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Some Pennsylvania Will and Estate Records

Year County
1823 Philad  Osbourn,  Ann (Adm in book M/403, Guardianship of Children (PDF))
1849 Montgo  Osborn,   Ann (Recorded Will (PDF))
1868 York    Osborn,   Ann (Recorded Will (PDF))
1885 Chestr  Osborne,  Ann (Adm in book 7/155)
1759 Philad  Osborne,  Charles (Recorded Will (PDF))
1804 Philad  Osborne,  Charles (Recorded Will (PDF))
1826 Philad  Osmond,   Daniel (Recorded Will in book 8/563)
1733 Philad  Osborn,   Elizabeth (Adm in book C/253)
1805 Philad  Osborne,  Elizabeth (Adm in book K/198)
1824 Chestr  Osborne,  Elizabeth[#15432] (Recorded Will (PDF))
1837 Philad  Osborne,  George (Recorded Will (PDF))
1831 Beaver  Osborn,   James (Recorded Will (PDF))
1804 Philad  Osborn,   Jane (Recorded Will (PDF))
1813 Montgo  Osborne,  Jane (Recorded Will (PDF))
1849 Allegh  Osborn,   Jane (Original Will (PDF))
1784 Philad  Osbourn,  John (Adm in book I/125)
1811 Philad  Osman,    John (Guardianship of Minor Children (PDF))
1818 Philad  Osman,    John (Recorded Will in book 6/558)
1839 Philad  Osborne,  John (Adm in book P/83)
1842 Montgo  Osborn,   John (Recorded Will (PDF))
1851 Allegh  Osborn,   Joseph (Original Will (PDF))
1853 Chestr  Osborne,  Joseph[#15441] (Recorded Will (PDF))
1884 Chestr  Osborn,   Joseph (Recorded will in will book 27/16)
1870 Chestr  Osborn,   Joseph H. (Adm in book 6/103)
1839 Adams   Osborn,   Margaret (Recorded Will (PDF))
1832 Philad  Osbourn,  Maria (Recorded Will (PDF))
1833 Philad  Osborne,  Martha (Recorded Will (PDF))
1860 Chestr  Osborn,   Mary (Recorded Will (PDF))
1831 Chestr  Osborn,   Mary P. (Adm in book D/233)
1785 Philad  Osborn,   Peter (Adm in book I/142)
1814 Chestr  Osborne,  Peter[#15424] (Recorded Will (PDF))
1784 Chestr  Osborne,  Phebe (Recorded Will (PDF))
1771 Philad  Osborn,   Randal[#1633] (Recorded Will (PDF))
1816 Montgo  Osborn,   Randall[#10597] (Partition of Land (PDF))
                           (Gdnship of Children (PDF))
1726 Chestr  Osborn,   Richard[#1632] (Recorded Will (PDF))
1747 Philad  Osborn,   Richard[#3022] (Adm in book F/123, Guardianship of children (PDF),
                           Pet. for partition of land (PDF),
                           Partition of land (PDF))
1778 Philad  Osborn,   Richard[#3025] (Adm in book I/15, Pet. for Guardianship of Minor Children(PDF))
1778 Montgo  Osburn,   Richard[#3025] (Partition of Land (PDF))
                                [Note: This is the Richard Osborn who died in Philadelphia Co., PA in 1778.
                                 Montgomery Co., PA was created in 1784 from a part of Philadelphia Co.]
1736 Philad  Osborne,  Robert Jonathan (Recorded Will (PDF))
1741 Philad  Osborn,   Robert (Adm in book D/222)
1791 Chestr  Osborne,  Samuel[#15401] (Recorded Will (PDF))
1798 Philad  Osborne,  Samuel (Adm in book H/340)
1834 Adams   Osburn,   Samuel (Recorded Will (PDF))
1835 Philad  Osborne,  Samuel (Adm in book O/215)
1840 York    Osborne,  Samuel (Recorded Will (PDF))
1751 York    Ozburn,   Thomas (Recorded Will (PDF))
1836 Columb  Osman,    William (Recorded Will (PDF))
1836 Chestr  Osmond,   William (Adm in book D/322)
1741 Chestr  Buffington, Richard[#15409] (Recorded Will (PDF))
1769 Chestr  Hadley,     Phebe (Recorded Will (PDF))

(Note: The Chester County will index 1713-1923 I-O as shown online at the FamilySearch
 website is missing given names beginning with letter P and after for
 surnames beginning with the letter "O".)