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1870 Fountain Co., IN Census

p3   h40   Osborn, Ezra M.      45 M OH  farmer + manufacturer of lumber [#888]
Cain Twp        Catharine       45 F IN  keeping house
P.O.            Oliver          16 M IN  at home
Hillsboro       Mary            14 F IN  at home
6/4/1870        Elizabeth        6 F IN
                Freeman          3 M IN
           Wood, Orpha          19 F IN  at home  [Orpha Osborn[#5874]]
                James           28 M IN  farm laborer
                James W.      1/12 M IN  born May

p21  h294  Osborn, Simeon       76 M KY  farmer                 [#2910]
6/27/1870       Sarah           45 F OH  keeping house
           Williams, James V.   27 M IN  farmer
                Esther L.       20 F IN  keeping house
           Osborn, Sarah E.     13 F IN  at home
                Albert J.        2 M IN

p44  h128  Allen, John P.       32 M IN  farmer
Fulton Twp      Serrelda        28 F KY  house keeper  [Surrelda Osburn[#18]]
P.O.            (+8 children, oldest 12)
Harveysburg, 6/17/1870

p45  h139  Osborne, Catharine   38 F KY  house keeper  [Catherine Osburn[#566]]
                Elliott         12 M IN
                Christopher     10 M IN
                Moses H.         8 M KY
                James M.         4 M IN
                George A.     7/12 M IN

p50  h30   Osborn, John W.      20 M IN  day laborer
Jackson Twp     Catharine       20 F IN  married Dec
P.O. Wallace, 7/7/1870

p53  h73   Orsborn, John F.     25 M KY  farmer                 [#20]
7/11/1870       Rebecca         32 F IN  keeping house
                Francis M.      11 M IN  at home
                Daniel M.        9 M IN
                Charles M.       7 M IN
                Elizabeth M.     5 F IN
                Lewis E.         1 M IN

p57  h127  Osborn, John         21 M IN  farm laborer           [#13657]
7/14/1870       George          19 M IN  farm laborer           [#28]
                (ew Mary Keller(54,TN))

p68  h25   Ligitt, Mary E.      39 F AR  keeping house
Logan Twp  Osborne, Lizzie      16 F IN  domestic servant
P.O. Attica, 6/2/1870

p103 h56   Osborn, Andrew       39 M KY  chair maker            [#14]
Mill Creek      Mary E.         35 F KY  keeping house
Twp             Samuel E.       10 M KY  at home
P.O.            Asa              9 M KY
Harveysburg     William F.       8 M KY
7/27/1870       Nancy E.         3 F KY
                Malinda B.       3 F KY

p159 h43   Osborn, Maggie       34 F IL
Troy Twp        Alice            3 F IN
P.O.            (enum in County Asylum for the Poor)
Covington, 8/15/1870

p168 h166  Osborn, I.N.         34 M IN  farmer                 [#766]
8/23/1870       Margaret E.     24 F IN  keeping house
                Sedoraette       3 F IN
                Benj. F.      9/12 M IN

p168 h172  Osborn, Wm. M.       47 M IN  farmer                 [#668]
                Mary E.         47 F KY  keeping house
                Homer           13 M IN
                America         11 F IN
                Josephine        9 F IN
                Edward           6 M IN
                Amy              3 F IN
           Ritchey, John        12 M IN

p168 h179  Dehaven, Susan       60 F KY  keeping house  [Susan Osborn[#755]]
8/24/1870       Charles E.      25 M IN  farming
                Arthur C.       24 M IN  farming
                Henry M.        18 M IN

p180 h82   Osborn, Lucinda      55 F OH  keeping house  [#4248, w/o
Covington       Lewis           25 F IN  laborer           Richard Osborn-4241]
P.O.            Sarah J.        20 F IN
Covington, 7/21/1870

p206 h11   Brissey, Milton      53 M KY  farmer
Wabash Twp      Sarah           42 F KY  keeping house  [Sarah Osburn[#12]]
<P.O.           Ellen           17 F KY
 not rec.>      Lewis A.        15 M KY  works on farm
6/23/1870       Lydia J.        14 F KY
                Mary E.         10 F KY
                James W.         8 M KY
                John             6 M IN

p210 h65   Osborn, Richard A.   65 M KY  farming                [#5]
Wabash Twp      Elizabeth       27 F IN  keeping house
6/29/1870       Anne             9 F IN
                Mary             8 F IN
                Robert           4 M IN
                Thomas           3 M IN
                Christine        2 F IN

p215 h126  Osborn, Jesse        22 M KY  farm hand  [William J. Osburn[#21]]
7/8/1870        Anne            18 F IL  keeping house