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Somerset Co., MD Deeds

AZ/40.  19 May 1732 rec. 29 May 1732;  John Jenefer Osborne of Accomack Co.,
  VA to Thomas Purnell of the same county;  "and the said Robt. Richerson by
  his Last will and Testament in wrighting deed devise and give unto Capt.
  John Osborn of Somerset County a certain part or parcell of the aforsd Land
  Called mount Ephraim by Estimation Seven hundred acres bound as by the said
  Last will and Testament will appear Recorded being thereunto had and the
  said Capt. Osborn by his Last will and Testament in wrightin did devise and
  give unto a Certain James Duncan a Certain part or parcell of the aforesd
  Land as also by the same will did devise and give unto his Daughter Martha
  Osbourn the Remaining part of the aforesaid Land by the Name of his
  Plantation Warter Million Point the Said Martha who Intermarryed with
  Parker Selby who died without making any Dispossition of the aforesd Land
  Leaving Isue a son to witt Danl. Selby who by his Last will and Testament
  Devise and give his dwelling Plantation he then dwelt on Comonly known by
  the Name of Warter Million Point with all that part of the Land as f-----
  the Great Branch beyond Barnetts house to a Child that his wife was then
  Pregnant with and in Case the Said Child should dye then the Bequest was to
  his wife, but in such ambigous words or terms as renred the title to the
  wife Somthing Precarious.  Now this Indenture further witnesseth that the
  aforesd John Jennifer Osborn Son and heir at law to the aforenamed Capt.
  John Osbourn late of Somerset County deceased for and in consideration of
  the som of thirty five pounds Currt. Mony to him in hand paid by the within
  named Thos. Purnell...".  (SLFHL 0014365)