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Some New York Will and Estate Records

        (This section is just those that are in PDF files.  Others are below.)

Year County
1881 Erie    Osborn,  Alanson (PDF)
1841 Cayuga  Osborn,  Abijah (PDF)
1856 Otsego  Osborn,  Isaac (PDF)
1880 Rockla  Osborn,  Jacob Y. (PDF)
1823 Erie    Osborne, John (PDF)
1847 Cayuga  Osborn,  Joseph F. (PDF)
1868 Erie    Osborn,  Maurice (PDF)
1855 Erie    Osborn,  Stephen (PDF)
1870 Erie    Osborn,  Thomas (PDF)
1844 Cayuga  Osborn,  William (PDF)

Calendar of Wills on File and Recorded in the Offices of the Clerk of the
Court of Appeals, of the County Clerk at Albany, and of the Secretary
   Berthold Fernow, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1967. Orig. pub.
   New York, 1896.

1280 (O 12) 1770, Novbr. 30, Decbr. 17
   OSBORN, John, of New Hempstead, Orange Co.  Wife Ann, sons James, John,
daughters Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Phebe, Sarah, Rachel, Martha and Nancy.
Real and personal property.  Executors son James and Gilbert Cuyper.
Witnesses Caleb Halsted, farmer, Pieter Sisiyent, cordwainer, and Dirk
Straet, farmer, all of Orange Co.  [See transcript of this will below given
in The Osborns of Canada.]

1285 (O 17) 1775, 3d Day, 11th Month, 1781, Aug. 29
   OSBORN, Paul, of Dutchess Co., yeoman, Wife Elizabeth, who is blind and
has Mary Reynold as companion, cousins Isaac Osborn, Amos Osborn and Stephen
Osborn.  Real and personal property.  Executors Salomon Height, John Hoag 2d
jun. and Abner Hoag, all of Dutchess Co., yeomen.  Witnesses Aaron Vail,
Martha Vail, widow and David Sands.

1288, 1786, Novbr. 16, 1787, Jany. 25
   OSBORN, Joseph, of Easthampton, Suffolk Co., yeoman.  Son Joseph,
grandsons Abraham and Stephimus, sons of dec'd son Lewis, da.-in-law Prusha
Osborn and her sons Abraham Septimus, da. Mary, granddaughters Hannah Dayton
and Esther Osborn.  Land at Easthampton, at Westplain Close, at Orchard
Close, Norwest plain, personal property.  Executors son Joseph and
bro.-in-law Stephen Hedges.  Witnesses Jeremiah Miller, Hunting Miller,
yeomen, and John Chatfield.  Recorded in Wills and Probates, Vol. I., p. 30.

1293, 1796, May 27
   OSBORNE, Samuel, late of St. John, Nova Scotia, mariner, letters of
administration on the estate of, granted to his father Almer Osborne of
Paulings (?), Dutchess Co., farmer.  Recorded ut supra, Vol. III., p. 161.

Albany Co., NY Probate Recs.

Will Book 13/117.  4/30/1842 prb. 5/26/1847;  Will of Nathaniel Osborn of
  Rensselaerville, Albany Co., NY; wife Anna Osborn; my nine children (viz)
  Keziah Bedell, Stephen N. Osborn, Philip M. Osborn, Cynthia Ann Osborn,
  Luther B. Osborn, Lucius H. Osborn, Harriet Osborn, Charles J. Osborn, and
  Willis H. Osborn; Exr and Extrx guardians of my five infant children (viz)
  Luther B. Osborn, Lucius H. Osborn, Harriet Osborn, Charles J. Osborn, and
  Willis H. Osborn; wife Anna Osborn extrx and sons Philip Osborn and Lucius
  H. Osborn exrs.

Albany Co., NY Deeds

15/83.  3/29/1791 rec. ?;  Aaron Osburn late a soldier in the New York line
  to Elkanah Watson of City of Albany ----<Meat?>; a tract of land in the
  township of Hector, Montgomery Co.; Signed Aaron Osburn his mark and Mary
  Osburn her mark.

15/87.  4/2/1789 rec. ?;  Aron Ausburn of Albany Co., NY to Francis Veider
  and Alexr. Alexander of the same place, merchants; 600 acres of land
  assigned to him by the State of New York for his service in the line of
  said state; Signed Aaron Ausburn alias Osburn his mark and Mary Ausburn
  alias Osburn her mark.

103/307.  10/29/1849 rec. 11/5/1849;  Abijah Osborn of Watervleit, Albany
  Co., NY and wife Sarah to Ogden W. Osborn of the same place; farm of 106
  acres; lands in Onondaga Co. conveyed by Abijah to Ogden in 1846 then
  estimated to be worth $6000 which gift was and is to be in full discharge
  and satisfaction of all claims of Ogden as heir at law of Abijah his

140/378.  10/1/1856 rec. 10/1/1856;  Abijah Osborn of Watervleit, Albany Co.,
  NY to Oakley Osborn of the same place for love and affection of son Oakley
  and $1; 97 acrecs in Watervleit; west corner of O.H. Osborn's farm.

140/380.  10/1/1856 rec. 10/1/1856;  Abijah Osborn of Watervleit, Albany Co.,
  NY to John Wesley Osborn of the same place for love and affection of son
  John Wesley Osborn and $1; 137 acres in Watervleit.

Broome Co., NY Wills

B/342.  2/3/1821 prb. 2/14/1826;  Will of Lot Osborn of Windsor, Broome Co.,
  NY;  wife Phebe; two granddaus. Adelene Thankful Osborn and Jane Ann
  Osborn; granddau. Sabry Betsey Osborn; son Ezra, son Ralph, dau. Mary
  Ballentine; Osborn Ballentine son of dau. Ballentine; son Abel; son Abel's
  wife Betsey Sabra; two sons Ely Osborn & Abel Osborn.

Cayuga Co., NY Probate Records

B2/50.  7/19/1833 prb. 9/3/1833;  Will of Shadrach Osborn of Cayuga Co., NY,
  age 33; children Leonard, Lewis, Louiza, Lura, Henry, Lavina, Almira; my
  real estate which is now owned and possessed by me and Leonard P. Osborn in
  the town of Ira; exr: Nathaniel C. Ward and Jairus Palmer of Ira; wit:
  Sidney Osborn, of Ira, Cayuga Co., Amos Osborn of Ira, and Martin Osborn
  of Ira; prob. info: Shadrach Osborn late of Ira died on 19 July last, widow
  Rachel Osborn, children Leonard Osborn, Lewis Osborn, Louisa Osborn, Laura
  Osborn, Henry Osborn, Lavina Osborn, and Almira Osborn, Leonard P. Osborn
  uncle of the said minors apptd guardian.

Loose Estate Records, Box 18;  Pet. for Probate of est. of William Osborn;
  Juda Osborn of the town of Ira in the County of Cayuga is the widow of
  William Osborn late of the town of Ira.  William Osborn died on or about
  17 Sep 1844.  He left the following kindred: Fenner Osborn of Ira; William
  Osborn of Hannibal, Oswego Co.; Benjamin Osborn of Richfield, Summit Co.,
  OH; Electa Hale wife of James Hale of Erie, Erie Co., PA; Sally Ann Heath
  wife of William Heath, East Otto, Cataragus Co.; Betsey Raynolds wife of
  Abraham Raynolds and Laura Raynolds wife of Thomas Raynolds of Granby,
  Oswego Co.; Mary McBrided widow of John McBride of Syracuse, Onondaga Co.;
  William and Charles Jenkins minor grandchildren of Schroepel, Oswego Co.;
  and James Osborn residence unknown;  Pet. for Juda Osborn and Ebenezer
  Wilcox to be apptd admrs; signed Juda her x mark Osborn; wit: William T.
  Osborn; pet. dated 15 Oct 1844.

Chautauqua Co., NY Wills

1/365.  made 7/21/1841, no prob. info.;  Will of Samuel Osborn of Ripley,
  Chautauqua, NY; wife Elanor, fourth son Samuel J., fifth son Richard, sixth
  son Noah, first son James, second son Thomas, third son Gilbert, first dau.
  Mary Ann, second dau. Sarah, third dau. Eunice, fourth dau. Martha, fifth
  dau. Ann Cornelia; Wit: G.H. Wallis, John Newberry, and G.P. Wattles, all
  of Ripley, Chautauqua Co., NY.

3/51.  10/17/1850 rec. 12/6/1856;  Will of Thomas Osborn of Pomfret,
  Chautauqua Co.; only dau. Esther Jane; son Ervin Filer; sons Thomas Albert,
  Gustavus Adolphus, and George Clinton; Exr: son Thomas A. Osborne; Wit:
  Allen Henchley of Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., NY and David French of Pomfret,
  Chautauqua Co., NY

Chautauqua Co., NY Deeds

28/355.  8/25/1840 rec. 9/14/1840;  Milo P. Osborn of Columbus, PA to Levi
  Osborne of Harmony, Chautauqua, NY; $1 for a parcel of land part of lot 18
  in Harmony.

58/28.  5/4/1845 rec. 2/10/1852;  Marvin Osborn of Ripley, Chautauqua Co., NY
  to Alfred Palmer of the same place; land in Ripley being part of lot number
  61<?> being an equal undivided half; adjoining land deeded to Samuel
  Osborn; Annis wife of Marvin Osborn.

58/29.  3/5/1846 rec. 2/10/1852;  Richard Osborne and wife Emmy Jane of
  Chautauqua Co., NY to Alfred Palmer of the same place; their interest in
  10 acres; Richard Osborn's wife signs as "Emma Jane"; wit. William Osborn.

58/30.  3/5/1846 rec. 2/10/1852;  Samuel Osborn of Chautauqua Co., NY to
  Alfred Palmer; their interest in the same tract as in deed 58/29; wit:
  William Osborn.

58/31.  6/1/1845 rec. 2/10/1852;  Philip Osborn of Ripley, NY to Alfred
  Palmer; part of lot 61; Betsy Osborn wife of Philip Osborn.

80/183.  2/19/1858 rec. 3/5/1858;  Thomas Osborne late of Pomfret, Chautauqua
  Co., NY, dec'd died leaving him surviving among other the undersigned
  Gustavus A. Osborne and George C. Osborne children and heirs; Gustavus A.
  Osborne and wife Eleanor and George C. Osborne and wife Abigail to Thomas
  A. Osborne of Mayville; George C. Osborne and wife Abigail of Chautauqua
  Co., NY and Gustavus A. Osborne and wife Eleanor of Hudson Co., NJ.

Clinton Co., NY Wills

A/143.  Made 31d12m1824 prb. 6/3/1825;  Will of John Osborn; wife Hannah,
  children Samuel Osborn, Shearwood Osborn, John Osborn, Abraham Osborn,
  David Osborn, Abiah Osborn, Dorcas Osborn, Anna Osborn, dau. Rebeckah Ames;
  Wit: Paul Southwick, Earle Hollock, Pliny E. Hoag.

Clinton Co., NY Deeds

F/327.  9d5m1804 rec. 9/14/1819;  David Osborn and wife Anne and John Osborn
  and wife Hannah of Peru, Clinton Co., NY to David Hoag of the same place.

V/36.  10//1833 rec. 7/26/1834;  Samuel Osborn of Peru, Clinton Co., NY and
  wife Eunice to Arden Barker.

V/99.  4/1/1834 rec. 9/2/1834;  Stephen Kellogg, Josiah Kellogg, and William
  Osborn of the City of Troy Rensselaer Co., NY to Bentley R. Sherman and
  Lyman Woodworth of Peru, Clinton Co., NY.

Cortland Co., NY Wills

C/379.  12/5/1853 prb. 8/14/1854;  Will of John Osborn of Homer, Cortland
  Co., NY, age 72; wife Amelia Osborn; dau. Adaline O. Bright the wife of
  Edward Bright Jr.; extrx: wife Amelia Osborn.

Cortland Co., NY Deeds

14/164.  4/9/1838 rec. 3/26/1848;  Isaac W. Orsborn of Spencer, Tioga Co.,
  NY and wife Sarah to Coonrod House of Virgil, Cortland Co., NY; 12 acres
  in virgil.

Chenango Co., NY Deeds

118/289.  3/17/1864 rec. 3/18/1864;  Sylvia Osborne, Lois M. Bowe, Atlanta
  S. Harrington, Ira B. Osborne and Charity his wife, Benjamin T. Osborne,
  Emily E. Cooper, and Sarah M. Southworth (widow and heirs of Daniel
  Osborne dec'd) all of Greene, NY to Augustine H. Chandler of Greene,
  Chenango Co., NY; farm of Daniel Osborne, late of Greene (now dec'd)
  which is several tracts of land.

Delaware Co., NY Wills

D/283.  Made 4/5/1840 prb. 5/30/1843;  Will of Eleazer Osborn of
  Harpersfield, Delaware Co.; wife Rhoda Osborn, oldest dau. Elizabeth
  Hicks, 2nd dau. Sarah Fancher, dau. Rhoda Post, granddau. Abigail
  Greenell, grandson Levi O. Greenell; six sons towit: Eleazer Osborn,
  Levi B. Osborn, Stephen Osborn, Orris Osborn, Ozra Osborn, and Jedediah
  W. Osborn; exrs: son Eleazer Osborn and friend Levi Sely.

Dutchess Co., NY Probate Recs.

Will Book O/304.  Made 12/16/1841 prb. 12/5/1845;  Will of Thomas Osborn of
  Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY(starts page 307); niece Catherine Osborn
  Swartwout; Citations(start page 304) to appear in surrogate's court to
  Sarah Mills, Catharine Osborn Swartwout, James O. Swartwout of Fishkill,
  Dutchess Co., Mary Remsen, Elizabeth Remsen, Henry Remsen, Johannis Colyer
  and Eliza his wife, Joseph Remsen and Hannah Ann his wife, Saraha<sic>
  Jane Remsen of Newtown, Queens Co., John Burton<?> and Prusilla his wife,
  William Hagaman and Emma his wife of Brooklyn, Jesse Adams and Abby his
  wife of Bushwick, Kings Co., Albert Snedicos<?> and Mary Ann his wife of
  Jamaica, Queens Co. heirs and next of kin of Thomas Osbourn dec'd;
  Dutchess Co. 12/5/1845, Catharine O. Swartwout says on 11/4/1845 served
    the within citation on James O. Swartwout;
  Dutchess Co. 12/1/1845, Cornelius Remson says on 11/13/1845 served the
    within citation on James Swartwout, William Hagaman, Jesse Adams &
    Albert Snedicos<?>;
  Cornelius Remsen nephew of said deceased <Thomas Osborn> has applied for
    proof of the will.
Letters Testamentary and of Administration Book C/98;  10/16/1809; Ltr of
  administration to Thomas Osborne of Fishkill, Dutchess Co., for est. of his
  brother James Osborne.

Estate File #527;  Est. of James Osborn;  no date; Admr bond for Thomas
  Osborn of Fishkill, Dutchess Co. for est. of James Osborn of Fishkill;
  Peter Osborn and Simon Swartwout of Fishkill bondsmen.

Letters Testamentary and of Administration Book C/158;  6/10/1811; Ltr of
  administration to Abner Osborn & Job Crawford of Pawlings, Dutchess Co. for
  the est. of Abner Osborn, dec'd.

Estate File #607;  Est. of Abner Osborn;  1811; David Osborn now of Paulings,
  Dutchess Co., but who lately resided in Stamford, Delaware Co., his father
  Abner Osborn; admr bond for Isaac Haviland admr of est. of Abner Osborn,
  Job Crawford bondsman;  Ann Osborn wife of Abner Osborn, dec'd, Abner
  Osborn son of Abner Osborn; Abner Osborn states that Abner Osborn, late of
  Pawlings, Dutchess Co. died on Sunday 26 May last leaving Ann Osborn his
  widow and four children, dated 18 Jun 1811; Isaac Haviland accepts
  guardianship of Mercy, Eliza, Benjamin, & Edgar Osborn, children of
  Benjamin Osborn, dec'd, who was son of Abner Osborn, late of Pawlings,
  Dutchess Co, dec'd, dated 2/25/1812; Affidavit by Samuel Osborn -- heard
  a conversation between his grandfather & father was down<?> in Feb 1810,
  & Abner said if your father ------.

Dutchess Co., NY Deeds

10/141.  22 Jan 1769 rec. ----;  Doctor Cornelius Osborn of Orange Co., NY
  to Leonard Van Kleeck Esqr. and Baltus Van Kleeck yeoman both of
  Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY; Helena wife of Cornelius Osborn; land in
  part in Poughkeepsie and part in the great nine partners in Dutchess Co.

40/468.  1 May 1826 rec. 14 Oct 1828;  Thomas Osborn, Catharine Osborn, Sarah
  Osborn, James Swartwout and wife Mary, Sally Mills, Catherine O. Swartwout,
  Margaret Swartwout, Cornelius Carman and wife Mary of Fishkill, and
  Cornelius Rumsey and wife Hannah of Orange Co. to William Anthony; a lot in
  Fishkill, Dutchess Co. of 35 1/4 acres and another lot adjoining the first
  lot of one acre lying in a triangle whereon Do. Cornelius Osborn's still
  and brew house formerly stood.

49/513.  31 Dec 1832 rec. 7 Jan 1833;  Reuben Osborn and wife Dorcas Osborn
  of Sherman, Fairfield Co., CT to Cyrenus Jones and Benjamin Jones of
  Pawlings, Dutchess Co., NY; Their interest in a parcel of land belonging to
  the estate of Stephen Pepper dec'd in Pawlings.

84/130.  29 Dec 1846 rec. 4 Mar 1847;  Paul Osborn and wife Jemima of
  Pawling, Dutchess Co., NY to William Osborn of the same place; a parcel of
  land in Pawling.

Erie Co., NY Probate Records

Case File #16761, Est. of Stephen Osborn  (SLFHL 0955426)
   To the Surrogate of the County of Erie
The petition of Phoebe Salisbury and Hezekiah Salisbury her husband of the
City of Buffalo in the County of Erie, respectfully showeth: That Stephen
Osborn of the City of Buffalo in the said County of Erie, died in the said
City of Buffalo on or about the ninth day of January in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and fifty five.  That at the time of his death he
was an inhabitant of the County of Erie; that he left no will, as far as your
petitioner has heard or been able to discover.  That he left him surviving
his sisters Phoebe your petioner the wife of Hezekiah Salisbury of Buffalo,
Marietta Osborn of Buffalo both of them being over 21 years of age, Stephen
O. Carpenter child of Harriett the wife of John Carpenter who is now deceased
(Harriett meaning) who resides in Wales, Erie County, Harriett E. Salisbury
who resides in Buffalo aged over 21 years the child of Betsy Salisbury sister
of deceased who is also now deceased, and certain nephews & nieces of the
deceased whose names and residences are unknown to your petitioner, but are
supposed to reside in Michigan.

   And your petitioner further showeth, that all the goods, chattles and
credits of the said deceased do not exceed in value the sum of three thousand
dollars, and your petitioner prays that letters of Administration of the
good, chattels and credits of said deceased, may be granted by the Surrogate
to your petitioner. Hezekiah Salisbury on right of his wife Phoebe, the other
of your petitioners and to Elias O. Salisbury a son fo the said Hezekiah
Salisbury who is aged --- 21 years of age.
                                        Hezekiah Salisbury
                                        Phebe Salisbury
I Marrietta Osborne one of the two surviving sisters of the above named
Stephen Osborn deceased do hereby consent to the appointment of the above
named Hezekiah Salisbury as administrator of the said deceased and pray that
he may be so appointed.                 Marietta Osborn

         COUNTY OF ERIE  }
   On this 16 day of January 1855, personally appeared before me, Hezekiah
Salisbury & Phebe Salisbury the above named petitioners and made oath that
the matters set forth in the above petition are true, according to the best
of the knowledge, information and belief of the said petitioner.
                                Benjamin F. Parmenter
                                        Comr. of Deeds of the City of Buffalo

Erie Co., NY Old Record "O.R." Book, page 175
        From the Erie Co., NY surrogate's office.  Copy was very bad and
        difficult to read.  Best available though.  [Note: Erie Co., NY
        deed and census records show that "Arab" Osborn written throughout
        this recorded copy of the will should be "Arah" Osborn.]

                        The people of the state of New York
                        by the grace of God free and independent
                        to all to whom this present--
                        shall come or may concern si--
                        greeting.  Know ye that at the
                        town of Buffalo in the county
                        of Niagara on the twenty second day
of January before me Ebenezer Johnson Esqr surrogate of our said county the
last will & testament of John Osborn deceased (a copy whereof is annexed)
was proved & is now allowed of by -- and the said deceased having whilst he
lived and at the time of his death goods chattels credits within this state
by means whereof the proving & registering the said will and the granting &
administration of all ---- singular the goods chattels and credits and also
the auditing allowing & f---- discharging the amounts thereof doth belong
-------.  The administration of all & singular the goods chattels & credits
of the said deceased and ---- way concerning the will is granted unto Jonas
Williams & Arab<sic> Osborn names as executors in the said will.  They being
first duly sworn --ell -- faithfully to administer the same and to make &
exhib a true and perfect inventory of all & singular the goods chattels &
credits & also to render a just & true account thereof when thereunto
required in testimony whereof we have caused the seal<?> office of our said
surrogate to be herewith affixed.  Witness Ebenezer Johnson Esqr surrogate
of the said county at Buffalo this twenty second day of January in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & sixteen and of our independence the
fortieth year.                          Ebenezer Johnson

In the name of God Amen I John Osborn of the township of Stamford in the
county of Linesler<?> district of Niagara and province of Upper Canada,
carpenter, being of sound mind & memory & knowing the uncertainty of human
life do make and publish this as my last will & testament.
First, I will & direct that my funeral expences & just debts be first paid
and discharged by my executors hereafter named.  I will & bequeth unto my
brother Horatio Osborn the sum of one hundred dollars.  To my brother Walter
Osborn two hundred dollars & all my working tools to be given & paid them
theirs heirs executors & administrators or assigns.  The rest & residue of
all my personal estate in wearing apparel money & goods & chattels of
whatsoever kind or nature I will & bequeth unto Jonas Williams of
Williamsville in the town of Buffalo & Arab<sic> Osborn my brother in trust
immediately after my decease to sell & dispose thereof & convert the sume
into money & then to apply the same in finishing the house<?> & in making
improvements on that part of the land herein after devised in trust to & for
the use of my aforementioned two brothers & three sisters lying & being on
the easterly side of Niagara river and granted to me by letters patent under
the great seal of the state of New York bearing date the thirteenth day of
August 1813 and therein known & described as Lot 48 & 49 and consisting of
three hundred & thirty three acres in the whole.
I will & devise unto my brother Arab<sic> Osborn his heirs & assigns for ever
one hundred acres of land being the north part of Lot No 48 as above
described with the hereditaments<?> and appurtenances therewith belonging.
The rest & residue of said trust being two hundred and thirty three acres I
will & devise unto the said Jonas Williams & Arab<sic> Osborn their heirs &
assigns forever in trust when my youngest sister Hitty Osborn now about
fourteen years of age shall attain the age of eighteen years then to convey
the same to my two brothers & three sisters Viz. Asa, Joseph, Sally, Clarissa
& Hitty Osborn as an estate of inheritance to be held as tenants in common
or should it be more advisable at the discretion of my executors that the
same should be sold, I then will & devise the said tract of land to the said
Jonas Williams & Arab<sic> Osborn their heirs and assigns in trust to sell &
convey the same for the highest price to be got therefore and to pay over the
proceeds to each of my said brothers & sisters to have & share alike.  And
whereas I am now siezed of an estate in fee simple of & in one undivided half
of two hundred acres of land lying and being in the east division of Oxford
in the district of London in the province of Upper Canada and known as lot
Number twenty in the third concession of the township of said Oxford, I will
and devise the said one undivided half thereof unto my two brothers Asa &
Joseph their heirs & assigns forever as tenants in common.
And I make constitute & appoint the said Jonas Williams of Williamsville in
the town of Buffalo and my said brother Arab<sic> Osborn to be executors of
this my last will & testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal at Stamford aforesaid
this twentieth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred & fifteen.
                                        John Osborn   L.S.
Signed sealed pronounced and declared
in the presence of us who in his
presence and in the presence of each
other have hereunto subscribed our
names at the request of the testator.
The word after ------ -----
interlined in the twenty third line of
the first page from the top.
Thomas Clark
Thomas Dean
Daniel G. Kelsey

Essex Co., NY Deeds

B/15.  1/31/1810;  Lucy Osborn, Luke Osborn and Betsey Osborn of Essex, Essex
  Co., NY to Joseph Gilbert of Essex Co., NY; 49 acres in Essex Co., NY being
  the southerly part of lot no. 6 in Brookfield Patent formerly owned by the
  late Alexander Osborn and is the same farm on which the said parties of the
  first part now live.

Greene Co., NY Deeds

B/565.  6/16/1808 rec. 6/23/1808;  Enos Osborn of Windham, Greene Co., NY and
  wife Naomi to Benjamin Osborn of the same place; land ... southwest corner
  of lot #71 in Martin Van Bergens third tract ... on the north line of
  Batavia patent ... corner at lot #50 ... containing 47 1/2 acres.

F/153.  6/2/1822 rec. 7/9/1822;  Dennis Osborn of Granville and wife Jane to
  Timothy Lake.

F/320.  1/13/1809 rec. 2/19/1823;  Samuel Osborn of Goshen, Litchfield Co.,
  CT and wife Lucy Osborn to Asa Brown of Windham, Greene Co., NY; Wit:
  Nathan Hale, Jonathan S. Hale.

F/417.  11/7/1822 rec. 6/23/1823;  Ard Osborn and wife Caroline of Windham,
  Greene Co., NY to Seba Osborn of the same place;  the undivided interest of
  the parties of the first part in land in Windham bounded by lands of
  Benajah Rice, Silas Lewis, Nathan and Burrett Osborn containing 6 acres;
  see deed N/186 below.

G/223.  1/16/1823 rec. 5/21/1824;  Ebenezer Osborn of Windham, Greene Co., NY
  and wife Lucinda to Josiah Chatfield of the same place.

L/96.  6/1/1827 rec. 6/25/1827;  Samuel Osborn of Lexington, Greene Co., NY
  and wife Lucy to William Osborn and Brainard Osborn of the same place;
  Three parcels of land in Lexington.

L/102.  3/28/1826 rec. 6/29/1827;  Ard Osborn of Windham, Greene Co., NY and
  wife Caroline to Benjamin B. Blakeslee; 50 acres in Windham part of lot 67
  in the patent granted to Martin G. Van Bergen it being one equal divided
  half of a lot of land formery owned by Ebenezer Osborn dec'd.

N/186.  5/5/1829 rec. 5/8/1829;  Seba Osborn and wife Mehitabel of Durham,
  Greene Co., NY to Gilbert and Enoch Osborn of Windham, same county; all
  that piece of land in Windham bounded by land formerly owned by Benaijah
  Rice and in the possession of Whiting Rice, land of Silas Lewis, and Nathan
  and Bullit<sic> Osborn containing 6 acres; this is the same tract of land
  mentioned in deed F/417 above -- in that deed Seba is receiving a 1/2
  undivided interest in the tract from Ard Osborn -- this would indicate that
  Seba Osborn owned the other 1/2 undivided interest and was Ard Osborn's

Q/124.  5/2/1831 rec. 5/2/1831;  Gilbert Osborn and wife Patty of Durham,
  Greene Co., NY to Enoch Osborn of the same place; farm of land in Windham,
  Greene Co., NY bounded by land formerly owned by Benijah Rice, Nathan
  Osborn and Burritt Osborn containing 6 acres and is the same piece of land
  conveyed by Seba Osborn and wife to Gilbert Osborn and Enoch Osborn by
  deed dated May 5th, 1829.

Y/30.  5/28/1821 rec. 8/1/1837;  Ard Osborn and wife Caroline of Windham,
  Greene Co., NY to Timothy Baldwin of the same place; land in Windham, part
  of lot #67 in Martin T. VanBergen's third tract being part of a lot of land
  formerly owned by Ebenezer Osborn dec'd, bounded as follows: The one equal
  undivided half beginning at the south east corner of the share that was set
  to Mercy<surname not given> numbered 8 adjoining John Hitchcock ...
  containing 6 acres, also one equal undivided half of another pieced east of
  Ebenezer Osborn's share; Wit: Solomon N-olcuett, Daniel Osborn.

Greene Co., NY Probate Records

G/618.  6/17/1848 prb. 12/8/1848;  Will of Ebenezer Osborn of Windsor,
  Greene Co., NY;  son Ebenezer Osborn, son Gilbert Osborn, son Enock Osborn,
  son Ranson Osborn, son Eber Osborn, son Joel Osborn, dau. Phebe wife of
  Linus Scovell; Exr: sons Ransom and Joel; Affidavit by Danforth K. Olney:
  Ebenezer Osborn was about 78 years old.

Loose Estate Papers Packet 6862;  12/8/1848;  Est. of Ebenezer Osborn;
  Petition for admission of will for probate;  Next of kin of Ebenezer
  Osborn: Ebenezer Osborn(son) of Fitchville, Huron Co., OH, Gilbert B.
  Osborn(son) of Stephens<sic> Co., IL, Phebe Scovill(daughter) of Windham,
  Greene Co., NY, Enock Osborn(son) of Davenport, Delaware Co., NY, and
  Eber Osborn(son) of Windham, Greene Co., NY, and petitioners Joel Osborn
  and Ransom Osborn.

Loose Estate Papers Packet 6864;  1/10/1850;  Est. of Eber Osborn; Betsey
  Osborn of Windham, wife of Eber Osborn, petitions for administration of
  Eber Osborn's estate, she states that Eber Osborn died at Windham on or
  about 25 July last.

Loose Estate Papers Packets 6851-6852;  7/5/1867 -- Samuel Osborn statement
  that he will faithfully discharge duties of guardian of Abba Osbon, Romain
  Osbon, and Susie Osborn of the town of Jewett; 7/5/1867 -- petition by
  Samuel Osborn stating that Romain Osborn was 12 years old on 7 Aug last
  and Susie Osborn was 9 years of age on 17 June last; 7/5/1867 -- petition
  by Samuel Osborn that Abba Osborn was 15 years of age on 28 August last
  (Samuel Osborn is her father).

K/251.  3/5/1870 prb. 6/13/1870;  Will of Seba Osborn of Durham, Greene Co.,
  NY;  to son Miles G. Osborn real estate in Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY; son
  Orrin Osborn; Exr: son Orrin Osborn and Harry Bagley of Durham, Greene Co.,
  NY;  The loose estate papers (Greene Co., NY estate papers, packet 6897,
  SLFHL 0480506) for Seba Osborn contain a summons to Orrin Osborn of Durham,
  Greene Co., NY and Miles G. Osborn of Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY and there is
  also a petition by Harry Bagley for the probate of Seba Osborn's estate,
  the petition stating that Seba Osborn died at his residence in Greene Co.
  on 9 May.

Jefferson Co., NY Probate Records

Will Book 12/209;  6/5/1848 prb. 9/24/1848;  Will of Joseph Osborn of
  Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY; wife Lydia; exr: wife; prob. info: next of kin
  of testator: Lydia Osborn widow of testator, Thomas Osborn & Schuyler
  Osborn & Phineas Osborn all of Clayton & James Osborn of Brownville & all
  of Jefferson Co. all brother of testator, Joseph Wetmore of Crogan<?>,
  Lewis Co., NY a son of Jane Wetmore a dec'd sister of testator, Albert
  Ormsby of Crogan, Lewis Co., NY a son of Ellanor Ormsby a dec'd sister of
  testator, Mary Jane Smith of<sic> Gregg Charles E. Ormsby of Crogan, Martha
  Ormsby of Crogan and all of Lewis Co., NY children of Ellanor Ormsby a
  dec'd sister of testator, Betsey Balcom of Waterloo, WI, David Wetmore of
  Waterlook, WI, Delia Berger of Blona, MI, Olive Boyer of Millburgh, MI,
  Eleanor Peacock of Kalamazoo, MI & Harriet Hart of Millburgh, MI children
  of Jane Wetmore a dec'd sister of testator, Mary Ann Taylor & William
  Whitehouse both of Pine Run, MI children of Mary Whitehouse a dec'd sister
  of testator, Seymour Wetmore & I-- Wetmore and Gilbert Wetmore & K----
  Wetmore whose respective places of residence are unknown to this
  petitioner children of Janes Wetmore a dec'd sister of testator.

Will Book 20/557;  10/17/1876 prb. 10/12/1880;  Will of Phineas A. Osborn of
  Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY; son S. Duane Osborn; sons and daus. Orlando F.
  Osborn, D. Webster Osborn, William Osborn, Hart Osborn, P. Alden Osborn
  Jr., Caroline P. Rockwood, Clarissa Beebee, Mary E. Wills, Elanor Gardiner
  making 5 sons and 4 daus.; wife Anna Osborn; exr: wife Anna Osborn;
  Prob. info: next of kin: Anna Osborn widow of testator of Clayton, S. Duane
  Osborn of Birch runn, MI, Orlando F. Osborn of Glentay<?>, Ontario,
  D. Webster Osborn, of East Saginaw, MI, William Osborn of Omaha, NE, Hart
  Osborn of Mill Village, PA, P. Alden Osborn of DePauville, Jefferson Co.,
  NY, Caroline P. Rockwood of Union City, PA, Clarrissa Beebee of S. Johns,
  MI, Mary E. Wills<Wells?> of Lyme, Jefferson Co., NY, and Eleanor Gardner
  of East Saginaw, MI children of testator, all of full age.

Monroe Co., NY Wills

2/86.  7/2/1836 prb. 9/5/1836;  Will of Orson Osborn of Mendon, Monroe Co.;
  wife Maria; all my right ... both of real and personal property which has
  shall or may be inherited from the estate of Jesse Gilbert dec'd; son
  Sereno; dau. Elizabeth; exr: wife Maria and Squire Goff.

Montgomery Co., NY Deeds

11/280.  5/24/1805 rec. 11/4/1808;  John Merrel and Mary his wife of
  Palatine, Montgomery Co., NY to Joseph Osburn of Mt. Washington, Berkshire
  Co., MA; 85 acres land in Mayfield Patent, Johnstown.

16/519.  7/5/1819 rec. 5/29/1820;  Joseph Osburn and wife Clarissa <res. not
  stated> to Stephen Smith <res. not stated>; several pieces of land in
  Kingsborough, Montgomery Co.

42/432.  11/3/1829 rec. 12/14/1837;  Isaac Osborn & Milla (or Mille) his wife
  of Mayfield, Montgomery Co., NY to Solomon Knapp Jr. of the same place;
  land in Kingsborough Patent.

New York Co., NY Wills

74/122.  Made 2/13/1835 prb. 7/2/1835;  Will of Samuel Osborn of New York
  City physician; wife Ann; children Laughton, Elizabeth, Samuel White, Ann
  Matilda, William Franklin, John, and Frances; Exrs: wife Ann and son

Oneida Co., NY Deeds

65/295.  8/10/1832 rec. 7/23/1834;  Amos Osborn and Rosanna his wife of
  Sangerfield, Oneida Co., NY to Rosanna M. Carpenter, daughter of Amos
  Osborn and Rosanna his wife; for love and affection, 54 rods of land in

71/427.  9/12/1835 rec. 11/21/1835;  Amos Osborn & Rosanna his wife, Julius
  Candee & Lucia his wife, Amos O. Osborn & William R. Osborn of Sangerfield,
  Oneida Co. to Levi D. Carpenter of the same place; $1 for 54 rods of land
  in Sangerfield; this is the same property as described in the deed in

196/393.  1/9/1856 rec. 5/29/1856;  William Osborn & Amelia his wife, John M.
  Mott & Betsey his wife, Martin R. Kellogg & Melissa his wife, Henry
  Williams and Cleora his wife, Charles Osborn, John Osborn & Mary his wife,
  & Robert Osborn <res. not given> to Phebe Osborn of Paris, Oneida Co., NY;
  6 acres in Paris, Oneida Co.

Oneida Co., NY Wills

10/12.  2/26/1846 cod. 7/9/1848 prb. 2/3/1851;  Will of Joseph Osborn <res.
  not given>; wife Asenath Osborn; my three daus.; my four daus.; dau Isabel,
  dau. Mary, dau. Martha, granddau. Hannah Brown till she is of age; two sons
  Joseph and Phineas; exr: Thomas Bishop; Cod: dau. Isabel Fuller, dau. Mary
  Sharman, granddau. Hannah Brown, grandson Henry Tenney.

10/25.  10/12/1850 prb. 2/25/1851;  Will of Jonathan Osborn of Marcy, Oneida
  Co., NY;  Mrs. Osborn his wife during her natural life is to go to Joseph
  Mosely my adopted child; the personal property remaining at my death is to
  be equally divided among each of our nieces and nephews; exr: John Mosely;
  testator died October 1850 at Marcy, Oneida Co. which was his last place of
  residence at the time of his death.

12/278.  1/3/1852 prb. 7/181853;  Will of William Osborn of Paris, Oneida
  Co., NY; wife Phebe; sons William, Charles, John, and Hobert and daus.
  Betsey, Melissa, Cleora, & Jane; grandson Uriah Osborn, granddau. Rosanna
  Osborn, and granddau. Mary M. Nichols.

Estate of William Osborn, Oneida Co., NY Loose Estate Papers, case #2860.
  The People of the State of New York, to
  Phebe Osborne of Paris, Oneida County, William Osborne Jr. and John Osborne
  of Marshall, Oneida County, Henry Williams and Cleora A. Williams his wife
  of New Hartford, Oneida County, Levi D. Carpenter and Jane Carpenter his
  wife of Sangerfield, Oneida County, John M. Mott and Betsey Mott his wife
  of Lansingburg, Rensselaer County, N.Y., Martin R. Kellogg and Melissa M.
  Kellogg his wife of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts and Henry M. Burchard
  (Special Guardian of Mary Nichols, Uriah Osborne, Ros----- M. Osborne &
  Hobert Osborne, minors of Clinton, Oneida County, N.Y.   widow heirs at law
  & next of kin of William Osborne deceased
     Whereas Charles Osborne has this day offered the the last Will and
  Testament of the said William Osborn late of the town of Paris in the
  county of Oneida ... You are therefore hereby cited ... on the 18th day of
  July 1853 ...

20/579.  1/10/1867 prb. 10/4/1870;  Will of Jedediah Osborn of Florence,
  Oneida Co., NY, age 79; wife Cynthia Osborn; exr: wife Cynthia Osborn.

Ontario Co., NY Deeds

47/201.  16 Apr 1828 rec. 13 May 1828;  John Osborn and Margaret his wife,
  Amos Knap and Catharine his wife, John Frederick and wife Jane, and
  Halsted Knapp and wife Mehitable to John Wynkoop and Adam Wynkoop of
  Seneca, Ontario Co.; $1 for 96 acres.

66/392.  3 Jan 1837 rec. 31 Aug 1839;  Margaret Osborn widow of John Osborn
  dec'd, John Osborn son of John Osborn dec'd, Benjamin Williams and wife
  Catharine dau. of said dec'd of Canandaigua, Ontario Co., Lester Rockwood
  and wife Elizabeth of Allegany Co., Benjamin Osborn of New York City,
  Elizabeth and Benjamin being children of said dec'd, John Frederick the
  son and Mehitable Frederick the widow of Henry Frederick late of Hopewell,
  Ontario Co. dec'd to Halsted Knapp of Hopewell; "whereas the above
  bargained premises are by the last will and testament of Henry H. Frederick
  deceased devised to his widow Mehitable Frederick for life and after her
  death to the heirs of the said Margaret Osborn to be equally divided
  between them and it is regarded as uncertain in whom the title will vest on
  the death of the said Mehitable Frederick ..."; Deed is also signed by
  Jane Frederick wife of John Frederick and Alzina Osborn wife of John
  Osborn.  Elizabeth Osborn signs as Eliza Osborn.

Ontario Co., NY Wills

B/390.  16 Sep 1841 prb. 4 Nov 1841;  Will of Richard Osborn of Gorham,
  Ontario Co., NY;  grandchildren Harriet Lake, Philomela J. Arnold, Seth A.
  Toser, and Chester O. Toser; wife Lucinda; son Chester; Exr: son Chester

M/116.  8 Mar 1857 prb. 24 Nov 1857;  Will of David Osborne of Victor,
  Ontario Co., NY;  dau. Mrs. Mary M. Palmer; Exr: son David H. Osborne.

Orange Co., NY Wills

1/246.  9/20/1832 prb. 2/11/1833;  Will of James Osburn, res. not stated;
  wife Mary Osburn; two sons John Osburn and Daniel Osburn; four daus.
  Sarah Osburn the wife of Jonathan Osburn, Elizabeth Osburn, Maria Osburn,
  and Catharine Osburn; exrs: wife Mary Osburn, David C. Bull, and James
  Elder; prob. info: John C. Wallace special guardian of Daniel Osburn,
  Maria Osburn, and Catharine Osburn, minors.

Orange Co., NY Deeds

D/299.  27 Jun 1786 rec. 21 Feb 1787;  Benjamin Osburn, Sarah Wood wife of
  Johan Wood, Phebe King wife of John King children and heirs of Benjamin
  Osburn late of Haverstraw, Orange Co., NY dec'd to Roger Osburn of the same
  place; Their interest in the land on which Roger Osburn now lives.

D/300.  27 Jun 1786 rec. 27 Feb 1787;  Roger Osburn, Benjamin Osburn, and
  Sarah Wood wife of Jonah Wood of Haverstraw, Orange Co., NY children and
  heirs of Benjamin Osburn late of Haverstraw, Orange Co., NY to Phebe King
  and John King of the same place; Their interest in the lands of Benjamin
  Osburn dec'd.

D/302.  3 Aug 1786 rec. 27 Feb 1787;  John King and wife Phebe of Haverstraw,
  Orange Co. to Walter Smith of Haverstraw; This Lot by partition of the
  estate of Benjamin Osborn, dec'd in the Right of his wife laid out for John
  King the 25th day of May 1786.

D/323.  27 Jun 1786 rec. 9 Jun 1787;  Nathaniel Osborn, son of Benjamin
  Osborn dec'd of Haverstraw, Orange Co., NY to Rodger Osborn, Benjamin
  Osborn, Sarah Wood wife of Jonah Wood, and Phebe King wife of John King
  children and heirs of Benjamin Osborn of the same place; his interest in
  the estate of Benjamin Osborn dec'd.

D/444.  26 Jan 1765 rec. 15 Apr 1789;  Doctor Cornelius Osborn of Haverstraw,
  Orange Co., NY to Rev. Robert Burns of the same place;  Sarah<sic> wife of
  Cornelius Osborn; Signed Cornelius Osborn and Elenor<sic> Osborn her mark;
  29 Aug 1780<?> came Theunis Cuyper ... saw the within named Cornelius
  Osborn and Elenor his wife severally sign seal ...

E/462.  3/26/1794 rec. 5/24/1796;  Eleanor Osborn widow, James Osborn,
  Elizabeth Rumsey, Sarah Osborn, Luke Remsen and Lydia his wife, Peter
  Osborn, Mary Osborn, Thomas Osborn, and Catharine Osborn children of
  Cornelius Osborn late of Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY Doctor of Physick
  dec'd to Thomas Marston of the City of NY merchant; land in Haverstraw,
  Orange Co., NY, being 1/2 of a 100 acre lot.

U/189.  3/12/1812 rec. 2/28/1820;  Samuel Orsborn and wife Ellenor of the
  City of NY to Benjamin Wade of the City of NY; land in Goshen, New
  York<sic> Co., NY; Oath of Sarah Orsborn on identity of Ellenor Orsborn,
  relationship not stated.

Oswego Co., NY Wills

B/153.  2/21/1840 prb. 5/12/1841;  Will of Ephraim Osborn of Hannibal, Oswego
  Co.; father Ephraim Osborn and mother Catharine Osborn; my four children
  <not named>; wife Abigail.

B/222.  6/5/1843 prb. 7/31/1843;  Will of Isaac H. Osborn of Granby, Oswego
  Co.; exr: friend Samuel Robbins of Camillus, Onondaga; sister Susan of
  Bridgeport, CT, singlewoman; sister Fanny Robbins wife of Samuel Robbins;
  brother Thomas B. Osborn of Fairfield, CT.

Otsego Co., NY Wills

10/300.  5/9/1849 prb. 12/23/1856;  Will of Isaac Osburn of Middlefield,
  Otsego Co., NY; son Benjamin W. Osburn; dau. Mariah Allen married woman;
  sons Joseph L. Osborn and Isaac Sidney Osborn; Andrew Rice referee of will;
  exr: sons Benjamin W. Osborn and Isaac Sidney Osborn.

Otsego Co., NY Deeds

KK/545.  5/22/1826 rec. 5/22/1826;  Nathan Osborn & wife Polly of Milford,
  Otsego Co., NY to David McCollum of Middlefield, same co.; equal undivided
  half of 21 acres in Milford.

LL/432.  11/4/1826 rec. 11/9/1826;  Enos Osborn of Milford, Otsego Co., NY &
  Naomi his wife to Peleg Chamberlain & Heman Chamberlain of Maryland, same
  county; lot of land in Milford.

XX/281.  2/7/1833 rec. 2/8/1833;  Enos Osborn & Naomi his wife of
  Middlefield, Otsego Co., NY to Dennison Gron<?> of Middlefield; land in

Rensselaer Co., NY Wills

22/372.  5/4/1837 prb. 6/5/1837;  Will of Daniel Osborn of Lansingburgh,
  Rensselaer Co., NY; wife Diantha B. Osborn, land which was willed to her by
  her grandfather Benjamin Austin; my three children Catharine Maria, Daniel
  Chauncey, and Julia Ann; brother John Osborn, Jr.; exr: wife Diantha B.
  Osborn and Nathan Brownell of Pittstown and Reuben Peckham of the city of
  Troy; prob. info: Henry R. Bristol apptd guardian of Catharine Maria
  Osborn, Daviel Chauncey Osborn and Julia Ann Osborn minor heirs of Daniel
  Osborn, dec'd.

Rockland Co., NY Wills

A/321.  7 Jun 1811 prb. 23 Nov 1811;  Will of Richard Osborn;  Dau. Mary,
  sister Mary, the brother and sisters;  Exrs: James Osborn and Daniel

C/107.  22 Sep 1829 prb. 12 Oct 1832;  Will of John Osborne of the town
  of Hampstead<now Ramapo>, Rockland Co., NY;  Wife Catherine, son John,
  son Richard, dau. Anny, dau. Betsey as long as her husband John Farber
  lives, dau. Peggy, dau. Polly, dau. Peggy's John<?>; grandsons John R.
  Osborne, John Fraderic, and John Valentine the four acre lot; my son
  John's John<?>;  four grandsons the chn of son Richard to wit John, James,
  Cornelius, and Peter; Exrs: sons-in-law Peter Fraderick and John Hemion
  together with John B. Haring.

K/755.  1 Dec 1870 prb. 19 Dec 1870;  Will of Catherine Osborn, widow of
  Jacob Osborn, of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY;  Three chn Emma F. Osborn, Mary
  M. Osborn, and James H. Osborn;  Exrs: brothers Henry Carlough and James
  J. Carlough.

Rockland Co., NY Deeds

G/503.  7 Dec 1830 rec. 11 Jan 1830<sic>;  Thomas Van Bushkirk and Lavinia
  his wife comonly called Layney of Bergen Co., NJ which said Lavinia or
  Wyney is the daughter of Nathaniel Osborn and the late Catherine Osborn his
  wife to Edward Suffern of New Antrim, town of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY;
  Their interest in the equal and undivided fifth part of land of which
  Catharine Osborn late the wife of Nathaniel Osborn died seized and situate
  at Masonicus, town of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY.

H/150.  29 Jun 1831 rec. 19 Jul 1831;  Nathaniel Osborn of Ramapo, Rockland
  Co., NY and wife Elizabeth partition of land to their children Luke H.
  Osborn of Ramapo, Hannah the wife of Archibald Boyd of Canada, Sally the
  wife of George Boyd of the City and County of New York, Jacob Osborn of
  Ramapo, Phebe wife of Henry Goetscheius formerly of Ramapo, and John
  Osborn of Ramapo.

L/369.  3/8/1837 rec. 5/26/1837;  Mattheas Osborn and wife Elizabeth and
  Edward Osborn and wife Ann of the town of Patterson in the counties of
  Essex and Bergen and John Osborn and wife Catharine of the town of
  Bloomfield, Essex Co., NJ and Sylvester Osborn and wife Mary Adelia of
  Mentz, Cayuga Co., NY and William Osborn of Haverstraw, Rockland Co., NY
  and wife Susan Ann and Charles Osborn and Sarah Osborn widow of the late
  William Osborn dec'd both of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY to Richard Lake of
  Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY; land of which the said William Osborn died

M/186.  24 Apr 1815 rec. 17 Apr 1838;  John Osborn and wife Catharine and
  Richard Osborn and wife Anna all of Hampsted, Rockland Co., NY to James
  Sherwood and Abigall Gurnee of the same place;  About 35 acres in
  Hampsted; Wit. Mattew Gurnee and Mary Osborn.

M/328.  7 May 1836 rec. 22 Aug 1838;  John N. Osborn of Ramapo, Rockland Co.,
  NY and wife Esther to Jacob Y. Osborn of Ramapo; Two lots being part of the
  farm formerly owned by Nathaniel Osborn.

N/104.  2 Mar 1839 rec. 15 Apr 1839;  James Osborne and wife Mima Ann of
  the City and County of NY to Richard Osborne of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY;
  land formerly occupied and owned by John Osborn dec'd; this is the same
  tract of land as described in deed O/488.

O/488.  7 Jan ---- rec. 13 Jan 1842;  John Osborn and wife Jane of Ramapo,
  Rockland Co., NY to ---- ----- of the same place; 1/4 undivided part of the
  farm now in the possession of Richard Osborn my Father granted to the said
  John Osborn party of the first part by the last will and Testament of John
  Osborn de'cd my Grandfather, being in Ramapo; this is the same tract of
  land as described in deed N/104.

Q/376.  17 Apr 1843 rec. 1843;  John Youry and wife Elizabeth, Jonas Youry
  and wife Jane, Abram Onderdonk and wife Maria, James Youry and wife Maria
  of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY, Frederic Youry and wife Letty of Junius,
  Seneca Co., NY, Nicholas Blauvelt and wife Catharine of Orange, Seneca Co.,
  NY, the heirs of Margaret Serven dec'd viz. Lucas Eckerson and wife
  Catharine of Junius aforesaid, Cornelius Blauvelt and wife Martha of
  Paterson, NJ, Hannah Demarest of the City and County of NY, the heirs of
  Peter Youry late of Ramapo aforesaid dec'd viz. Levi Sh--w and wife Maria
  and William Osborn and wife Susan Ann of Ramapo ...;  Part of the farm late
  of William Youry.

Q/581.  29 Oct 1844 rec. 29 Dec 1844;  John Osborn and wife Alzina, Phebe
  Osborn, Caroline Osborn, Lester Rockwood and wife Elizabeth all of Ontario
  Co., NY, Benjamin Osborn and wife Matilda, Lewis Osborn and wife Betsey,
  Willard Bates and wife Mehetable, Benjamin Williams and wife Catharine all
  of Michigan heirs in their own or their wives' right of John Osborn late of
  Ontario Co., NY dec'd and Catharine Osborn daughter and heir of Henry
  Osborn son of the said John Osborn dec'd of Ontario Co., NY to Samuel W.
  Coe;  Their interest in a tract of land in Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY.

W/493.  11/21/1851 rec. 3/5/1852;  Leicester N. Rockwood and Eliza Rockwood
  late Eliza Osborn his wife, John J. Abbey and Phoebe B. Abbey late Phoebe
  B. Osborn his wife, Willard Bates and Ann Bates late Ann Osborn his wife,
  and Caroline Osborn all of the town of Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY POA to
  Benjamin S. Osborn of Michigan to receive from the executors of Jacobus
  Wannamaker late of Rockland Co., NY to collect any legacies from Jacobus
  Wannamaker dec'd.

W/494.  3/4/1852 rec. 3/5/1852;  Benjamin S. Osborn of Michigan and wife
  Matilda and Benjamin S. Osborn as attorney for Leicester N. Rockwood and
  wife Eliza, John J. Abbey and wife Phoebe B., Willard Bates and wife Ann,
  and Caroline Osborn all of Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY heirs at law or in
  right of their wives of John Osborn dec'd late of Ontario Co., NY to
  Samuel W. Coe of Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY;  Their interest in a tract of
  land conveyed to Jacobus Wannamaker on 4 Apr 1794.

52/306.  12/11/1862 rec. ----;  James Osborn and wife Susan, William Osborn
  and wife Catharine, and Catharine Decamp of Haverstraw, Rockland Co., NY,
  Aaron D. Osborn and William Osborn and wife Hannah of New York City to
  ----- Osborn of Havertraw, Rockland Co., NY

St. Lawrence Co., NY Wills

3/308.  8/18/1849 prb. 8/19/1850;  Will of Nathan Osborne of Stockholm,
  St. Lawrence Co., NY; wife Jane Ann; son Frederick Osborne and dau.
  Juliannah; granddau. Catherine M. the dau. of my dec'd dau. Maria M. late
  wife of Platte R. Staples; in case of any difficulty or disagreement
  whatever arising either between my said wife and either of her said
  children; exr: my said wife, my son Richard and Benjamin Holmes; prob.
  info: Richard P. Osborne and Julia Ann Osborne of Stockholm the only two
  heirs of said dec'd who are of full age, William A. Dart apptd special
  guardian for Catharine M. Staples, a minor.

Seneca Co., NY Deeds

53/138.  9/22/1853 rec. 10/27/1853;  Ziba Sabin and wife Lydia, Wakeman M.
  Osborn, Ornan Osborn, Lewis Osborn, Elias J. Easling and wife Emeline,
  John G. Maynard and wife Angeline, David Osborn, Burr Osborn and Elizabeth
  B. Osborn heirs of Ephraim Osborn to Lois Osborn widow of Ephraim Osborn
  dec'd late of Covert, Seneca Co.

53/282.  9/22/1853 rec. 12/20/1853;  Lois Osborn widow of Ephraim Osborn
  dec'd, Ziba Sabin and wife Lydia, Wakeman M. Osborn and wife Harriet, Ornan
  Osborn and wife Susan, Lewis Osborn and wife Charlotte, Elias J. Easling
  and wife Emiline, John G. Maynard and wife Angeline, David Osborn and wife
  Annis, and Elizabeth B. Osborn to Burr Osborn; Harriet Osborn signs as
  Harriet P. Osborn, Susan Osborn signs as Susan P. Osborn, Annis Osborn
  signs as Annis P. Osborn; David Osborn and wife Annis P. Osborn are of
  Trumbull Co., OH, Wakeman M. Osborn and wife Harriet P. Osborn are of Huron
  Co., OH.

Suffolk Co., NY Deeds

Records of the Town of East-Hampton, Long Island, Suffolk Co., N.Y.,
   Vol. IV, Sag-Harbour, NY, J.H. Hunt, Printer, 1889.
  Book G, page 180. [Abstract.] Know all men by these presents that I, Isaac
Osborn, of Winslow, in the county of Lincoln, Massachusetts, yeoman, for and
in consideration of the sum of one hundre pounds lawful money, truly paid by
Daniel Hopping, of East Hampton, &c., weaver, have sold and conveyed one half
of a certain tract of undivided land lying in two divisions situated in said
town of East-Hampton, bounded as follows: beginning at the northeast corner
and running southerly along by the pond till it comes to a creek called
Stephen's creek; thence running up said creek about forty rods to land of
David Hedges, thence running west about thirty rods to a road: thence running
northeast to the first mentioned bounds, containing about thirty acres, more
or less.  The other division lying forty rods northwest, beginning at the
southeast corner, runing northwest till it comes to a road; thence south
about sixty poles, to land of Jacob Osborn; thence running west to the first
mentioned bounds and contains about thirty acres, more or less, together with
one half a windmill, standing just by said premises.  Furthermore, I, the
said Isaac Osborn, for myself and my heirs do warrant and defend.
  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 1st day of
October, 1789
                                        ISAAC OSBORNE.  [L.S.]
In presence of
     Arthur Lithgow,
     A.A. Emerson.
  Acknowledged before Arthur Lithgow, Justice of the Peace, at Lincoln,
October 2d, 1779<sic>.
  Entered and compared Dec. 18, 1804, by
                    ABRAHAM MILLER, Town Clerk.

55/410.  8/30/1849 rec. 8/13/1850;  Henry Osborn, Thomas Osborn, Edward
  Osborn, and Charlotte Osborn all of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co., NY to David
  Osborn, Edmund Petty, Nathaniel Reeve, Hiram Post, George P. Mills, and
  Samuel Tooker all of the same place trustees of the Church and Parish of
  Bellport in said town.

Suffolk Co., NY Wills

New York Co. Will Book 39/81;  2/19/1785 prb. 4/18/1786;
Will of Jedidiah Osborne
   In the Name of God Amen, I Jedidiah Osborne of the Town of Easthampton,
County of Suffolk and State of New York being very weak in body but of sound
mind and memory, blessed be God for the same and calling unto mind the
mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed once to die, Do make
and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the following manner and form.
Imprimis, I give unto my son Jacob Osborne the one half of my Wind mill and
one undivided moiety or half of all my lands that I shall die possessed of to
be to him and his heirs forever provided he should have a male heir when he
dies, but for want of such male Issue to descend to my son John his heirs and
assigns forever except the third of said lands and mill the wife of my son
Jacob may improve as long as she remains his Widow.  Item, I give unto my son
Isaac Osborne the other half of my lands & builds and the othe half of my
Mill to be to him and to his male heir forever, but if he should die without
male issue then to descend to my son John as aforesaid, except the thirds to
remain to his Wife as long as she remains his Widow as abovesaid in the first
clause and for want of John's having male issue when he dies to descend as
the law directs.  I likewise give to my surviving Children not before
mentioned the sum of ten shillings each to be to them and their heirs and
assigns for ever.  I Likewise order that my Executors sell enough of my
moveable estate to pay my debts and legacies the remainder to be divided
among all my children except my two horses to go with the lands and buildings.
Furthermore my Will is that my son Jacob shall improve all my lands after my
decease till my son Isaac shall return home and divide my said lands and that
if either of them shall have a prospect of advancing their Interest they are
hereby impowered to sell said lands and give sufficient and sure Titles to
the purchaser and if they or either of them should die without male issue as
abovesaid the value of such lands to descend as abovesaid.  Lastly I appoint
my son Jacob Osborne and my son Isaac Osborne my Executors fo this my las
Will and Testament revoking all other Wills by me before made ratifying this
to be my only last Will and Testament In Confirmation here of I haev set my
hand and seal this nineteenth day of February Anno Domine one thousand seven
hundred and Eighty five.  Jedidiah his x mark Osborne [LS] signed sealed
published pronounced and declared by the said Jedidiah Osborne to be his last
Will and Testament in the Presence of Sarah her x mark Osborne, Loraney her
x mark Thompson, Elias Mathews, Suffolk County ss.  Be it Remembered that on
the eighteenth day of April 1786 personally came and appeared before me David
Gelston Gent: and being duly sworn on his oath declared that he saw Jedediah
Osborne sign and seal the within written Instrument ...

Tioga Co., NY Deeds

30/127;  7/10/1834 rec. 8/25/1834;  Eri Osborn of Richford, Tioga Co., NY to
  Eri<sic> Osborn of the same place; 23 acres part of lot 424 in the Boston
  purchase so called; Laura "Laury" Osborn wife of Eri Osborn.

49/54;  10/2/1846 rec. 1/3/1851;  Chester Osborn, Russel Osborn, James
  Osborn, Eri Osborn, and Betsey Gun to Benjamin Evans<residences not
  stated>; 23 acres in Richford, Tioga Co., NY, part of lot 424 of the grand
  division of Boston purchase so called.

68/39;  2/15/1859 prb. 11/21/1861;  Will of Isaac W. Osborn of Spencer, Tioga
  Co., NY; beloved wife, not named; daughter Mariah Orsborn.

87/491;  5/1/1873 rec. 6/25/1873;  Leora Osborn, Talitha A. Denning wife of
  Augustus Denning, Luthena P. Osborn, Leora J. Osborn, and Ann Osborn of
  Spencer, NY, Isaac W. Osborn and Algiana R. Marshall to John Brock of
  Spencer, NY;  10 85/100 acres in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY being the lands
  owned by Isaac Osborn dec'd.

Ulster Co., NY Wills

G/443.  7/30/1830 prb. 5/10/1831;  Will of David Osborne of Plattekill,
  Ulster Co., NY;  wife Susan; youngest son Dewitt Osborne; infant chn
  Elmira, Dewitt, Permellia, Mary Ann, Emeline, and Nancy Osborne; sons
  Adolph B. Osborne and Robert Osborne; my other four sons James Osborne,
  David Osborne Junr., William T. Osborne and Dewitt Osborne; my seven
  daus.  Salley Osborne wife of Drake Garrison, Susan Jane Osborne, Elmira
  Osborne, Permellia Osborne, Mary Ann Osborne, Emeline Osborne, and Nancy
  Osborne; exrs: Aaron Raymond and my two sons Adolph B. Osborne and Robert

K/576.  11/30/1842 prb. 1/30/1843;  Will of Samuel Osborn of Olive, Ulster
  Co., NY;  wife Martha, son Thomas, eldest son John; exrs: son John and wife

Washington Co., NY Wills

2/83.  1/23/1805 prb. 6/13/1805;  Will of Joseph Osborne of Granville,
  Washington Co., NY;  Wife Abline, son James E. Osborn; Exr: wife Abline.

Westchester Co., NY Deeds

N/139.  3/22/1803 rec. 4/18/1803;  Ozias Osburn & wife Sarah of Stephen Town,
  Westchester Co., NY to David Osburn of the same place; land bounded by
  Ebenezer Osburns land.

33/359.  10/4/1824 rec. ?;  David Osborn and wife Hannah, Samuel Smith and
  wife Eliza, Samuel S. Osborn, Philo Lewis and wife Clarissa, Augustus L.
  Osborn, and Horatio Osborn, the said Hannah and Clarissa, Eliza, Samuel L.,
  Augustus L., and Horatio being heirs or devisees of Ebenezer Lockwood late
  of Poundridge, Westchester Co., NY, and David Osborn of Poundridge to
  Albert Lockwood of Poundridge; their 1/10 part of the estate of Ebenezer
  Lockwood died in Poundridge.

42/282.  5/6/1820 rec. ?;  David Osburn and wife Elizabeth of Mentz, Cayuga
  Co., NY to Joseph Osburn of Somerstown, Westchester Co., NY; tract of 23
  acres bounded by Martha Osburn's land.

43/8.  5/1/1831 rec. ?;  Joseph F. Osborn and wife Sarah of Menty<siz>,
  Cayuga Co., NY to Ebenezer Osborn of Somerstown, Westchester Co., NY; 23
  acres, this appears to be the same tract of land as in deed 42/282.

Westchester Co., NY Probate Records

   Early Wills of Westchester County, New York from 1664 to 1784,
   William S. Pelletreau, New York, Francis P. Harper, 1898.

9. David Osborn, Eastchester.
   Intestate.  His wife Abigail petitions that Philip Pinckney, her father,
and Nathaniel Tompkins might be made overseers.  Nov. 10, 1679.  Inventory.
"House, land and meadow, L70."
   Liber 1. P. 248.

419. Joseph Osburn, Salem.
   Leaves to wife Rachel and daughter Mary the use of 1/2 the house, etc.
Leaves to son Nathan the house and land after wife's decease, and the land on
the plain, being the west part of my land adjoining Cortlandt Manor.
   Dated March 12, 1766.
   Proved Nov. 10, 1766.

484. John Osburn, Salem.
   To wife Sarah use of 1/3 house and lands, and all the goods she brought to
me.  Leaves "to Patience the mother of my first children," L3.  Leaes all
lands to sons John, Daniel, Ebenezer, Richard, and David, eldest son John to
have a double share.  Legacies to daughters Mary and Abigail.  Makes Josiah
Gilbert and Lewis McDonald executors.
   Witnesses. Ephraim Kellam, John Holmes Jr., Lewis McDonald
   June 7, 1754.
   Proved May 23, 1767.

717. Richard Osburne of Westchester.
   Makes over all his lands, etc. to Thomas Bedient of Woodbury, Conn., and
Mordecay Bedient of Westchester.  "All said lands being formerly held and
possessed by Mordecay Bedient, deceased, and Mary his wife, (afterwards
called Mary Townsend) and Roger Townsend."  Excepting a certain piece of land
and meadow on Dormonds Island.  And he is "to have a home and maintenance
according to his Quality," and they are to keep for him a good horse, saddle
and bridle, and he is to have two barrels of cider, yearly, and the use of
one acre of land.  They are to pay L50 to Abigail, daughter of Thomas
Bedient, and furnish 2 good cows to Elizabeth, daughter of said Richard
   Dec. 4, 1684.

723. Will of Capt. Richard Osburn.
   Makes his son John Osburn of Fairfield, Conn., and Capt. John Pell
executors.  Leaves to his grandson Richard, son of David Osburne of
Eastchester "all my land and meadow at a place commonly called Dormans Island
in Westchester."  Mentions "my children" (not named).  Leaves legacies to
"Bridget, wife of my neighbor, Justice John Palmer, and her daughter
Bridget."  Leaves "to Joseph Lee Clerk of this County" 20s.
   Witnesses. Thomas Bedient, Joseph Lee
   Dated Dec. 19, 1684.

734. David Osburne of Eastchester.
   Died before April 22, 1679.  He left a son Richard.
   Peregrine Turner died 1688.

Wyoming Co., NY Wills

3/66.  8/29/1856 prb. 5/11/1857;  Will of Benjamin Osborne of Attica, Wyoming
  Co., NY of age 73 years;  wife Hannah, dau. Amanda Minerva Randall wife of
  William Randall, granddau. Flora Lucina Tuttle when she arrives at the age
  of 21 years; exr: wife Hannah Osborn.  [Benjamin Osborne did not name all
  of his children in his will.  See the Petition for probate of his will

Wyoming Co., NY Petitions and Proofs of Wills (Loose papers);  1/30/1857,
  Petition for probate of will of Benjamin Osborne who died in Attica on or
  about 1/22/1857; next of kin: Amanda Minerva Randall of Attica wife of
  William Randall, Harriet Cordelia Tuttle wife of Levi H. Tuttle of Attica,
  Flora Lucina Tuttle granddau. of Benjamin Osborne dec'd and dau. of
  Lucina Victoria Tuttle dec'd of Attica and minor under the age of 14 years
  and her father is now living in Attica, Hannah Diana Brown wife of Joshua
  L. Brown and dau. of Benjamin Osborne dec'd of Batavia, Genesee Co., NY,
  Mary Sophronia Randall dau. of Benjamin Osborn dec'd of Oshaukuta, Columbia
  Co., WI, Edward A. Ensign and Alice Ensign who are minors having no general
  guardian of Madison, WI, Franklin L. Ensign, Diane Ensign and Herschel
  Ensign who are minors having no general guardian of Saratoga, Green Co.,

4/49.  1/28/1860 prb. 2/25/1861;  Will of Isaac Osborn of Perry, Wyoming Co.,
  NY; dau. Hyla wife of John Risdale, dau. Jemima wife of Joseph Hollowell,
  oldest son Nehemiah, son Isaac Osborn, son Stephen R. Osborn, son William
  B. Osborn, dau. Lydia S. wife of Harrison Kingslee, wife Polly; Exr: Simeon
  R. Barber of Perry, Wyoming Co., NY.