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NC Wills

Alleghany Co., NC Record Bk 1  1862-1869  (SLFHL 0847893)

1/10.  Will of Eli Osborne of Alleghany Co., NC;  dated 19 Mar. 1864, rec.
  Apr 1864;  wife Mary;  no chn named;  signed Eli Osborne;  Wit: G.H. Mathers,
  E.D. Hash, + Harden Hash.

Alleghany Co., NC Will Book A 1870-1914  (SLFHL 0847890)

A/361.  Will of Eli Osborn of Alleghany Co., NC;  dated 9/14/1904;  I have this
  day conveyed a portion of my real estate to E.C. Ham and wife and the residue
  of my real estate to Charlie Patterson and wife;  Annie Sanders dau. of
  William Sanders, $100;  All the residue of my personal effects paid to my
  brothers and sisters and their heirs ... with this exception I exclude from
  any participation ... John W. Roup and all of his children and their heirs;
  Exrs: friends D.P. Taylor and Charlie Patterson;  Signed Eli Osborn;  Wit:
  C.H. Hoppus, E.D. Irvin, W.C. Fields, Wiley Mabe, + R.B. Peety;  no probate
  information recorded in the will book.

A/472.  Will of Polly Osborn of Alleghany Co., NC;  dated 1/12/1911;  Dau.
  Mary Bowers;  Exr: dau. Mary Bowers;  Signed Polly Osborn, her mark;  Wit:
  J.F. Roberts, W.V. Harris, + A.A. Tilly.

Ashe Co., NC  Will Book A  1801-1857  (SLFHL 0467149)

p76.  4/23/1838 rec <no date>;  Will of Mary Osborn, Sr., Ashe Co., NC;  Son-
in-law Joshua Cole + dau. Tabitha Cole;  Exr: Joshua Cole;  Signed Mary Osborn,
Sr., her mark;  Wit: Enro Baldwin, George Osborn.

Chatham Co., NC Cross Index to Wills 1770-1924  (SJFHC 4969)

Bk/p    prb.      Devisor               Devisee
C/132   8//1798   Ozborn, Stephen       Mary Ozburn, Aaron Ozborn, John Ozborn,
                                        Christopher Ozborn, Rebecca Ozborn

Chatham Co., NC Original Wills, Hill-Patterson  (SLFHL 1548329)

Ogburn, Stephen, 1798 folder
2/24/1795;  Will of Stephen Ogboun;  wife Mary Ogboun;  chn Aron Ogboun,
Jhon<sic> Ogboun, Christopher + Rebeckah Ogboun, + the other onnamed<sic>;
Exr: wife Mary Ogoun + Stewarde Hamilton;  Signed Stephen <last name not
written>;  Wit: Littleton Daniel X + Burwell Williams;  Proved 8//1798 by
Littleton Daniel;  rec. Book C/132.  ["Ogboun" could be "Ozboun"]

Davidson Co., NC Cross Index to Wills 1823-1919, v1  (SJFHC 4869)

book    prb.    Devisor              Devisee
2/291   ----    Osborne, Stephen     Jesse Osborn, Benjamin Osborne,
                                     Stephen Osborne

                Devisee              Devisor
2/63    1872    Osborn, Charlotte    Samuel Craven      (3/63?)
4/310   1896    Osborne, Elizabeth   David L. Hunt

Davidson Co., NC Will Books 1-2 1823-1868  (SLFHL 0569860)

2/291.  Will of Stephen Osborn of Davidson Co., NC;  dated 5/14/1860;  Son
  Jesse Osborn, $25;  Son Benjamin Osborn, $25;  Son Stephen Osborn, the tract
  of land whereon I now live ... 98 acres ... personal estate;  Exr: son
  Stephen Orsborn<sic>;  Signed Stephen Osborn;  Wit: Hugh Lindsay, Robert S.
  Green;  no probate information recorded in will book.

Granville Co., NC Will Book 23  (SLFHL 0018990)

23/248.  Will of Jonathan Orsborn;  wife Elizabeth, plantation near the town
of Oxford;  my three sons Jonathan Orsborn, Caleb Orsborn, and Job Orsborn;
my five sons Harvey Orsborn, Daniel T. Orsborn, A.C.H. Orsborn, Benson Orsborn,
and Isaac P. Orsborn;  Exr: wife Elizabeth;  will made 1/22/1873;  Signed
J. Orsborn;  Wit: W.T. Grandy + D.A. Hunt;  prb. 3/5/1877.

Guilford Co., NC  Will Book B  1813-1838  (SLFHL 0019059)

p214.  7/15/1825 rec 11//1825;  Will of Thomas Ozburn[#4563]; Eldest son
Elisha;  Other two sons Thomas + John;  Wife Rebecca;  Eldest dau. Sarah;
dau. Mary, dau. Rebecca;  Exr: Wife + John Beard;  Signed Thomas Ozburn, his
mark;  Wit: William Hodson, Solomon Mills, Samuel -. Hodgin.

p484.  6/8/1833 rec 8//1833;  Will of Joseph Ozburn[#4574];  Grandsons
Greenville Lamar + Martin Angel Riggins;  Dau. Elizabeth Lamar for her son
Greenville, her husband James Lamar;  Martin A. Riggins under 21;
Son-in-law Hardy Davis; Exr: Friends Andrew Dillon + David Worth;  Signed
Joseph Ozborn;  Wit: David Worth, Barnabas Coffins.

Guilford Co., NC  Will Book C  1838-1859  (SLFHL 0019060)

p122. file #0831;  3/12/1842 rec. 5//1842;  Will of David Osborn[#968],
Guilford Co., NC;  Son Thomas Osborn;  Mathew Osborn {minor} son of son
Thomas Osborn;  Son Mathew Osborn;  Sons Job + David Osborn;  Dau. Mary
Wilson;  Son-in-law John Wilson + John Russel, exrs;  Signed David Osborn;
Wit: Gr. Stanly + Milton M. Stanley.

p159. file #0854;  2/5/1837 rec. 8//1843;  Will of Peter Osborn[#1013],
Guilford Co., NC;  Wife Bethier? Osborn;  Three sons Peter Osborn, Jesse
Osborn, Branson Osborn;  Son Nathan Osborn;  Four daus. Rachel, Margaret,
Lucindy, + Linney?; My five children of my first wife's children Isaac
Osborn, Henry Osborn, Isebella Jonson<sic>, Nancy Osborn, + Amy Jonson<sic>;
Son Peter Osborn, exr; Signed Peter Osborn;  Wit: Wm. Kirkman, John Bartley.

Haywood Co., NC  Wills + Inventories Book A  1808-1828
   (SLFHL 0463162)

p26.  3/26/1805 rec <no date>;  Will of Jonathan Osborn[#1078];  Son Roland;
Wife mentioned, but not named;  Confusing references to brothers;  Signed
Jonathan Osborn;  This will is between wills dated 2/18/1825 + 10/8/1827.

Iredell Co., NC  Will Book 1  1790-1819  (SLFHL 0019644)

p347.  11/26/1814 rec <no date>;  Will of Adlai Osborn[#921], Belmont in
Iredell Co., NC;  Wife Margaret;  Son Franklin Washington Osborn;  Dau.
Margaret W. Davison; Son Edwin Osborne;  Grandchildren Adeline + Alphonso
Sharpe, the children of dau. Mary Loud Young;  Grandchildren Mary Cecilia +
Magdalin Julia Osborne, the children of son Edwin Jay Osborne;  Grandson
James Walker Osborne;  Mentions land conveyed to Eliza T. Osborne, to
Banthia Lemira Osborn;  Nancy Cecilia Byars;  Daus. Nancy, Cecilia, Eliza,
Tabitha, + Bantha Lemira;  Exr: Son Edwin Jay Osborne + guardian of son
Franklin Washington Osborne;  Signed Adlai Osborn;  Wit: James M. Ree +
James Huston.

Mecklenburg Co., NC Will Book 5  (SLFHL 0019302)

p49.  Will of Christopher Osborn.  (see above)

p55.  11/9/1801 no rec. date;  Will of John Osborn, Mecklenburg Co., NC;  Wife
Obedience Osborn;  Underage daus. Rebecca, Ameliah;  Wife Obedience Osborn and
friend John Kendrick, exrs;  Signed John Osborn;  Wit: John Denkins, ----

Mecklenburg Co., NC Will Books K-L  (SLFHL 0019304)

K/11.  Will of James W. Osborn, Mecklenburg Co.;  niece Charlotte S. Byers
wife of Washington Byers;  two sons Francis + James;  wife + step son Thos.
J. Moore, exrs.;  wife not named;  will made 7/5/1869;  Signed J.W. Osborne;
Wit: C. Dowd + A. Burwell;  prb. 8/18/1869.

L/101.  Will of Milton Osborne of Mecklenburg Co., NC;  will made 7/24/1879;
to my W.B. Osborn<sic> the tract of land he now lives on;  my dau. Jane
J.S. ... at her deceased it is to go to my gdson W.P. Eldridge;  William Orr
to have the house improvements;  Dau. E.A.L. Gibbs;  son R.J.C. Osborne;
gdson John M. Gibbs;  gddau. F.O. Gibson;  Exrs. two sons W.B. + J.C. Osborne;
two daus. Jane S.J.<sic> + E.A.L. Gibbs;  Signed Milton Osborn;  Wit: Robt.
R. Steel + R.C. Beard;  prb. 7/28/1885.

The NC Historical and Gen. Register (AKA Hathaways Register),
        v1, #3, July 1900, J.R.B. Hathaway.

Orsborne, Obadiah, Onslow Co., 8/8/1758.  Oct. Court 1758.  Chn Eston, Eardis,
+ John Jenifer Orsborne;  wife Elizabeth exr.;  Test, Edward Ward, Enoch Ward.

Randolph Co., NC  Wills + Inventories Book 4  (SLFHL 0019642)

p292.  3/13/1813 rec 2//1816;  Will of Matthew Osborn[#960], Randolph Co.,
NC;  Son David;  Son William;  Son Jeremiah;  Four daus. Abigail, Hannah,
Lydia, + Mary;  Exr: Sons William + Jesse Osborn;  Signed Mathew Osburn;
Wit: John Jenkins, Daniel Coltran, + Enoch Osburn.

Randolph Co., NC  Will Book 5(E)-7(G)  1820-1843  (SLFHL 0019643)

Book 5, p428.  10/27/1826 rec. 1/2/1828;  Will of Jesse Ozborn[#1001],
Randolph Co., NC;  Sons Samuel, Daniel, Charles, Nathan 128A in Guilford
Co., Jesse Ozborn;  Daus. Lydia Ozborn, Rachel Harlen;  Wife mentioned, but
not named;  Signed Jesse Ozborn;  Wit: William Robbin, Jeremiah Ozborn,
William Ozborn.

Book 7, p27.  1/14/1836 rec. 8//1836;  Will of Nathan Osborn[#1189],
Randolph Co., NC;  Brother Charles Osborne;  Land bequethed by father Jesse
Osborne;  Also three other brothers, not named;  Brother Charles Osborne,
exr;  Signed Nathan Osborn;  Wit: Solomon Hiatt, Wilson Hiatt.

Book 7, p35.  8/1/1836;  Inv. of estate of Samuel H. Osborn;  Admr Thomas
Hodgin;  One note on Nathan Osborn.

Book 7, p106. 5/1/1837;  Inv. of Samuel Osborn;  Admr Oldom Osborn.

Randolph Co., NC  Wills + Inv. Books 8-9  1843-1853  (SLFHL 0019644)
        Book 8  1843-1847,  Book 9  1848-1853

Bk 8, p120.  12/24/1844 rec 2//1845;  Will of Jeremiah Osborn[#973],
Randolph Co., NC;  Wife Sarah;  Eldest son Matthew;  Second son <not named>;
Son Alexander;  Youngest son Jeremiah;  Dau. Sarah;  Son John;  Exr: Son
Jeremiah + friend Abijah Hodgin;  Signed Jeremiah Osborn;  Wit:  Wm.
Reynolds, Thomas Hodgin.

Bk 8, p327.  8//1846;  Inventory of the estate of Samuel H. Osborne adm. by
Thomas Hodgin.

Bk 9, p197.  1/27/1844 rec 5//1850;  Will of William Osborn[#969], Randolph
Co., NC;  Two sons Obed + David;  Daus. Hannah, Sarah, Susannah, + Amy;  Son
William;  Son Stephen;  Exr: Friends Obed + David Osborn;  Signed William
Osborn;  Wit: Thomas Hodgin + Nathan Hodgin.

Union Co., NC Original Wills (SLFHL 1602072)

Dated 1/3/1843 rec 4//1843;  Will of Alexander Osbourn, Mecklinburg Co.,
NC;  Eldest son William;  To the heirs of son John dec'd;  To the heirs of son
Eli;  Son Michal;  Son Alexander;  Dau. Lewsindy, wife of Lewis K. Gordan;
Dau. Ann, wife of Peter Peninger;  Dau. Reachal<sic>;  Exr:  Son Michal
Osbourn;  Signed Alex. Osburn;  Wit: Amos Stevens, George Harvey.

Dated 1/14/1861 rec 1//1867;  Will of Sarah Orsbourn, Union Co., NC;  To
Mary Rape, James P. Rape, Sarah Rape, Jacob M. Rape, the children of Mary Rape
by John Rape;  To Martin Chapman;  Great Granddau. Mary E. Becket;  Granddau.
Jane Becket, wife of John W. Becket;  Dau. Ellen Orsbourn;  Exr: Friend
George D. Wolfe;  Wit: Lee Helms, Thomas D. Wolfe.

Will of Michael Osborne, of Union Co., NC;  wife Rebecca;  chn of son Alexander
Osborne, not named;  dau. Amanda Osborne;  chn Mariam L. Stevens, Parmelia
Ross<?>, Amanda Osborne, Alice Pistole, Harriet Ma----, Ida ----, + the chn of
dec'd dau. Ann Hudson;  Son Alexander apptd gdn for his minor chn;  Exr:
son-in-law W.F. Morgan;  Dated 1/18/1865;  Signed Michael Osborne, his mark;
Wit: J.J. Vann + J.R. English;  Cod. 1/31/1888;  Signed + wit. as the will;
prb. 2/1/1890.

Wake Co., NC  Wills + Inventories Book 24  1837-1848  (SLFHL 0020013)

p260.  12/22/1838 rec. 2//1839;  Will of Jessee Osburn, Wake Co., NC;  no
children or wife named;  Friend James Woodard + his son Andrew Johnson Woodard;
Exr: James Woodard;  Signed Jessee Osburn, his mark;  Wit: Willie Page, Green
H. Alford.

Wilkes Co., NC  Will Book 4  1821-1848  (SLFHL 0393950)

p200.  9/1/1835 rec 2//1836;  Will of William Orsborn[#937], Wilkes Co., NC;
Son Richard living in IN;  Son Thomas living in IN;  Son Jonathan Orsborn;
Dau. R. Dunn;  Dau. Hannah Orsborn;  Son David Orsborn;  Dau.  Mary
Edgington;  Dau. Elizabeth;  Exr: David Orsborn + Elizabeth Orsborn;
Signed Wm. Orsborn;  Wit: Jno Morten + Wm. Crickman.