MA Mil
Osburn   David      (or Osborn) SO-24679 SC-19468 WO-45370 <wid's name not
                        given>; Capt William Hull's Co NY Mil
Osborn   Eli        WO-44881 WC-35178, wid Matilda Osborn now Evans; musc,
                        Capt James Ellis' Co 16th KY Mil
                        (abstract, PDF)
Osborn   Elias D.   SO-24676 SC-15205 WO-26040 WC-15820, wid Mariah Osborn;
                        pvt, Capt Conrad Van Gossbeck's Co NY Mil
Osborne  Elisha     Navy Invalid File No 1154; marine, US Navy
Osborne  Enoch      WO-9046, wid Catharine Osborne; Capt Barron's Co OH Mil
Osburn   Enos       (or Osborn) WO-42358 WC-32796, wid Sarah Osburn; Bty
                        Land Wt 19865-40-50, 27226-120-55; Capt Thomas
                        Gragg's Co VA Mil
                        (abstract, PDF)
Osborne  Erasmus    SO-23106 SC-15241(15244?); pvt, Capt B.S. Edgerton's Co
                        and Capt Week's Co 11th US Inf
Osborn   George     WO-36826 WC-29497, wid Margaret S. Osborn; sgt, Capt
                        Varner's Co GA Mil (abstract)
Osborne  George F.  (alias George Frost) SO-12311 SC-23708; Bty Land Wt
                        90499-40-50, 88039-120-55; pvt, Capt Isaac Holt
                        MA Mil
Ozburn   George W.  "Old War" Invalid and Widow Rejected File No 16898;
                        pvt, 8th Regt US Inf
Osborne  Henry W.   SO-1358 SC-952 WO-42824 WC-33236, wid Samantha M.;
                        Bty Land Wt 48865-160-55; pvt, Capt Daniel St.
                        John NY Mil
Osborn   Jacob      SO-4968 SC-2385; Capt Noah Terry's Co NY Mil and Capt
                        David Haynes Co NY Mil
Osborn   Jacob      WO-4101 WC-2259, wid Jemima Osborn; pvt, Capt John
                        Jenkin's Co PA Mil
Orsborn  James      SO-34098; alleged Capt John Darr's Co., OH Mil
Osborn   James      WO-35736, wid Hannah Osborn; Lt Geo. Wheelwright's
                        Co MA Mil
Osborn   James      SO-26656 Rej; teamster, Capt Samuel Osborn's Co NJ Mil
Osborn   James      SO-6716 SC-7436; Capt Burnett's Co NY Mil
Osborn   James      "Old War" Invalid and Widow Rejected File No 16863;
                        NY Mil
Osborn   James      WO-26534 WC-17930, wid Sarah Osborn; Captn's William
                        Burk's and William Kendall's Cos. OH Mil (PDF)
Osborn   James      WO-39230 WC-30817, wid Alice Osborn; pvt, Capt J.
                        Collin's Co 26 US Inf
Osburn   James      (no claim for pension) Bty Land Wt 70224-160-55;
                        pvt, Capt Allison PA Mil
Osburn   James      WO-4845, wid Fanny Osburn; Capt Stearns Co US Inf
Osborn   Jesse      (no pension claim) Bty Land Wt 87907-160-55, America
                        Osborn minor child; pvt, Capt Redding KY Mil
                        (abstract, PDF)
Osborn   John       WO-33556 WC-20951, wid Elizabeth Osborn; Capt Thomas
                        Firrell's Co MA Mil
Osborn   John       WO-24675 WC-4591, wid Catharine Osborn; pvt, Capt
                        Augustus Fleming's Co NY Mil
Osborn   John       WO-18981 WC-23794, wid Elizabeth Osborn; pvt, Capt
                        Terry's Co NY Mil
Osborn   John       "Old War" Widow File No 12516, wid Sophia G. Mosher
                        former wid of John Osborn; pvt, NY Mil
Osborne  John       (or Osbourn) WO-37593 WC-28150, wid Sarah Osborne;
                        Capt Daniel Kaine's Co OH Mil (PDF)
Osburn   John       WO-23123, wid Martha Osburn; Capt Walker's Co GA Mil
Osburn   John       (or Osborne) WO-23837 WC-26565, wid Sarah Osburn;
                        pvt, Capt Ephroditus Cassett's Co PA Mil
Osburn   John       WO-7253 WC-2374, wid Martha Osburn; pvt, Capt Nathan
                        Farmer's Co TN Mil (PDF)
Osborne  John S.    WO-6858 WC-3873, wid Sarah S. Osborne; pvt, Capt
                        Benjamin Lindsley's Co NJ Mil
Osborn   John W.    WO-8849, wid Ruby Osborn; Capt McHarr's Co NY Mil
Osburn   John W.    SO-15795 SC-10458; Bty Land Wt 47608-40-50,
                        53371-120-55; Capt John Porter's Co TN Mil (PDF)
Osborne  Jonathan   (or Osburn) SO-24678 SC-18086 WO-38245 WC-28494, wid
                        Lydia Osborne; Capt John Heryvey's Co NY Mil
Osborne  Jonathan   SO-27358 SC-18730; pvt, Capt John Hine's Co NY Mil
Osborn   Joseph     SO-5833 SC-13469; Capt J.H. Bellamy's Co and Capt
                        Luther Stalchkess Co CT Mil
Osborn   Joseph     "Old War" Invalid and Widow Rejected File No 16864;
                        pvt, Capt McCoy's Co __ Regt
Osburn   Joseph     WO-26999 WC-25279, wid Rosanah Osburn; Capt Jas.
                        McCoy's Co PA Mil
Osburn   Leonard    WO-6083, wid Elizabeth Osburn; Capt McClung's Co VA Mil
Osborn   Lewis      Navy Widow and Invalid Rejected File No 717;
                        USN Dartmouth Prisoner
Osborn   Luke       WO-30900, wid Betsy Osborn; steward, Capt Shoecraft's
                        Co NY Mil  (photocopy)
Osborn   Luke H.    WO-41826 WC-32276, wid Catharine Osborn; cpl, Capt
                        Tunis Cooper's Co NY Mil
Osborn   Major      SO-24677 SC-11176; Lt Ingersoll's and Capt Henry
                        Whiting's Co US Inf
Osborn   Malines    WO-42247, wid Abigail S. Osborn; Capt David Hedges
                        and Capt Noah Terry's Cos. NY Mil, Capt Hand's
                        Co NY Mil
Osborn   Myron      WO-43920, wid Harmony C. Osborn; ship carpenter,
                        Brig "Oneida", Sackett's Harbor
Osborn   Nathan     WO-38988 WC-18372, wid Polly Osborn; pvt, Capt E.
                        Merchant's Co NY Mil
Osburn   Nicholas   WO-5391, wid Anna Osburn; Capt Peacock's Co KY Mil
                        (abstract, PDF)
Osborn   Phares     WO-35430 WC-23070, wid Anna Osborn; pvt, Capt Luther
                        Hotchkiss' Co CT Mil (PDF)
Osborn   Philetus   WO-24708 WC-17941, wid Hannah Osborn; pvt, Capt Joel
                        Harrison's Co NY Mil
Osbon    Richard    (or Osborn) SO-29791 SC-21463; pvt, Capt David Buel's
                        Co NY Mil
Osborn   Richard    SO-13954 SC-9052; Capt J.D. Onderdon_ts' Co NY Mil
Osborne  Richard    (or Osborn) SO-27412 SC-22550; cpl, Capt L. Holden's
                        Co NY Mil
Osburn   Richard    "Old War" Invalid File No 25348; pvt, Capt Peters
                        DC Arty; Bundle No 5, Can No 92
Osborn   Robert     (or Osburn) WO-32720 WC-23273, wid Temperance Osborn;
                        pvt, Capt Mahaffie's Co PA Mil
Osborn   Samuel     Old War and Navy Division Files; WO-20468, wid Sally
                        Osborn; Capt John Willey NH Mil; All papers with
                        MO-26423 MC-9489, Sally Osborn mother of John
                        Osborn D2 NH Vols. Rebellion
Osborn   Samuel     "Old War" Invalid and Widow Rejected File No 16865;
                        pvt, Capt Story's Co PA Mil
Osborn   Samuel     WO-45243 WC-35408, wid Rebecca Osborn; pvt, Capt
                        Fowler's Co VA Mil (PDF)
Osborn   Silas      SO-1050 SC-788; pvt, Capt Ira William's Co 26th US Inf
Osborn   Squire     WO-27929 WC-22904, wid Hester Ann Osborn; pvt, Capts
                        Ward and Bacon's Cos. KY Mil
                        (abstract, PDF)
Osborn   Thomas     SO-20214 SC-12485; Capt Joseph Redding's Co KY Mil
                        (abstract, PDF)
Osborn   Thomas     WO-22440 WC-22681, wid Ann Osborn; Capt Edward Lawson's
                        Co MD Mil and Capt Stocksdale's Co MD Mil 36th Reg
Osborne  Thomas     WO-24707 WC-16541, wid Martha Osborne; pvt, Capt
                        Grief Barksdale's Co VA Mil (abstract)
Ozburn   Thomas     SO-15794 SC-15526; Bty Land Wt 48084-40-50,
                        58536-120-55; pvt, Capt John Porter's Co TN Mil
                        and Capt Wilson's Co TN Mil
                        (abstract, PDF)
Osborn   Thompson   SO-26478; Ensign, Capt James N. Williamson TN Mil
Osborn   Walter     WO-30628 WC-34119, wid Mary E.; pvt, Capt A.P. Harris
                        NY Mil  (on order)
Osborn   William    Bty Land Reg 1802-55; pvt, Capt Williams MA Mil
Osborn   William    SO-31990 SC-23027; Capt Levi Barnett's Co ME or MA Mil
Osborn   William    WO-5155 WC-1785, wid Mary Osborn; pvt, Capt John
                        Breese's Co NJ Mil
Osborn   William    "Old War" Invalid File No 1310; pvt, Capt Collin's
                        TN Mil; Bundle No 7, Can No 13
Osborne  William    WO-44256 WC-34625, wid Sabrina Osborne; Capt J.B.
                        Varick's Co NY Mil
Osborne  William T. (or Osborn) SO-6714 SC-22904; Capt M.D. Follett's
                        Co VT Mil
Osband   Wilson     WO-26039 WC-31043, wid Susan Osband; pvt, Capt P.
                        Durfee's and John Swift's Cos. NY Mil  (photocopy)