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Belfast, ME Vital Recs.

Vital Records of Belfast, Maine, to the Year 1892, Vol. I -- Births,
   Alfred Johnson, Maine Historical Society, 1917.

"Belfast Births"
p137 OSBORN, Alonzo[#11922] (Osben), ch. John and Abigail, Oct. 24, 1801.
                [Osborn, ch. Dr. John S. and Nabby, P.R.8.  Osborne, h.
                Isabella (Tilden), P.R.9.]
        Elizabeth Maning[#11924] (Osben), ch. John and Abigail, Oct. 28, 1806.
                [Elizabeth Manning Osborn, ch. Dr. John S. and Nabby, P.R.8.]
        Hannah Abigail, ch. John and Lucy C., Aug. 12, 1839.
        Harriet S.[#11926], ch. John and Abigail [Dr. John S. and Nabby,
                P.R.8.], Nov. 27, 1810.
        John[#11921] (Osben), ch. John and Abigail, Jan. 28, 1799. [Osborn,
                ch. Dr. John s. and Nabby, P.R.8]
        John[#11923] (Osben), ch. John and Abigail, Oct. 25, 1803. [Osborn,
                ch. Dr. John S. and Nabby, Oct. 26, P.R.8.]
        John S.[#11889], Dr., h. Nabby, Sept. 19, 1770 [in epsom, N.H.], P.R.8.
        John Sumner, ch. John and Lucy C., Aug. 16, 1832.
        Lucy Amelia, ch. John and Lucy C., Nov. 24, 1833.
        Mary Ann[#11925] (Osben), ch. John and Abigail, ---- 21, 1808. [Osborn,
                ch. Dr. John S. and Nabby, Nov. 22, P.R.8.]
        Nabby [-----][#11890], w. Dr. John S., Apr. 11, 1770 [? in Belfast],
        Sukey[#11920] (Osben), ch. John and Abigail, May 2, 1797.
                [Nabby Osborn, ch. Dr. John S. and Nabby, Aug. 2, P.R.8.]
        Thomas[#11918], ch. Dr. John S. and Nabby, Sept. 17, 1792, P.R.8.]
     OSBORNE, Albert Alonzo[#11938], s. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden),
                Nov. 18, 1829, P.R.29.
        Carrie L. [d. George T. and Helen M. (Pattershall)], Dec. 29,
                1860, P.R.9.  P.R.12.
        Ella N.[#11941], w. Jos[eph] S. Thombs, [twin] d. Alonzo and Isabella
                (Tilden), Apr. 17, 1836, P.R.9.
        Emma[#11942], w. Charles W. Tilden, [twin] d. Alonzo and Isabella
                (Tilden), Apr. 17, 1836, P.R.9.
        George Tobin[#11943], h. Helen M. (Pattershall), s. Alonzo and Isabella
                (Tilden), Jan. 25, 1838, P.R.9.
        Harriet L.[#11937], w. Francis H. Sleeper, d. Alonzo and Isabella
                (Tilden), Dec. 19, 1831, P.R.9.
        Isaphine Marshall[#11945], d. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden),
                Sept. 16, 1847, P.R.9.
p138    John Walker[#11944], h. Minnie Bentz, s. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden),
                May 19, 1841, P.R.9.
        Juliet Maria[#11940], w. Charles W. Tilden, d. Alonzo and Isabella
                (Tilden), May 21, 1834, P.R.9.
        Thomas T.[#11936], s. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden), Mar. 15, 1826,

Vital Records of Belfast, Maine, to the Year 1892, Vol. II -- Marriages
   and Deaths, Alfred Johnson, Maine Historical Society, 1919.

"Belfast Marriages"
p314 OSBORN, Abigail[#11919] and Dudley Griffin, Feb. 3, 1822.
        Alenzo and Catherine W. Dillingham, int. Nov. 16, 1849, "Not
                posted up  N.P. Cen Nisi."
        Alonzo[#11922] of Searsmont and Isabel Tilden, int. Aug. 15, 1824.
                [Isabella, m. Sept. 12, P.R.9.]
        Alonzo and Susan Russ of Orono, int. July 7, 1854.
        Carrie L. [int. Orsborn] and Henry E. Kaler, Mar. 22, 1881.
                [Osborn, C.R.1.]
        Elizabeth Mannsy[#11924] and Ezekiel Stearns of Thomaston, int.
                Apr. 12, 1833, "Certificate issued Apl 22d."
        Ella[#11941] and Joseph S. Thombs, Oct. 12, 1856.  [Ella N., d. Alonzo
                and Isabella (Tilden), P.R.9.]
        Emma[#11942], d. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden), and Charles W. Tilden,
                ----, 1879,* P.R.9.]
        Geor[ge] T.[#11943] and Helen M. Pattershall, int. Mar. 21, 1860.
                [Oxborne, s. Alonzo (Osborn) and Isabella (Tilden),
                m. Mar. 25, P.R.9.  Osborne and Helen Mar Patershall,
                d. Doane and Lovina (Larabee), m. Mar. 25, P.R.12.]
        Harriet L.[#11937] and Francis H. Sleeper of Boston [int. adds Mass.],
                Nov. 18, 1846.  [Harriet L., d. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden),
        Harriot S.[#11926], Mrs., and Edward Baker of Hallowell, int. July 15,
                1837, "Cirtificate Jssued July 29th."
                <Note: A deed recorded on page 313 of Belfast, ME Deed Book 68
                 proves that this Harriet Osborn was a daughter of John S. Osborn
                 and was not "Mrs.">
        Isabella Frances[#11939], d. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden), and Alfred
                Frederic Adams, Nov. 26, 1856, in Conway, Mass.,* P.R.9.
        John[#11923] and Lucy Crosby of Bileraca, int. Sept. 24, 1831,
                "Certificate Jssued October 9th."
        John S.[#11889], Dr., and Nabby -----, Dec. 25, 1791 [? in Belfast],*
p315    John Walker[#11944], s. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden), and Minnie Bentz
                of Washington, D.C., Oct. 24, 1867, in Minneapolis, Minn.,*
        Juliet Maria[#11940], d. Alonzo and Isabella (Tilden), and Charles W.
                Tilden, Nov. 19, 1854, in Boston, Mass.,*  P.R.9.
        Mary Ann[#11925] and Capt. Thomas Tilden, Dec. 25, 1827.
     OSBORNE, Susan[#11920] [int. Osborn] and Oshea Page, Nov. 30, 1820.
* Intention not recorded

"Belfast Deaths"
p603 OSBORN, Abigail[#11890], w. Dr. John S., July 30, 1849.  [June 30, 1848,
                a. 78, G.R.1.  P.R.8.]
        Albert R.[#11938], suicide, Sept. 20, 1889, a. 60.  [Albert Alonzo
                Osborne, C.R.1.]
        Alonzo[#11922] (Osben), ch. Dr. John S. and Abigail, Nov. 8, 1892.
                [Nov. 8, 1872, G.R.1.  Osborne, h. Isabella (Tilden),
                Nov. 8, 1872, a. 71, P.R.9.]
        Isabella T.[#11930], w. Alonzo, July 11, 1849, a. 47, G.R.1.  [Isabella
                (Tilden) Osborne, a. 47 y. 4 m., P.R.9.]
        Isephine[#11945], d. Alonzo and Isabella T., July 13, 1848, a. 10 m.,
                G.R.1.  [Isaphine Marshall Osborne, d. Alonzo and Isabella
                (Tilden), P.R.9.]
        John[#11921] (Osben), ch. Dr. John S. and Abigail, June 23, 1802.
                [Osborn, eldest s. Dr. John S., a. 3 y. 6 m., C.R.2.]
        John S.[#11889], Dr., h. Abigail, Feb. 13, 1831 [dup. a. 60.].
                [a. 60, G.R.1. h. Nabby, a. 60 y. 5 m., P.R.8.]
        Lucy Amelia, ch. John and Lucy C., Dec. 25, 1834.

Clinton, ME Vital Recs.

   Vital Records of Clinton, Maine, to the Year 1892, Births, Marriages
   and Deaths, ed. Carleton E. Fisher, Maine Historical Society, 1967.

"Clinton Births"
p94  OSBORN, Eugene L., 1861, G.R.1.

     OSBOURN, Elizabeth [-----][#11709], w. Jonathan, 6 May 1774, in Winslow.
        Elizabeth[#11710], d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, 24 Nov. 1790, in Winslow.
        John[#11714], s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, 4 July 1799, in C.
        Jonathan[#11704], on Long Island.
p95     Jonathan[#11711], Jr., s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, 2 May 1793, in Winslow.
        Nancy[#11712], d. Jonathan and Elizabeth, 12 July 1794, in C.
        Silas[#11713], s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, 10 Apr. 1796, in C.

"Clinton Marriages"
p251 ORSBORN, Sara Ann, and George Brown, both of C., int. 4 Nov. 1835.
        Sumner, and Love Goodwin, both of C., int. 8 Nov. 1835. [cert
                issued 24 Nov.]

     OSBORN, Anna, and Joseph Quimby, both of C., int. 8 Jan. 1821.
        Charlotte J., Miss, of Benton, and Obadiah T. Holt, of C., 7 June 1859.
                [also dup. rec. of 10 June 1859]
        Edmond, of Benton, and Miss Mary Olive Galusha, of C., 3 Dec. 1859.
        Eugene L., of C., and Miss Annie L.E. Riley, of Augusta, 25 Dec. 1884,
                at C.
        Eunice T?, Miss, of St. Albans, and R. Burrill, of C., int. 4 Dec. 1846.
p252    Garnor, and Jacob Ames, Jr., both of C., int. 10 Dec. 1830. [cert.
                issued 15 Jan. 1831.
        John, of C., and Mehitable Dow, of Waterville, int. 18 Sept. 1824.
                [cert. issued 9 Oct.]
        Martha, and John FitzGerald, both of C., int. 3 Dec. 1840. [cert.
                issued 21 Dec.]
        Mary E., Miss, of Benton, and Simon B. Goodwin, of C., 10 Jan. 1856.
        Sarah Ann, and Samuel Fuller, both of C., int. 22 Nov. 1834. [cert.
                issued 8 Dec.]
        Susanna, Miss, and Timothy Reed, both of C., 20 Mar? 1802. [cert.
                issued 7 June]
        William, and Sally Decker, both of C., 27 Oct. 1841.

"Clinton Deaths"
p342 OSBORN, Edmond, 16 Apr. 1861.  P.R.19.
        Mary, 8 Feb. 1865, a. 81 y.,  P.R.10.
        Sally C., w. William, 10 May 1851, a. 48 y.,  G.R.10.

     OSBORNE, Ephraham[#11715], a. 50 y., in C.,  N.5.[issue of 8 June 1821]

Palmyra, ME Vital Recs.

   Palmyra Vital Records 1800-1867  (SLFHL 0011743)

p29  Births of Children born of Polly wife of George F. Osborn
        Mary Frost Osborn born May 23d 1819
        John Osborn September 7th 1821
        Lorenzo Osborn March 20th 1823
        Edmund Peree Osborn May 7th 1824
     [Note: All entries appear to have been made at the same time in the
      same handwriting -- LKO]

p46  Births of Children Born of Abigail wife of Benjamin Osborn
        John Osborn[#12049] December 29th 1800
        Veranas Osborn[#12050] December 24 1802
        Thayes Osborn[#12053 January 9th 1804
        Charlotte Osborn[#12051] June 11th 1806
        Isley Osborn[#12082] August 5th 1808
        Eppragm Osborn[#12052] Sept 18th 1813
        Jacob Osborn[#12083] April 15th 1816
        Benjamin Osborn[#12084] July 5th 1818
     [Note: All entries appear to have been made at the same time in the
      same handwriting -- LKO]

p56  Births of Children born Lovina wife of John Osborn
        John Alfonso Osborn born May 19th 1829
           Alna record
           Attest John H. Smith Clerk

Rome, ME Vital Recs.

   Rome, ME Vital Records 1776-1843  (SLFHL 0012044)

p90  Cyrus Osbourne and Abigail Osbourne Inhabitants of Rome May 4 1822
     and have Issue as follows
        Alvan[#12060] Osbourn born Dearborn 29 August 1809
        Malvina[#12061]  do    at     do    5 April 1811
        Zuba W[#12062]   do    at     do    8 Nov 1812
        Hannah[#12063]   do    at     do    16 Nov 1814
        Edmand[#12064]   do  born at <Dearborn crossed out> Rome 15 January 1817
        Ezra[#12065]     do    at     do    7 Nov 1818
        Electa[#12066]   do    at     do    4 Nov 1820
     [Note: All entries appear to have been made at the same time in the
      same handwriting.  I guess this was probably 4 May 1822. -- LKO]

Winslow, ME Vital Recs.

   Vital Records of Winslow, Maine, to the Year 1892, Births, Marriages
   and Deaths, ed. Sara D. Lang, Maine Historical Society, 1937.

"Winslow Births"
p69  OSBORN, Eliza Jane, ch. Silas and Sophia, May 10, 1838.
     [Note: all other Osborn "birth" data given in this book is taken from
      the 1850 census for Winslow and is not copied here.]

"Winslow Marriages"
p207 OSBORN, Eliza Jane and Harvey H. Chamberlain, int. Aug. 17, 1866.
        Emily F. and Lucius S. Starkely, int. Dec. 23, 1881.
        Epharim[#11702] and Sarah Brown, int. Nov. 20, 1780.
        Epheram[#11702] and Lidey Wayman, Apr. 26, 1788. [int. Ephriam and Liddy
        Ezekiel and Eliza Jane Gullifur, int. May 5, 1853.
        Harriet C., Miss, and Freeman Reynolds, int. May 30, 1852.
p208    Harriet Julia and William Paul of Sebasticook, int. Dec. 8, 1849.
        Jacob[#11719] and Dorcas Robbins, Aug. 30, 1818. [int. Dorcas of Clinton.]
        Jane[#11723] and Seth Fish of Waterville, Oct. 20, 1819.
        Jonathan[#11704] and Bettse Spauldin, int. Dec. 5, 1789.
        Luella H. and Francis Eugene Chadwick, Jan. 5, 1868.
        Martha Ann and George L. Spaulding, Mar. 29, 1846.
        Nancy, Miss, and Andrew W. Withee, June 27, 1846.
        Nathaniel H. and Lydia Augusta Chamberlain, Jan. 18, 1860.
        Warren and Miss Jennie A. Starkey, Oct. 9, 1881, in China.

     OSBORNE, George W.[#9092] and Mary Ann Wiggin of Exeter, N.H.,
                int. Aug. --, 1831.
        Hallie L., Miss, of Vassalboro and Harry T. Drummond, Nov. 1, 1881,
                at Vassalboro.
        Hannah[#11721] and Alexander Jackson of Vassalboro, Oct. 23, 1808.
        Jennie, Miss, and Charles E. Varney of Waterville, Aug. 1, 1891,
                at Waterville. [int. Jennie A. Osborn.]
        Martha[#11722] and Zebedee Wyman of Vassalboro, Oct. 1, 1815.*
        Sophia[#9090] and William Pearson, Apr. 16, 1807,  P.R.14.

     OSBOURNE, Nancey and Joel Crosby, int. Sept. 15, 1816.

     OSBURN, Isaac[#11703] and Sarah Wyman, int. Nov. 15, 1787.
        Jedediah[#12090] of Fairfield and Miss Betsy Jackson, Mar. 23, 1814.
                [int. Osburne and Betsey.]

     OSBURNE, Betsey and Samuel Wilson, both of Clinton, int. Sept. 14, 1812.
* Intention not recorded.

"Winslow Deaths"
p301 OSBORN, Fred, s. Ezekiel and Eliza J., July 11, 1857, a. 10 m. 21 d.,
        Margaret, Aug. 17, 1888, a. 59 y.
        Silas[#11713], Jan. 19, 1884, a. 86 y.
        Susie, Miss, of Harmony, Dec. 28, 1876, a. 19 y., at C.R. Caswell's.
        [-----], w. Silas, June 13, 1878, a. 80 y.

     OSBOURNE, Ephraim[#11715], May 17, 1821, killed by falling tree in Clinton.

     OSBURN, Lydia[#11724], Feb. 23, 1826.