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CT Town Vital Records

Beacon Falls, CT Death Records
   Beacon Falls, CT Births, Marriages, and Deaths 1871-1908  (SLFHL 1420661)

p338  Lucius Sheldon Osborn[#9394] d. 8/18/1883 Beacon Falls, age 72y, male,
        married; b. Oxford, CT; res. Beacon Falls; farmer, white; parents
        Letsam & Betsey

p354  George Osborne[#14848] d. 7/7/1900 Beacon Falls, age 75y9m2d, male,
        married; b. Oxford, CT; res. Beacon Falls, CT; farmer, white, father
        Letson Osborne

p358  Cynthia A. Osborne[#14849] d. 3/6/1903 Beacon Falls, age 70y5m20d,
        female, widow; b. Bethany, CT; res. Beacon Falls; house keeper,
        parents Isaac Brooks & _____ Perkins

p360  Almira Osborn[#9398] d. 4/12/1904 Beacon Falls, age 90y10m24d, female,
        widowed; b. Woodbridge, CT; res. Beacon Falls; kept house, white,
        parents Benjamin Hotchkiss & Elizabeth Tyrrell

Derby, CT Death Records
   Derby, CT Births, Marriages, and Deaths, Vol. 6  (SLFHL 1420817)

p38   Osborn, Lucy Irene[#14873] nee Gilbert d. 11/9/1890 at 31 Baugh St.,
        Derby, CT; age 70y; female, white, wife of David T. Osborne;
        b. Derby, CT; res. Derby, CT; fath. Truman Gillette
        b. Huntington Center; mother: Ruina? Gillette, B. Derby

Danbury, CT Death Records
   Danbury, CT Deaths, Vol. 1-3, 1871-1905  (SLFHL 1435527#2-4)

2/20  Elizabeth Osborn[#14588] d. 3/22/1874 Danbury, age 77y, female, widow;
        b. Danbury, CT; res. Danbury; housewife, white; par: Gershom &
        Hannah Nichols

2/36  Sylvester C. Osborn[#14594] d. 11/7/1875 Danbury, age 43y, male, married;
        b. Danbury, CT; res. Danbury; politician, white; par: Sherwood &
        Elizabeth Osborn

2/234 Lewis Osborne[#4719] d. 12/24/1889 Danbury, age 86y1m28d, male, widower;
        b. Brookfield, CT; res. Danbury, carpenter, white; par: Lewis & Mary

2/268 Isaac Osborne[#14988] d. 10/13/1891 Danbury, age 74y, male, married;
        b. Somertown, NY; res. Danbury, CT; white; f. Samuel

2/340 Henry B. Osborne[#4726] d. 11/8/1894 Danbury, age 72y, male, married;
        b. Brookfield, CT; res. Danbury; carriage maker, white; par: Ezra &
        Rachel Osborne

3/2   Orson Daley[#14972] d. 1/29/1896 11 Osborne<St., Danbury>, age 69y8m, male,
        white; b. Sherman, CT; res. 11 Osborne; builder; par. John & Amelia

3/26  Lois A. Daley[#10277] nee Osborn d. 4/11/1897 11 Osborn<St., Danbury>,
        age 76y9m1d, female, white, widow of Orson Daley; b. New Milford, CT;
        res. Danbury; housekeeper; par: John & Laura Osborne

Fairfield, CT Death Records
   Fairfield, CT

p484  Mary Osborne[#10292], d. Fairfield, 1877 Feb 28; age 76y6m, female,
                single; b. Fairfield, CT; res. Fairfield; consumption +
                cancer, white, par. David + Rebecca Osborn

Harwinton, CT Death Records
   Harwinton, CT Births, Marriages and Deaths 1819-1890  (SLFHL 1521829#2)

p500  Miss Mary A. Osborn[#5268], d. Jan 11, 1866; age 40, female, single;
                b. Harwinton, CT; res. Harwinton, diptheria, laborer, white,
                f. Amos Osborn

New Milford, CT Death Records
   New Milford Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. D  (SLFHL 1516559)

p263  d. Jan. 14, 1858, Betsey Osborn[#14892], female, age 72y, white, b. Sherman,
                res. New Milford, heart disease

p263  d. April 24, 1858, David Osborn[#8019], male, age 64, white, farmer,
                b. New Milford, res New Milford, old age, asthma, + debility

Norwalk, CT Death Records
   Norwalk, CT Deaths 1879-1904  (SLFHL 1434203)

p74   Osborn, Lydia Ann nee Duncomb[#14686], d. 3/3/1884, age 59y11m29d, female,
        white, wife; b. Redding, CT; res. Norwalk; par. David & Ruth

p90   Osborn, Julia A. nee Childs, d. 3/24/1885, age 58y, female, white,
        wife; b. Keene, NH; res. Norwalk; par. Jones & Ruth M.

p118  Osborn, Elizabeth B. nee Scribner[#14839], d. 12/13/1886 East Ave.,
        age 60y3m21d, female, white, wife of S.E. Osborn; b. Danbury, CT;
        res. East Norwalk, CT; par. Samuel & Betsy; father b. Danbury, CT;
        mother b. Ridgebury, CT

p132  Osborn, Abby F.[#14841], d. 9/20/1887 East Norwalk; age 67y, female, white,
        wife of Clark H.; b. North Salem, NY; res. Norwalk; par. Nathan &
        Betsey, par. both born North Salem

p140  Osborn, Thomas G.[#12162], d. 2/27/1888 Norwalk, age 67y4m, male, white,
        b. Riverhead, LI; res. Norwalk; par. Thomas & Elizabeth, both born

p202  Osborn, John[#4435], d. 7/24/1890 42 West Ave.; age 77y7m19d, male, white,
        widower; b. Weston, CT; res. Norwalk; f. Turney b. Weston; m. Sarah
        b. Redding

p248  Osborn, Catherine F. nee Thompson[#14840], d. 6/4/1893 East Ave.,
        age 56y2m9d, female, white, wife of Solomon E.; b. NY, NY;
        res. East Norwalk; par. Marguram & Ann M.; parents b. NY

p290  Osborn, Clark H.[#14837], d. 1/2/1895  67 Osborn Ave., age 78y9m22d,
        male, white, widower, b. NY, NY; par. Abram P. & Hester,
        parents b. Ridgefield

p338  Osborn, Charles Frederick[#9441], d. 2/25/1897  104 East Ave.,
        age 78y4m27d, male, white, married; b. NY, NY; res. Norwalk, retired;
        parents Charles & Huldah Jarvis; parents b. Norwalk, CT

p454  Osborn, Solomon Enos[#14836], d. 12/24/1901 East Ave., age 86y2m6d,
        male, white, widower; b. NY, NY; res. E. Norwalk, mason, parents
        Abraham & unknown; father b. NY; mother b. unknown

Trumbull, CT Death Records
   Trumbull, CT Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. 1 1848-1891  (SLFHL 1491335)

p121  b. 1859 Apr 25, name of child not recorded, male;
                f. Charles Osborn, age 49, white, lawyer, res. Trumbull;
                m. Catharine Osborn, age 28, white

p121  b. 1859 May 9, name of child not recorded, female;
                f. Charles Osborn, age 44, white, laborer, res. Trumbull;
                m. Eliza Osborn, age 42, white

p321  d. 1883 Aug 5, Chas. Osborne[#9567], male, age 72y, white; b. Waterville, NY;
                res. Trumbull, general debility

p359  d. 1888 April 10, Katharine A. Osborne, female, age 57y, white,
                b. Trumbull, res. Trumbull

Wallingford, CT Death Records
   Wallingford, CT Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. 4 1889-1896  (SLFHL 1405515)

p2  d. March 10, 1889, Josiah H. Osborne, d. Center St., age 63y, male, white,
                caucasian, married; b. + res. Wallingford; occup: store,
                par. not rec.