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1850 Fairfield Co., CT Census

<NARA Roll 37>
p26  h389  Osborn, Stephen      24 M CT  farmer
Newtown         John            28 M CT  farmer
8/29/1850       Marcus          17 M CT
                (ew Andrew(40,CT) + Lamina(35,CT) Knapp)

p42  h13   Osborn, Polly        50 F CT
Sherman         Maria           41 F CT

p42  h14   Osborn, Samuel       70 M CT  farmer         [#7986]
                Eleanor         77 F CT                 [#4360]

p42  h15   Osborn, John         39 M CT  farmer         [#8219]
                Mary W.         31 F CT
                Augustus         5 M CT
                Antionette       3 F CT

p42  h16   Osborn, Reuben       75 M CT  farmer         [#4361]
                Dorcas          70 F CT
                Esther          40 F CT

p43  h24   Osborn, Albert       45 M CT  carpenter      [#8216]
                Clarissa        42 F CT
                Charles         22 M CT  carpenter
                Robert          20 M CT  shoe maker
                George          18 M CT  shoe maker
                Hiram           16 M CT  farmer
                Fredk.          14 M CT
                Buroughs         7 M CT

p43  h25   Osborn, Jonathan     80 M CT  farmer         [#4358]
                Abigal          74 F CT

p44  h45   Briggs, Michael      64 M CT  farmer
                Sarah           64 F CT  [Sarah Osborn[#8012]]

p44  h49   Osborn, Stephen      48 M CT  farmer         [#8319]
                Betsey          45 F CT
           Banks, Sarah A.      13 F CT
           Osborn, David H.      8 M CT
                Phebe F.         2 F CT

p45  h52   Briggs, Abram        71 M CT  farmer
9/23/1850       Freelove        71 F CT  [Freelove Osborn[#8010]]
                (+6 others)

p45  h59   Stevens, Seth        72 M CT  farmer
                Minerva         44 F CT
           Durgy, Abigal        18 F CT  [Abigail Osborn m. 7/1/1848
           Osborn, James H.      8 M CT                    Selley Durgy]
                Eliza A.        14 F CT
           [Minerva Congo[#8318] m1. 12/28/1823 James Osborn-8214 2nd
              who died 3/9/1849; she m2. 1/14/1850 Seth Stevens]

p46  h73   Osborn, Daniel       52 M CT  <occup. not rec.>  [#12527]
9/24/1850       Patience        90 F CT  [Patience Earl[#12524], w/o Edward Osborn-12493]
                Sarah           46 F CT                 [#12528]

p51  h150  Osborn, Eliza A.     14 F CT
9/25/1850       (ew David(50,CT) + Clarissa(40,CT) Northrup)

p51  h168  Hoag, William W.     34 M CT  merchant
                Cornelia        28 F CT  [Cornelia Hannah Osborn[#10246]]
                (+4 chn, oldest Celestia age 10)
                (ew David D.(32,CT) and Eliza O. Hoag(29,CT))

p53  h191  Wooden, Mary         54 F CT
9/26/1850       Emet            23 M CT  tanner
                Charles         19 M CT  tanner
           Osborn, James        60 M CT  <occup. not rec.>

p55  h18   Hoag, Isaac          79 M CT  farmer
New             Mary            74 F CT
Fairfield  Osborn, Kezial       48 F CT
9/9/1850        Amos            54 M CT  farmer         [#14620]

p55  h26   Osborn, Henry B.     29 M CT  waggon maker   [#7251]
                Harriett        28 F CT
                Rachel           6 F CT
                Henry B. Jr.     3 M CT
                John          3/12 M CT
                Orrin           16 M CT  waggon maker   [#7253]
                Andrew          18 M CT  waggon maker
                Ebeline         16 F CT

p56  h32   Osborn, Edgar        20 M CT  cabinet maker
                (ew Nathan B.(55,CT) + Lovisa(53,CT Wheeler)

p58  h81   Osborn, Catharine    16 F CT
9/10/1850       (ew Marvin(30,CT) + Harriet(30,CT) Wildman)

p59  h87   Osborn, Robert       21 M CT  shoe maker
                (ew Hulda Hodge(55,CT))

p61  h128  Disbrow, Levi        31 M CT  waggon maker
                Clarinda        28 F CT  [Clarinda Osborn[#8496]]
                James P.         3 M CT
                Harry M.         1 M CT

p61  h129  Osborn, Levi         31 M CT  farmer
                Abba            30 F CT
           [Cemetery records for Lewis B. Osborn and wife Abby, buried in
            Center Cem. in New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT and son Eugene S.
            buried in Old Cem., New Fairfield, Fairfield Co., CT show "Levi"
            is actually Lewis B. Osborn.]

p62  h135  Osborn, Emily        18 F CT
9/12/1850       (ew Reuben(43,CT) + America(46,CT) Palmer)

p62  h136  Wanzer, Francis D.   38 M CT  farmer
                Lucia S.        32 F CT  [Lucia S. Osborn[#10245]]
                (+4 chn, oldest 10)

p62  h158  Davis, Miner         28 M CT  farmer
                Mary A.         23 F CT  [Mary Ann Osborn[#10248]]
                Stephen D.       3 M CT
                Pamela          53 F CT

p64  h179  Osborn, William      45 M CT  farmer         [#14668]
                Matilda         36 F CT
                Ellen           14 F CT
                Malinda          9 F CT
                Fernando         6 M CT

p67  h20   Osborn, Augusta      17 F CT
Brookfield, 8/13/1850  (appears to be in a boarding house)

p70  h72   Osborn, John         22 M CT  carpenter      [#8495]
8/14/1850       Mary Ann        20 F CT
                (ew Abram(32,CT) + Eliza(31,CT) Pullins)

p71  h90   Osborn, Richard      46 M CT  black smith    [#4703]
                Esther M.       44 F CT
                Janette         22 F CT
                Harriet         11 F CT
                Sarah Ann        2 F CT

p75  h158  Osborn, Betsey       45 F CT  [Elizabeth Ann Wildman[#4715]]
8/16/1850  Shepard, Sarah       22 F CT  [Sarah Osborn[#8497]]
           Osborn, Hary         16 M CT
                Jerome           8 M CT
           Shepard, Levi         1 M CT

p75  h159  Osborn, Burton       24 M CT  farmer  [Ezra Burton Osborn[#7252]]
                Elizabeth       18 F CT

p75  h163  Osborn, Lewis        46 M CT  carpenter      [#4719]
                Betsey          37 F CT
                Edward          15 M CT
                Orrin           13 M CT
                Elias           12 M CT
                Frederick       10 M CT
                Eliza            8 F CT
                George           6 M CT
                William          3 M CT
                Hellen           1 F CT
           Doyle, Bridget       25 F Ireland

p77  h185  Osborn, Ezra         60 M CT  farmer         [#4709]
                Rachel          56 F CT

p85  h251  Bristol, Darius      58 M CT  farmer
8/17/1850       Robert          27 M CT  farmer
                Phebe           27 F CT  [Phebe M. Osborn[#14829]]

p96  h180  Osborn, John         30 M CT  comb--ker
Danbury         (ew Silliman B.(43,CT) + Louisa(36,CT) Peck)

p101 h266  Osborn, Martin K.    32 M CT  farmer         [#7250]
8/5/1850        Lois            31 F CT
                Charles V.       9 M CT
                Mary E.          7 F CT
           Barton, Theodore     16 M CT

p104 h306  Hoyte, Ezra          28 M CT  book agent
8/6/1850        Julia           27 F CT  [Julia N. Osborn[#14591]]
                Emma F.          5 F CT
                Josephine        3 F CT
                Ann E.           1 F CT

p105 h324  Osborn, Edward B.    36 M CT  printer        [#7271]
8/6/1850        Jane L.         29 F CT
                Harriet B.       8 F CT
                Edward L.        6 M CT
                Morris B.        4 M CT
                Clarance E.      1 M CT
                Catharine        1 F CT
           Germain, Julia       25 F Ireland

p106 h341  Osborn, Sherwood     53 M CT  hatter         [#14587]
                Elizabeth       52 F CT
           Ray, Susan           25 F CT  [*Hannah* N. Osborn[#14592]]
           Osborn, Sylvester C. 18 M CT
                Mary A.         15 F CT
                Joseph W.       11 M CT
                James H.         8 M CT
           Wood, Frederick      18 M CT  hatter
           Thompson, Henry      28 M CT  hatter
           Smith, Caroline      25 F CT
           Taylor, Wm. F.       28 M CT  attorney
           Ray, Sherwood         5 M CT
                Elizabeth     8/12 F CT
           Nichols, Gersham     74 M CT  no
           [Sherwood Osborn's dau. Hannah born 1/3/1825 married 1843
            to Edwin/Edward Ray.  In the 1860 census in Brooklyn, NY,
            Sherwood Ray above is enumerated with *Hannah* Ray.]

p124 h591  Troubridge, Samuel   23 M CT  hatter
                Mary A.         22 F CT
                Alfred A.        2 M CT
           More, Alfred         52 M CT  hatter
                Amelia          53 F CT  [Amelia Osborn m. 11/6/1822]

p126 h618  Gregory, Lydia       76 F CT
8/13/1850  Purdy, Mary A.       42 F CT
           Osborn, Levi         87 M CT  none           [#4619]
                Lucy A.         41 F CT

p128 h634  Osborn, David        50 M CT  farmer         [#4691]
8/14/1850       Hannah          53 F CT
                Jerusha         25 F CT
                Joel            20 M CT  farmer
                David           15 F<sic> CT  farmer
                George          13 F<sic> CT
                Rosanna          9 F CT
                Platt            8 M CT

p130 h666  Osborn, Richard      49 M CT  farmer         [#4692]
8/16/1850       Ann             49 F CT
                Phineas         83 M CT  none
           Johnson, Albert      31 M CT  hatter
                Maria           29 F CT
                Ruben            2 M CT
                Edward        8/12 M CT

p136 h748  Osborn, White        55 M CT  hatter         [#4771]
8/19/1850       Margrett        50 F CT
                Mary            31 F CT
                Levi            26 M CT  printer
                Harvey          24 M CT  printer
           Starr, Betsy         60 F CT

p142 h853  Osborn, James        22 M CT  merchant       [#10282]
8/22/1850       Fanny J.        23 F CT
                Edith         8/12 F CT
           English, Sarah       18 F CT
           Osborn, Eveline      18 F CT                 [#10283]
           Pierce, Hannah       26 F CT
           (+11 men, all hatters)

p147 h930  Birdsall, James      25 M CT  farmer
8/24/1850       Phebe           26 F CT  [Phebe Osborn m. 10/26/1849 Sherman, CT]
           Birdsall, Morris     85 M CT  farmer
                Patty           85 F CT
                Orrissa         32 F CT
           Marvin, Almonas      25 M CT  laborer
           Birdsall, Hiram      35 M CT  laborer

p149 h964  Osborn, Caroline     12 F CT
8/27/1850       (ew Lewis(56,CT) + Eliza(53,CT) Hoyt)

p153 h1032 Osborn, Ebenezer     68 M CT  farmer         [#14667]
8/28/1850       Susannah        63 F CT

p163 h145  Osborn, Isaac        30 M Redding, CT  farmer        [#7207]
Ridgefield      Caroline        25 F Danbury, CT  [Caroline P. Osborn[#7219]]
9/9/1850        Sarah A.E.       5 F Danbury, CT
           Dan, Susan           27 F Ireland

p169 h261  Osborn, Ashel        76 M Ridgefield, CT  none       [#4610]
9/21/1850       (ew George(42,NY) + Emma(40,Ridgefield,CT) Smith)

p173 h322  Benedict, Edwin      45 M Ridgefield, CT  shoe maker
10/1/1850       Catharine       42 F Ridgefield, CT  [Catharine Osborn m.
                Cornelia E.     16 F Ridgefield, CT             10/13/1833]
                Harriet E.      14 F Ridgefield, CT

p189 h110  Orsborn, Samuel S.   38 M Weston, CT  farmer         [#10316]
Redding         Elanor          32 F Redding, CT
8/16/1850       Henry S.         6 M Redding, CT
           Donald, Michael M.   25 M Ireland     laborer
           Farrell, Mary        25 F Ireland

p194 h194  Canfield, Leman      62 M Weston, CT  shoe maker
8/19/1850       Betty           60 F Wilton, CT
                Harriet         14 F Redding, CT
           Osborn, Josephine     7 F Munroe, CT
           [Josie Osborn marr. 6/19/1867 in Danbury, CT to Charles Morgan -- see FamilySearch]
           [Josephine Osborne Morgan died 12/15/1930, born 7/3/1843, bur. Center Cem., Bethel,
                Fairfield Co., CT-- see Find A Grave]

p195 h215  Osborn, Joel         29 M Danbury, CT  lime burner
8/20/1850       (ew James L.(34,Redding,CT) + Clarissa(34,Redding,CT) Burr)

p198 h263  Osborn, Charles R.   20 M Redding, CT  farmer        [#7210]
8/22/1850       Amelia          18 F Wilton, CT
           Taylor, Sarah        51 F Weston, CT

p198 h268  Osborn, Aaron        31 M Redding, CT  line maker    [#8254]
                Mary C.         27 F Danbury, CT
                Sarah M.         7 F Weston, CT
                Leroy            5 M Weston, CT
                Henry            2 M Redding, CT
           Hicks, Frances       14 F NY
           Bennett, Mathew      20 M Redding, CT  line maker

p198 h275  Osborn, Hezekiah     57 M Redding, CT  farmer        [#8037]
                Esther          55 F Wilton, CT
                Ann A.          19 F Weston, CT
                Lucy            14 F Weston, CT
                Hezekiah         6 M Redding, CT

p203 h356  Osborn, George       39 M Redding, CT  farmer        [#7203]
8/26/1850       Sarah           36 F Redding, CT
                Fanny M.        10 F Redding, CT
                Samuel B.        7 M Redding, CT

p209 h62   Osborne, Susan       50 F CT                         [#8584]
1st Ward Bridgeport, 7/30/1850  (enum. in hotel)

p232 h351  Leonard, Burton W.   27 M CT  car. body maker
2nd Ward        Emily A.        28 F CT
Bridgeport      Augusta J.       2 F CT
8/5/1850   Osborn, Benjamin H.  26 M NJ  car. trimmer
                Mary E.         24 F CT  [Mary E. Whitney m. 2 Mar 1846]
                Elizabeth H.     2 F CT

p263 h728  Osborne, Henry       24 M CT  locom. engineer        [#10288]
4th Ward        Elizabeth       19 F CT
Bridgeport      Julia A.      9/12 F CT
8/14/1850       (ew Henry(56,CT) + Angeline(53,CT) Lathrop)

p264 h737  Osborne, Henry       32 M CT  carriage mkr   [#4726]
8/15/1850       Mary J.         34 F NY
                James H.         5 M CT
           Griffith, Robert s.  29 M NY  grocer
                Mortimer A.     16 M NY  carriage mkr
           Hoyt, Samuel         21 M CT  carriage mkr

p304 h153  Wheeler, Samuel      72 M CT  old sea captain
Stratford       Maria           56 F CT
8/26/1850  Plumb, Huldah        86 F CT
           Osborn, Betsey       56 F CT

p309 h222  Osborn, John         64 M CT  mason          [#9844]
8/27/1850       Betsey          62 F CT
                Elizabeth A.    21 F CT
           Beardsley, Harriet   43 F CT
           Lucken, John         38 M MA  shoe maker
                Catherine E.    37 F CT
                Catherine E.    14 F CT

p310 h231  Osborn, Philo        32 M CT  stage driver   [#12832]
8/28/1850       Frances         32 F CT
                Mary            12 F CT
                (ew George(41,CT) + Catherine J.(39,CT) Burritt)

p320 h18   Curtiss, David       64 M CT  farmer
Trumbull        Nancy           36 F CT  [Nancy Osborn[#12844]]
9/3/1850        David B.        14 M CT
                Cordelin        11 F CT
                Charles S.       8 M CT

p329 h170  Osborn, Benjamin     50 M CT  laborer, black
9/4/1850        (ew Walker(47,CT) + Rebecca(44,CT) Wheeler)

p336 h12   Osborne, Daniel      29 M CT  <occup. not rec.>
Monroe          Mary J.         23 F NY  [Mary Sinclair m. 4/1/1849]
9/16/1850  Edwards, Aurilla     75 F CT

p337 h27   Osborne, Charles     35 M CT  comb maker     [#7994]
                Eliza           34 M CT
                Eliza           14 F CT
                Sylvia A.       12 F CT
                Silas E.        10 F<sic> CT
                Charlotte H.     8 M<sic> CT
                William          5 M CT
                Andrew           3 M CT
                Horace           2 M CT
                James         4/12 M CT
           Morehouse, Laurice   33 F CT  [Laura Ann Osborn[#7995]]
                Ann Jane        14 F CT

p339 h57   Osborn, Salmon       49 M CT  shoe maker     [#7989]
9/17/1850       Anna            47 F CT
                Frances         17 F CT
                Ann M.          13 F CT
                George          11 M CT
                Mary             9 F CT
                Caroline         7 F CT

p339 h58   Joice, Andrew        26 M CT  hatter
                Betsey          25 F CT  [Betsey Osborn[#10222]]
                Sarah J.         4 F CT
                Charles F.       1 M CT
                David B.        16 M CT  shoe maker

p342 h117  Sharp, Legrand       40 M CT  farmer
9/19/1850       Sally           31 F CT  [Sally M. Osborn[#10118]]
                Samuel          11 M CT
                Jane             3 F CT

p344 h148  Osborn, Legrand      29 M CT  laborer <double enum. of below?>
                (enum. in poorhouse)

p350 h239  Osborn, Susan        31 M<sic> CT  [Susan Hawley m. 11/24/1839
9/23/1850       Eliza            9 F CT                 Ebenezer Osborn]
                John E.          8 M CT
                Amelia A.        6 F CT
                (ew Ruth Hawley(65,CT))

p358 h67   Osborn, Isaac        68 M CT  none           [#12816]
Huntington      Anna            64 F CT
9/19/1850       Legrande        27 M CT  laborer <double enum. of above?>
           Lacy, Emiline         8 F CT

<NARA Roll 38>
p9   h147  Osborn, Albert       39 M CT  farmer         [#7231]
Fairfield       Maria           33 F CT
9/28/1850       Elizabeth       13 F CT
                Harriett        10 F CT
                Edward           3 M CT
                Gould           37 M CT                 [#7232]

p9   h148  Nichols, John        30 M CT
p10             Catharine       30 F CT  [Catherine Osborn[#7236]]
           Wakeman, Mary        12 F CT

p12  h184  Osborne, Thomas B.   51 M CT  lawyer         [#8587]
                Elizabeth H.    46 F CT
                Arthur D.       22 M CT
                Mary E.         16 F CT
           Monajan, Catharine   30 F Ireland

p15  h216  Burr, Eben           51 M CT  farmer
10/1/1850       Hannah          47 F CT  [Hannah Osborn[#4442]]
                (+10 chn, oldest 23)

p15  h229  Sturges, Joseph      73 M CT  none
                Sarah           70 F CT
                Henry A.        39 M CT  <occup. not rec.>
p16             Jane            33 F CT  [Jane Osborn[#7234]]
                (+6 chn, oldest 14)

p21  h323  Sherwood, Legrand    24 M CT  h. carpenter
10/4/1850       Mary E.         18 F CT  [Mary E. Osborne[#8567]]
                Elizabeth        2 F CT

p23  h348  Osborne, Joseph B.   57 M CT  farmer         [#8043]
10/5/1850       Caroline        46 F CT
                Burr            18 M CT

p23  h351  Osborne, Sarah       58 F CT  [Sarah Sturges[#3943], w/o
                                                Azor Osborn-3940]
                (ew George M.(35,NY) + Sarah A.(37,CT) Hawkins)
                                                [Sarah A. Osborn[#3951]]

p24  h353  Osborn, Elizabeth    42 F MA  [Elizabeth B. Guilford[#8564],
                Oliver          15 M CT  student   w/o James S. Osborne-4351]
                Sarah J.        13 F CT

p24  h358  Osborne, Carry       64 F CT                 [#3941]
                Elizabeth       69 F CT                 [#3939]

p24  h360  Bulkley, Jonathan    63 M CT  farmer
                Anna            61 F CT  [Anna Osborn[#3932]]
           Osborn, George       46 M CT  farmer         [#3934]
                Elizabeth       15 F NY

p24  h361  Osborn, Joseph       57 M CT  farmer         [#3933]
                Eleanor         53 F CT
                Mary A.         30 F CT
                Martha A.       22 F CT
           Osborne, Isaac H.    68 M CT  farmer         [#3928]
           Wakeman, Amelia       9 F CT  black

p25  h382  Carew, Rebecca       65 F CT  [Rebecca Sturges[#4420], w/o
10/8/1850  Osborn, Mary         44 F CT  [#10292]       David Osborn-4417]
           Carew, Rebecca S.    25 F CT

p30  h466  Ogborne, Noah        59 M CT  farmer  <name has been written over>  [Noah Osborn[#8572]]
10/11/1850      Rebecca         62 F CT
                Betsey          52 F CT  [Betsey Osborn[#8573]]

p32  h508  Osborn, Seth         71 M CT  farmer         [#4425]
10/12/1850      Eunice          67 F CT
                Sally           42 F CT
                Burr            39 M CT  farmer
                Seth J.         34 M CT  farmer
                Mary            30 F CT

p32  h509  Osborn, Joseph       44 M CT  farmer         [#10320]
                Eleanor         44 F CT
           Gould, Henry S.      24 M CT  none
           Mahley, John         14 M CT

p40  h640  Osborne, Annise      65 F unk
10/22/1850      (ew David O.(83,CT) + Abigail(80,CT) Banks)

p40  h688  Grummon, Jeremiah    44 M CT  shoemaker
                Lourinda        39 F CT  [Laurinda Osborn[#4342]]
                (+5 chn, oldest 19)

p45  h1    Osborn, Peter        54 M CT  farmer         [#4338]
Easton          Catharine       40 F CT
10/21/1850      Arity           14 F CT
                Ephraim         12 M CT
                Betty A.         9 F CT

p45  h2    Beers, Alva          46 M CT  shoemaker
                Harriet         45 F CT  [Harriet Osborn[#4341]]
                (+6 chn, oldest 20)

p55  h196  Osborn, David        68 M CT  farmer         [#4336]
10/29/1850      Priscilla       68 F CT
                David H.        28 M CT  farmer

p59  h261  Osborne, Selleck     18 M CT  shoemaker      [#14611]
10/30/1850      (ew Burr(44,CT) + Nancy(39,CT) Bennett)

p64  h27   Osborn, John W.      49 M CT  farmer         [#4339]
Weston          Elizabeth       43 F CT
10/2/1850       Sally           19 F CT
                Louisa          17 F CT
                Edgar           15 M CT
                George          13 M CT
                Elihu           11 M CT
                John             9 M CT
                William B.       4 M CT

p74  h199  Osborn, Turney       68 M CT  farmer         [#4385]
10/10/1850      Sarah           67 F CT

p74  h200  Osborn, Gregory T.   30 M CT  farmer         [#4436]
                Mary E.         25 F CT
                David P.         4 M CT
           Godfrey, Eli         18 M CT  farmer
           Smith, Margaret      11 F CT  black

p85  h151  Osborn, Eli          26 M CT  merchant       [#8255]
Westport        Charlotte       23 F CT
8/10/1850       Martha           2 F CT
           Belden, Henry        24 M CT
           Smith, George A.     55 M CT  painter
                Lydia D.        49 F NJ
           Beers, Sarah         12 F NJ

p93  h253  Osborn, Lucretia      9 F CT
8/15/1850       (ew Amos J.(30,CT) + Louisa(23,CT) Hubbard)

p128 h360  Osborn, Anna         46 F CT  [Anna Lockwood[#7212], w/o William Osborn-4433]
Wilton          Wm. B.          19 M CT  farmer  [See the bio. of William B. Osborn]
12/16/1850      Emily           15 F CT
                George E.       13 M CT
                Ann E.           9 F CT

p146 h178  Osborn, Sarah<?>     30 F CT  [prob. [#4725], see Danbury deed book 34/561]
Norwalk, 8/16/1850  (ew Sands(37,CT) + Mary(33,CT) Reed)

p158 h358  Osborn, Chas. F.     31 M NY  clerk          [#9441]
8/27/1850       Caroline        29 F CT
                (ew Eseck(63,CT) + Maria(62,CT) Kellogg)
                                       [Maria Osborn[#9365]

p158 h359  Osborn, Charles      58 M CT  <occup. not rec.>  [#9367]
                Mary A.         44 F CT
                William J.      14 M CT
                Mary E.          4 F CT
           White, Huldah L.     52 F CT

p182 h676  Osborn, Rufus E.      4 M CT
10/16/1850      (ew Josiah(73,CT) + Clarrissa(62,CT) Raymond)

p224 h510  Osborn, James H.     12 M NY
Greenwich, 8/19/1850  (enum. at a boarding school)

p244 h769  Rose, Wm. A.         49 M CT  farmer
9/4/1850        Charity         31 F NJ  [Charity Osborn]
                George          91 M NY
                Mary E.          2 F CT
                (+3 others different surnames)
           <Norwich death reg: Charity Rose died 4/3/1900 Stamford, CT;
            age 83y2m8d, born Elizabeth, NJ; father Daniel Osborne born NJ>

p256 h93   Orsborn, Charles     13 M NY
Darien, 11/21/1850  (enum. at a boarding school)

p304 h443  Liblee, Julia        56 F CT
Stamford   Osbern, Hariett J.   42 F CT
9/28/1850  Bostwick, Sarah      64 F CT

1850 Hartford Co., CT Census

<NARA Roll 39>
p57  h28   Orsborne, Ann        16 F CT
East Windsor, 8/13/1850  (ew Henry W.(39,CT) + Elizabeth(32,CT) Allen)

p57  h32   Orsborne, Emily      12 F CT
                (ew Harry(56,CT) + Mary(55,CT) Allen)

p60  h71   Lord, Hiram          48 M CT  watchman
8/14/1850       Mary            45 F CT  [Mary Osborn, m. 10/24/1827]
                (+4 chn, oldest Leander, 17)
           (ew Rebecca Archer, 38, England)

p61  h79   Osborn, Abel         19 M CT  farmer
                (ew Henry S.(34,CT) + Lucretia A.(29,CT) Kingsley)

p65  h131  Osborn, Julius       55 M CT  farmer         [#9310]
8/16/1850       Eliza A.        42 F NY
                Nathan D.        9 M CT

p67  h164  Osborn, Joseph       54 M CT  farmer         [#10414]
8/19/1850       Miranda         48 F CT
                Mary E.         13 F CT
                William A.      15 M CT  farmer
                Malvinna        11 F CT
                Maria            8 F CT
           Jones, Albert S.      2 M CT

p67  h165  Osborne, Eathan      51 M CT  farmer         [#10415]
                Sybal           50 F CT
                Chancey         18 M CT  farmer
           King, Hiram E.       11 M CT
           Abbe, Danl. J.       25 M CT  pedlar
                Amelia D.       24 F CT  [Amelia V.<sic> Osborn m. 11/25/1849]

p69  h185  Osboren<sic>, David 2d  55 M CT  farmer      [#8096]
                Nelson S.       38 M CT  miller         [#8103]
                Mary            75 F CT  [Mary Shaw[#8090] w/o Moses Osborn]
                Persis          49 F CT                 [#8099]
                Mary J.         13 F CT  [Mary Isabel Osborn[#8112]]
           Lord, Revilo?        15 M CT  miller
           Parson, Edwin        21 M CT  miller
           Caldwell, Geo. W.    51 M MA  sawyer

p69  h186  Osboren, Roxa        34 F CT  [Roxy Loomis[#10381], wife of
                Esther F.       14 F NY         Charles Ely Osborn-10380]
                Margaret        12 F CT
                Chas. E.         9 M CT
                Rhoda            7 F CT
                Hannah E.        1 F CT
           [Note: Don't know where Roxy's husband Charles Ely Osborn-10380
              was, but he wasn't dead.  He died 1892 in East Windsor. -- ed.]

p71  h220  Osborn, Francis P.   37 M CT  farmer         [#10420]
8/20/1850       Louisa          33 F CT
                Henry G.         3 M CT
                Mary L.          2 F CT
           Cutler, Demis<sic>   71 F CT
           Mahoney, Daniel      40 M Ire  laborer

p71  h225  Skinner, James F.    49 M CT  farmer
                Maria           49 F CT  [Maria Osborn[#9323]]
                Wm. W.          16 M CT

p72  h244  Osborne, David       70 M CT  farmer         [#7937]
8/21/1850       Betsy           63 F CT
                David W.        11 M CT                 [#10396]
           MacMantin?, Eliza M. 10 F MA
           Osborne, Daniel       8 M CT                 [#10397]

p73  h248  Moffitt, Ira         36 M CT
                Clarisa B.      38 F CT  [Clarissa Osborn[#9326]]
                Lavina M.        9 F CT
                Elizabeth F.     6 F CT

p73  h249  Orsborn, Nehemiah    72 M CT  farmer         [#7940]
                Susan           57 F CT
                Sarah P.        35 F CT
           Loomis, Elihu        56 M CT  day laborer

p73  h252  Orsborn, Abel        66 F CT  farmer         [#7975]
                Mosley          27 M CT
                Saloma          27 F CT
                William          8 M CT
                Emely            6 F CT
                John H.          2 M CT
                no name       4/12 M CT

p73  h254  Orsborn, Lucretia    72 F CT  [Lucretia Booth[#8200],
                                                w/o Ezekiel Osborn-8198]
                (ew Nathl.(61, Scotland) + Emeline(46,CT) Hunter)
                                             [Emeline Osborn[#8207]]

p74  h275  Orsborn, Morris B.   33 M CT  paper maker    [#10406]
           Blodget, Rebecca A.  30 F CT  [Rebecca A. Osborn[#10407]]
                Geo.             2 M CT
           Orsborn, Polly       27 F CT                 [#10408]
                Polly           54 F CT  [Polly Fish[#10402], w/o Prosper
           Button, Eliza        10 F CT                 Osborn-8186]
           Orsborn, Alfred      25 M CT  laborer        [#10409]
           Blodget, Henry       24 M CT  laborer

p75  h287  Osborne, Meriba      17 F CT
8/22/1850       (ew Philena W. Buckland(50,VT))

p79  h325  Osborne, Wealthy     56 F CT  [Wealthy Fish[#10403], w/o Anson
8/23/1850       Norman          35 M CT  farmer         Osborn-8187]

p84  h368  Osborne, Parsons     51 M CT  none           [#10358]
                Trephena        43 F CT
                Caroline         4 F CT
                Jerome           2 M CT
           Clenks, Abia         65 F CT

p85  h386  Osborne, Mary        13 F CT
8/24/1850       (ew Diodate(48,CT) + Sarah(32,CT) Palmer)

p87  h4    Osborne, James       37 M MA  farmer         [#8415]
Suffield        Harriet         35 F MA
9/9/1850        Delina          12 F CT
                Linus            5 M CT
                Geaunah          4 F CT  <Geannah?>

p89  h45   Osborn, Elizabeth    25 F CT
9/10/1850       Monroe B.        2 M CT
                (ew Clarissa(45?,CT) + John F.(44,CT) Hanchett)

p115 h441  Osborne, James       35 M MA  laborer
9/25/1850       Mary            29 F MA
                Wm. E.           6 M CT
                Emeline          8 F CT
           Leonard, Horace      23 M CT  wheelright
           <James Osborn marr. Mary York 16 Aug 1840 in Canton, Hartford Co.,
            CT.  His family is double enumerated in the 1850 census in
            Westfield, Hampden Co., MA.>

p116 h446  Osborne, David       20 M MA  laborer
9/26/1850       (ew Thos. C.(32,CT) + Harriet(24,CT) Austin)

p121 h515  Osborne, Leverett    17 M CT  farm hand
10/1/1850       (ew Saml.(42,CT) + Alneria?(36,CT) Austin)

p137 h242  Grant, Harvey        50 M CT  farmer
South           Sarah           43 F CT  [Sarah Ellsworth Osborn[#10418]]
Windsor         Thomas          20 M CT
9/2/1850        Hannah          12 F CT
                Emma             6 F CT

p137 h254  Bidwell, Sarah       59 F CT
                Wareham         69 M CT  none
           Orsborn, Mitta       47 F CT                 [#8212]
           Carlton, Ann         43 F CT

p170 h437  Osborn, William      66 M CT  farmer         [#8408]
Granby          Levet           16 M CT  farmer         [#8422]
8/12/1850       Abel            18 M CT  farmer  [Henry Abel Osborne[#8421]]
           Blakesley, Edward    17 M CT  farmer
           Peo-er, -----        50 ? CT

p180 h122  Osborn, Thadeus      24 M CT  farmer
Hartland        Loveman         56 M CT  farmer         [#8248]
8/27/1850       Mary            52 F CT
                Alison          18 M CT  laborer
                Ede             15 F CT

p180 h128  Osborn, Emery        39 M CT  farmer         [#8492]
                Esther          43 F CT
                Andruss          6 M CT  <name could be Ambrose>
           Hayder?, George Ann   8 F CT

p180 h129  Osborn, Amos         41 M CT  farmer         [#8311]
                Louisa          40 F CT  <s.b. Laura>
                Philetus        16 M CT  farmer
                Philena         15 F CT
                Hubbard         13 M CT
                Levila          11 F CT
                Amos             9 M CT
                Burtiss          7 M CT

p181 h135  Osborn, Truman       74 M CT  farmer         [#8246]
                Orpha           54 F CT
                Berseit?        16 M CT  laborer  <s.b. Burrett>
                Jane            12 F CT

p181 h142  Green, John          37 M CT  farmer
                Nancy           44 F CT  [Nancy Osborn[#8485]]
                Elizabeth       15 F CT  <15 overwrites 16>
                Truman           8 M CT
                Wilber           5 M CT

p181 h144  Griffin, John        27 M CT  farmer
                Mary            26 F CT  [Marietta Osborn m. 4/16/1848]

p225 h86   Osborn, George       17? M CT  blacksmith
Windsor, 7/25/1850  (ew Joseph(36,CT) + Eveline(28,CT) Whipple)

p234 h213  Osborn, John R.      56 M CT  farmer         [#7947]
7/30/1850       Lucy            57 F CT
           -----, John R.       22 M CT  farmer
                Laura           18 F CT
                Emoret          16 F CT
                Dwight          14 M CT

p264 h50   Osborn, Isaac        89 M CT  farmer         [#8062]
Avon            Edna            63 F CT
8/17/1850  Hayes, Paul          30 M Ire laborer
                Ellen           25 F Ire

<NARA Roll 40>
p226 h27   Miller, Selah        49 M CT  day laborer
Berlin          Elizabeth       47 F NY  [Elizabeth Osborn m. 1/6/1828
9/25/1850       Frances A.      12 F CT                         East Windsor]
                Sarah J.         3 F CT

p304 h194  Osborn, Sherman      58 M CT  monument maker [#10138]
Canton          Elisabeth       56 F CT
8/30/1850  Co---ell, Sarah      15 F Ire

p315 h362  Judd, Sylvester      39 M CT
9/13/1850       Luna            36 F CT  [Runa Osborne m. 3/28/1832 Springfield, Hampden Co., MA]
                Sarah           18 F CT
                Harriet         12 F CT
                Levi             7 M CT
                Josiah          14 M CT
                Lyman           -- M CT  [age is smudged]

           1860 census data for this family:
           Lima, Sheboygan Co., WI, page 483, 7/3/1860, dwelling 760
                Judd, Sylvester   48 M MA  farmer
                        Rana      49 F MA
                        Levi      17 M CT
                        Lyman     10 M MA
                Moses, Ruel       26 M CT  laborer
                        Ida        5 F CT

p340 h376  Osborn, George W.    37 M CT  laborer  black
Farmington      Mary A.         26 F <nr>         black

p368 h779  Russel, Stephen      55 M CT  carpenter
Bristol         Maranda         44 F CT  <"M" overwrites a "V">
9/4/1850        (+4 chn, oldest 15)             [Varanda Osborn[#8505]]

p369 h786  Osborn, Moses W.     18 M <nr>  farmer
                Amarilla        53 F <nr>               [#8503]
                Amy             75 F <nr>               [#8502]

<Page numbering restarted>
p40  h285  Osborne, Martha      58 F CT
New Britain, 9/17/1850  (ew Amon L.(33,CT) + Harriet(31,CT) Finch)

p58  h80   Osborn, Rufus C.     28 M CT  farmer  [Reuben C. Osborn[#5249]]
Wethersfield    Olive           25 F CT
8/9/1850        Newell           2 M CT
           Loveland, Henry      15 M CT

p73  h278  Osborne, D---d S.    25 M CT  <inmate, occup. not rec.> [David S. Osborn[#10295]]
8/17/1850       (enum. in CT State Prison)

<NARA Roll 41>
p145 h151  Osborne, John        25 M CT  laborer
Hartford, 8/17/1850  (ew Timothy(50,CT) + Abba B.(38,VT) Bettarah)

p196 h736  Sears, Calvin        60 M MA  tavern keeper
City of         Relief          51 F MA
Hartford        Hezekiah R.     32 M CT
9/2/1850        Martha A.       19 F CT
                Calvin F.H.     15 M CT
                Julia O.        26 F CT  [Julia R. Osborn[#10364]]
                Martha E.        2 F CT
           Halsey, Frederick R.  9 M CT
           (+14 others, all appearing to be boarders)

p212 h871  Osborn, Henry        65 M CT  lumber inspector       [#8087]
9/6/1850   Osborne, Elizabeth L.  38 F CT                       [#8476]
                (the above are not listed together, but are both in the
                 rather large household(boarding house?) of
                 Charles C.(28,MA) + Laura B.(26,CT) Burt)

p214 h896  Osbourn, Clarissa J. 27 F CT
                (ew William(30,CT) + Sarah A.(29,CT) Cook)

p327 h2162 Osborn, Henry         4 M CT
10/4/1850       (enum. in orphanage)

p346 h2341 Osborn, Mills        40 M CT  joiner         [#11044]
10/8/1850       Sarah           30 F Eng
                Cephus M.        2 M CT
                Lucy            63 F MA  [Lucy Mills[#11043], w/o
                                                David S. Osborn-8148]

p361 h177  Osborn, Lovisa       95 F CT  [Lovisa Parsons[#8180], w/o
East Hartford                                           Thomas Osborn-8174]
10/18/1850  (ew Samuel(45,CT) + Sarah(47,CT) Kennedy)
                                        [Sarah Osborn[#8189]]

p448 h363  Deming, Dudley       41 M CT  machinist
Manchester      Julia Ann       46 F CT  [Julia Ann Osborn
11/25/1850      Charles F.      14 M CT          m. 11/27/1834 East Windsor, CT]
                Laura           10 F CT
                Adelia E.        1 F CT

1850 Litchfield Co., CT Census

<NARA Roll 42>
p14  h200  Osborn, John W.      57 M CT  <occup. not rec.>
Salisbury       Lucina          54 F CT
Dist. 33rd, 8/6/1850

p81  h174  Osborne, Betsey      68 F CT  [Betsey[#8307],
Colebrook  Sexton, Ettine       27 F MA          w/o Thaddeus Osborn-5122]
8/2/1850   Stillman, James      37 M CT  farmer
                Philecia        36 F CT
                Ensign          11 M CT
                Ryerion          9 M CT
           Hill, Chas. W.       20 M CT  farmer

p85  h235  DeWolf, Lorin        58 M CT  farmer
8/6/1850        Miranda         53 F CT  [Miranda Osborn[#8482]]
                Rocelia         11 F CT

p92  h54   Osborn, -----        23 F CT  <name illegible> [Celina V. Wright[#10296],
Goshen          Phebe C.         4 F NY         w/o David S. Osborn-10295]
9/19/1850  Wright, -----        20 M CT  farmer
                Henry G.        18 M CT  farmer
                William S.       9 M CT
                Canfield G.     50 M CT  none  idiotic
                John N.         48 M CT  none  idiotic
                Edmund          45 M CT  none  idiotic

p99  h167  Osborne, Wm. F.      37 M CT  farmer         [#12810]
9/26/1850       Mary O.         28 F CT
                James M.         6 M CT
                John M.          5 M CT
                Wm. F. Jr.       1 M CT
                Polly           61 F CT  [[#12809], w/o John Osborn-12808]
                Mary A.         33 F CT                 [#12811]

p198 h209  Wattles, Henry       53 M CT  woolen factory hand
Winchester      Susan           54 F CT  [Susan Osborn[#4742]]
9/5/1850        Sarah M.        19 F CT
                Wm.             30 M CT  tin smith

p240 h19   Osborne, Mary S.     19 F NY
Harwinton, 8/27/1850  (ew Benajah(73,CT) + Senna(53,CT) Hayden)

p241 h46   Barber, Orson        43 M CT  farmer
8/29/1850       Emily           41 F CT  [Emily Osborn[#5247]]
                Sherman D.      21 M NY  farmer
                Adelaide E.     12 F CT
                Zebulon         81 M CT  none
           Andrus, Edward       60 M CT  laborer

p246 h134  Osborne, Sheldon     50 M CT  farmer         [#5244]
9/4/1850        Julia           48 F CT
                David           23 M CT  farmer
                Henry           21 M CT  farmer
                Maria           17 F CT
                Adeline         12 F CT

p246 h140  Osborne, Amos        58 M CT  farmer         [#5236]
                Laura           57 F CT
           Marsh, James         87 M CT  none

p246 h141  Loomis, Isaiah B.    49 M CT  carpenter
                Mary            54 F CT  [Miriam Osborn[#5237]]
                Mary            12 F CT
                Jerusia         86 F CT

p246 h142  Osborn, Thomas C.    73 M CT  farmer         [#5230]
                Susanna         76 F CT

p248 h168  Smith, Lewis         51 M CT  wagon maker
                Cynthia         47 F CT  [Cynthia Osborn[#5245]]

p263 h157  Osborn, Heman        64 M CT  farmer         [#7653]
Litchfield      Abigail         55 F CT
7/31/1850       Lucinda A.      17 F CT
                Whitman S.      13 M CT
           Plant, Ruel          68 M CT  laborer
                Huldah          64 F CT

p263 h160  Osborn, James H.     27 M CT  farmer         [#7666]
8/1/1850        Esther          22 F CT
                Chauncy J.       1 M CT

p268 h254  Osborn, Nathan L.    48 M CT  farmer         [#7674]
8/5/1850        Rebecca         43 F CT

p268 h261  Osborn, Myron        53 M CT  farmer         [#7670]
                Emeline         49 F CT
                Cornelia        20 F CT
                Julia E.        16 F CT
                Goodwin E.      13 M CT
           Page, George         20 M CT  farmer

p269 h270  Osborn, John         52 M CT  farmer         [#7671]
                Abigail         48 F CT
                Ellen           17 F CT
                John W.         14 M CT
           Dudley, Nancy        29 F CT
                Julia            6 F CT

p284 h522  Marsh, Solomon       72 M CT  farmer
8/14/1850  Osborn, William      26 M CT  laborer

<NARA Roll 43>
p312 h203  Daley, Orson         24 M CT  carpenter + joiner
Washington      Sarah A.        20 F CT  [Sarah A. Osborn m. 2/14/1849
8/21/1850                                       New Milford, CT]

p321 h332  Osborne, Simeon D.   30 M CT  day laborer
8/27/1850       Margaret        23 F NY
                Soula?           3 F NY  <Lonla?>
                William?         2 M NY

p325 h35   Osborne, Jno.        22 M CT  clock maker
Plymouth, 10/16/1850  (ew John(45,CT) + Trephena(41,CT) Penn)

p328 h89   Osborne, Geo. S.     32 M CT  farmer <also a hotel keeper> [#12797]
10/18/1850      Edna A.         33 F CT
                A---- -.         8 M CT  twin
                Abby E.          8 F CT  twin
                Ella A.          2 F CT
                (13 others)
           Osborne, Bennett     22 M CT  clock maker    [#12801]

p332 h150  Osborne, Lucius F.   13 M NY
10/22/1850      Barton          19 M CT  farmer
                (ew Albert(30,CT) + Susan A.(30,OH) Welton)

p333 h178  Perkins, Calvin      50 M CT  blacksmith
                Losina          48 F CT  [Lucina Osborn[#8484]]
                Charles         24 M CT

p342 h323  Osborne, Sarah       38 F CT  [Sarah Scarett[#10513], w/o
10/28/1850      Elizabeth       11 F OH         Amos Osborn-10367]
           Shelton, Cloe        68 F CT
                Polly           65 F CT
                Maria           57 F CT
           Bronson, Joel        88 M CT  farmer
           Shelton, Wm.         35 M CT  farmer
           Henry, Philip        30 M CT  laborer  black
           Nash, Mary J.        15 F CT
           [Note: Sarah (Scarett-10513) Osborn and her daughter Elizabeth
              is enumerated here in CT *and* in Henry Co., IL]

p356 h36   Osborne, Ellen       16 F CT
Woodbury, 9/11/1850  (ew Asa -.(62,CT) + Eunice(47,CT) Mitchell)
                            [Eunice Riggs[#8297], w/o Thomas L. Osborn-7828]

p370 h292  Osborne, Wm.         15 M CT
9/20/1850       (ew Theodore(42,CT) + Almira(40,CT) Walker)

p371 h297  Prentice, Daniel     48 M CT  farmer
9/23/1850       Electa          46 F CT  [Electa Osborn[#5223]]
                Mary S.         12 F CT
           Stoddard, Charles    22 M CT  laborer
           Osborne, Lorinda     59 F CT                 [#5217]

p378 h419  Osborne, Almon       46 M CT  farmer         [#10365]
9/28/1850       Selina          43 F CT
                Juliette        18 F CT
                Newel           13 M CT
           Tuttle, Rebecca      85 F CT

p383 h42   Osborne, Hannah      64 F CT                 [#4741]
Watertown       Electa          46 F CT                 [#12795]

p389 h147  Orsborne, James      35 M Ire  day laborer
10/8/1850       Elizabeth       35 F Ire
                Thomas          10 M CT
                Eliza            5 F CT

p398 h299  Osborne, Isaac       66 M CT  farmer         [#10137]
10/15/1850      Larin           51 F CT
                Martha          19 F CT
                Watton?         15 M CT

<Page numbering restarted>
p57  h831  Orsborn, Eliada      40 M CT  physician      [#7675]
Div. 34         Jerusha         36 F CT
Kent            Julia           10 F CT
9/12/1850       Jerusha 2d    1/12 F CT
           Chamberlain, Sarah   31 F CT

p104 h222  Osborne, Henry       22 M MA  laborer        [#9400]
Roxbury, 11/16/1850  (ew David Stiles(67,CT))

p111 h111  Osborn, Oliver       23 M CT  wool spinner
New Milford, 8/29/1850  (ew Henry(23,CT) + Emily A.(<blotted>,CT) Cole)

p112 h122  Beardsley, Josiah    43 M CT  blacksmith
                Rebeca A.       40 F CT
                Mary N.         16 F CT
           Osborn, Betsy        61 F CT  [Elizabeth "Betsey"[#14892],
                                                w/o Jonathan B. Osborn-9258]

p112 h128  Mallory, Guirse<?>   29 M CT  <occup. not rec.>
                Sarah M.        32 F CT  [Sarah M. Osborn[#14914]]
                Mary Jane        9 F CT
           Edwards, Jerome      14 M CT
           Tibbets, Jesse       36 M CT  laborer

p114 h170  Howland, John T.     33 M CT  farmer
8/30/1850       Mary            25 F CT  [Mary Osborn[#10278]]
           Howland, Charry      23 F CT
                Delia           13 F CT

p136 h538  Osborne, Lois        30 F CT                 [#10277]
11/5/1850       (ew John(86,CT) + Abigail(84,CT) Warner)

p138 h576  Morehouse, Lyman     57 M CT  farmer
11/6/1850       Susan           58 F CT  [Susan Osborn[#8018]]
                Mahetibal       87 F CT
                Susan M.        13 F CT

p138 h577  Osborne, John        65 M CT  farmer         [#8011]
                Laura           58 F CT
                Abraham         30 M CT  laborer
                Charles         23 M CT  laborer
                Laura A.        20 F CT
           Osborne, Hannah      75 F CT  idiot          [#8006]

p138 h578  Osborne, David       56 M CT  farmer         [#8019]
                Hepsaba         58 F CT
                Carmilee        16 F CT
                Edward          11 M CT
                Stephen         25 M CT  <occup. not rec.>
                James           14 M CT

p143 h672  Osborn, Henry        26 M CT  farmer         [#14915]
11/8/1850       Mary            20 F CT
                Seymor           2 M CT

1850 Middlesex Co., CT Census

p176 h22   Osborne, Irene C.     9 F NY
East Haddam, 7/30/1850  (ew James(53,CT) + Laura(50,CT) Gladwin)

p176 h27   Osborn, Oliver       58 M CT  ship carpenter
                Lydia           54 F CT
           Daniels, George      24 M CT  blacksmith
                Almira          20 F CT
p177       Bartman, Sarah        9 F CT
           Daniels, Mary E.      1 F CT
                Sarah E.      9/12 F CT

p288 h82   Osborn, Theodore L.  38 M CT  <occup. not rec.>
Chester, 11/2/1850  (ew Edward(40,CT) + Matilda(38,CT) Higgins)

p288 h85   Ware, Elizur         42 M MA  trav ly<?> agent
                Sarah Ann       43 F CT
                Abigail K.      19 F MA
                Sarah M.        17 F MA
                Rosamond        15 F MA
                Melissa Ann     14 F MA
                Ellen A.        12 F CT
                Benjamin E.      6 M CT
                Charles N.       4 M CT
                Harriet H.       2 F CT
           [Ellen Augusta Ware m. 7/3/1872 in Manhattan, NY, NY to Daniel Mitchell;
                father Elizur Ware, mother Sarah Osborne --
                see FamilySearch]
           [Elizur Wares marr. banns 9/6/1829 Blandford, Hampden Co., MA to Sally Osborne --
                see FamilySearch]
           [Sally Ware, wife of Elizure Ware, died Nov 29, 1839, age 33, bur. Old Cem., Chester,
                Middlesex Co., CT -- see Find A Grave]
           [Elizur Ware m. 5/5/1840 Blandford, Hampden Co., MA to Betsey A. Gibbs --
                see FamilySearch]
           [Betsey Ware, wife of Elizur Ware, died Aug 9, 1841, age 31, bur. Old Cem., Chester,
                Middlesex Co., CT -- see Find A Grave]
           [Elizur Ware, died May 29, 1875, ae 67, bur. Old Cem., Chester, Middlesex Co., CT --
                see Find A Grave]
           [Sarah Ware, wife of Elizure Ware, died May 13, 1900, age 95, bur. Old Cem., Chester,
                Middlesex Co., CT -- see Find A Grave]
           [Elizur Ware's first wife was Sally Osborn[#11013].  Elizur Ware's first
                five children were by Sally.  The biography of Sally's father Alexander
                Osborn-11006 states that she remained behind in Massachusetts while the
                rest of the family moved to Ohio.  The biography also states that she
                died in Massachusetts, but the children subsequently lived in Connecticut.
                Elizur Ware was married shortly after Sally's death to Betsey A. Gibbs.
                Elizur and Betsey had marriage intentions published in Blandford, MA, but
                I have not yet determined where the marriage took place.  Elizur Ware was
                already in Chester, CT by 1840 as he is enumerated in the 1840 census there
                and the 1850 census record indicates that daughter Ellen, born about 1838,
                was born in CT.  I am uncertain as to whether "Gibbs" is Betsey's maiden
                name or a married name.  Betsey died a little over a year after her marriage
                to Elizur.  Elizur then married coincidentally another woman named Sarah.
                I have not located a marriage record for this marriage.]

p360 h475  Osbourne, Josiah     24 M CT  grender
Middleton, 9/16/1850  (ew David(41,CT) + Amelia(38,CT) Hurlbert)

p415 h56   Osborn, William      28 M Ireland  stone cutter
Portland, 10/18/1850  (appears to be in a hotel)

p464 h294  Tompkins, E.B.       66 M CT  city clerk
Middleton       Aletta O.       61 F CT  [Aletta Osborn[#7834]]
City            Mary C.         25 F CT
10/3/1850       Charles F.      19 M Ireland  clerk
           Barston, Lydia V.    26 F Ireland
           Patrick, Mary F.     19 F CT

p488 h575  Osborne, Allen       54 M CT  merchent       [#7695]
10/14/1850      Elizabeth       49 F CT
                Charles E.      14 M CT
           Smith, Susan         19 F Ireland
           Osborne, Ruth        80 F Ireland

1850 New Haven Co., CT Census

<NARA Roll 45>
p10  h123  Osborn, Daniel       47 M NY  none
Waterbury       Sarah           41 F NY
7/24/1850       John H.         19 M NY  machinist
                Sarah           14 F NY
           Parks, Marshall      34 M CT  joiner
                Polly           21 F CT
                Hellen        2/12 F CT
                Augusta          2 F CT

p10  h127  Bronson, Harry       40 M CT  none
                Charlotte       38 F CT  [Charlotte Osborn[#7821]]
           Thompson, William H. 14 M CT
                Frances J.       8 F CT
           Bronson, Wesley       8 M CT
                Alice C.         4 F CT
p11             Alonzo W.        3 M CT
           McCarty, Eliza       25 F Ireland
           Warner, Joanna       40 F CT

p14  h153  Osborn, Hiram        18 M CT  farmer
7/25/1850       (ew Edward(51,CT) + Harriet(47,CT) Scovill)

p30  h314  Osbrorn<sic>, Legrand  29 M CT  farmer
7/27/1850       Malinda         23 F CT
                John E.          4 M CT
                Mary J.          2 F CT
                (+15 others)

p32  h353  Osborn, Bennet       22 M CT  machinist
7/29/1850       (ew Martin(44,CT) + Sarah(42,CT) Benedict)

p73  h38   Osborn, David        49 M CT  laborer
Middlebury      Rachael         49 F CT

<This section of the census has very poor handwriting.  Many names are
 definitely written as "Oslorn", but are undoubtedly meant to be "Osborn".>

p74  h111  Oslorn, Noah         -3 M CT  cooper  [#7705] <1st digit of age unreadable>
8/19/1850  (ew Julius(42,CT) + Harriett(42,CT) Brown)       <could be 4 or 8>

p78  h118  Osl---, Lydia        21 F CT
8/21/1850       (ew William(41,MA) + Justina(22,CT) Ellis)

p79  h132  Osborn, Ferris       57 M CT  laborer  [Phares Osborn[#8223]]
                Ann             51 F CT
                George          20 M CT  laborer
                Ransom S.        7 M CT

p84  h38   Oslorn, Charles      28 M CT  farmer
Naugatuck, 8/22/1850  (enum. in hotel)

p88  h81   Buckingham, Esther   70 M<sic> CT  [Esther Osborn[#12909]]
8/23/1850  (ew Joel J.(33,CT) + Laura(30,CT) Waster<?>)

p95  h189  Oslorn, Phaele       -7 F CT  [Phebe Osborn[#10370]]
8/27/1850    (ew Abejal? Headly(26,CT))  <1st digit possibly 1 or 2>

p98  h232  Oslorn, Horace B.    26 M CT  waggon maker   [#12799]
8/28/1850       Sarah           23 F CT
                Martha        6/12 F CT
           Wooster, Catherine   13 F CT

p98  h236  Oslorn, Chales<sic> S.  43 M CT  farmer      [#10366]
                Mary            33 F CT
                Eliza           13 F CT
                Edwa?            7 M CT
           <The names and ages of the family members in this family show
            that this is the family of Charles J. Osborn-10366>

p99  h245  Oslorn, Major E.     50 M CT  laborer  (enum. alone)  [#7805]

p99  h247  Oslorn, Lucien       28 M CT  farmer         [#8229]
                Sarah A.        22 F CT
                Robert           3 M CT
                Helen R.      7/12 F CT

p99  h248  Oslorn, Charles      39 M CT  joiner<?>
                Mary            52 F CT

p99  h251  Oslorn, Ezra         83 M CT  none           [#7790]
                Li---t          51 M CT  farmer  [Leverett Osborn[#8225]]
                Eunice          48 F CT
                Emiline         15 F CT
                Ellen           13 F CT
                Mito<?>         11 M CT

p100 h262  Oslorn, Garry        54 M CT  none           [#7818]
                (ew Augustin(39,CT) + Rhoda(38,CT) Smith)

p100 h264  Oslorn, Ezra         33 M CT  farmer
                Mary            42 F CT
                Fanny E.         1 F CT
           Northup, Mary        11 F CT

p101 h278  Oslorn, Lumon        55 M CT  farmer  [Larmon Osborn[#8224]]
8/29/1850       Anna            56 F CT
                Fanny A.        25 F CT
                J---            21 F CT  <Jane?>

p224 h283  Osborn, John         26 M CT  manufacturer
Hamden          Lavinia         22 F CT
10/4/1850  Birdey, Patrick      19 M Ireland  laborer
           Guncion, Daniel      25 M Ireland  laborer
           [John Osborn 1824-1884, bur. Central Burying Grounds, Hamden, New Haven Co., CT
                -- see Find A Grave]

p236 h70   Osborne, Sarah       13 F CT
North Haven, 10/18/1850  (ew Albert E.(42,CT) + Mahala A.(42,CT) Moulthroup)

p258 h171  Sanford, Moses       79 M CT  farmer
Bethany         Philena         71 F CT
8/27/1850  Osborne, George      25 M CT  laborer        [#14848]
                Cynthia A.      17 F CT
                Harris F.        1 M CT

p260 h13   Osborne, Daniel      32 M CT  laborer
Woodbridge      Elizabeth E.    29 F CT

p260 h17   Osborne, Mercy C.    63 F CT
                David           24 M CT  laborer
                Aaron           20 M CT  laborer
           Homan, Geo. W.       33 M CT  mechanic
                Cornelia        20 F CT
                Corrigan         3 M CT
                Archibald        1 M CT

p262 h49   Osborn, William M.   59 M CT  mechanic       [#5303]
7/31/1850       Amanda          53 F CT
                Frances E.      15 F CT
                William A.      12 M CT
                Edwin H.         8 M CT

p263 h68   Bennett, Freedom     54 M NY  spring grinder
8/1/1850        Maria           47 F CT  [Maria Osborn[#5305]]
                Robert K.       28 M CT  gunsmith
                Lois E.         29 F CT
                (+3 chn, +1 adult of different surname)

p266 h118  Beach, Benajah       64 M CT  farmer
8/6/1850        Clarissa        66 F CT  [Clarissa Osborn[#5300]]
           Lyon, Catharine E.   18 F CT

<NARA Roll 46>
p282 h167  Osborne, Chas. L.    24 M CT  druggist
Derby           Violet L.G.     23 F CT
8/10/1850  Bristoll, Wm. H.     14 M CT

p291 h286  Osborne, Lyman       58 M CT  manufacturer   [#9871]
8/14/1850       Charity         49 F CT
           Lum, Sarah G.        22 F CT
           Tomlinson, Grace C.  20 F CT
           Freeman, John        35 M MA  dagl. pictures
                Julia B.        24 F MA
           Renneriet, Ernest A. 28 M Germany  machinist
                Mary P.         33 F NH
           Kelley, Wenefred     19 F Ireland

p296 h368  Osborn, David T.     30 M CT  cabinet maker  [#14871]
8/16/1850       Lucy J.         29 F CT
                Frances J.       4 F CT
                John F.          2 M CT
           Redfield, Chas.      26 M MA  ship joiner

p297 h390  Thompson, Abel       61 M CT  shoemaker
                Sarah           52 F NY
           Osborne, Apama       82 F CT  [Apame Gorham[#5357], w/o
           Heirn, Lucy C.A.     60 F Hindostan          Stephen Osborn-5352]

p304 h489  Warriner, Willard S. 23 M NY  painter
8/20/1850       Laura J.        21 F CT  [Laura J. Osborn[#10225]
                Frances E.       2 F CT
           Osborne, Chas. C.    19 M CT  painter        [#10226]

p316 h658  Osborne, John W.     40 M CT  merchant       [#7423]
8/23/1850       Susan H.        34 F CT
                Frances M.      14 F CT
                Wilber F.        9 M CT
                Harriet J.       6 F CT
                Helen V.         2 F CT

p321 h41   Osborn, Rebecca      80 F CT
Southbury, 9/2/1850  (ew Joseph(60,CT) + Charity(59,CT) Pierce)

p330 h188  Curtiss, Jennette    60 F CT
10/9/1850  Osborn, Harriet      32 F CT  [Harriet Curtiss[#14896],
                Mary E.          8 F CT         w/o Jasper B. Osborn-7970]
           Curtiss, Thomas S.   19 M CT  farmer

p331 h211  Osborn, Edwin        36 M CT  farmer         [#7968]
10/10/1850      Elizabeth       29 F CT
                Walter           5 M CT
           Hinman, Ruth A.      38 F CT

p331 h216  Osborn, Erastus      65 M CT  farmer         [#7832]
                Martha          59 F CT

p332 h231  Osborn, Olive        88 F CT  [Olive Hickok[#10088], w/o
                Olive           53 F CT                 Barnum Osborn-10087]
                Burritt         23 M CT  machinist      [#14897]
                Henry           21 M CT  cabinet maker  [#14898]
                Augusta         12 F CT                 [#14900]
                Silas            9 M CT                 [Cyrus B. Osborn[#14900]]
                Chas.            7 M CT                 [#14901]

p333 h242  Hine, Lewis          67 M CT  farmer
                Phebe           64 F CT  [Phebe Osborn[#10091]
                Edward          38 M CT  farmer
                Sarah           34 F CT
                Elliot          22 M CT  joiner

p333 h243  Smith, Betsey        50 F CT
           Lum, Henrietta       55 F CT  [Henrietta Osborn[#7836]]

p333 h246  Osborn, Ruth         64 F CT  [Ruth[#5229], w/o Benj. B. Osborn]
10/11/1850      Augustus S.     34 M CT  pedler         [#7967]

p335 h287  Osborn, Mahitable    35 F CT  [Mehitable Wheeler m. 12/23/1834
                Clark           15 M CT         Curtiss Osborn]
                (ew Mabel Wheeler(66,CT))

p359 h323  Girard, Azel H.      27 M NY  augermaker
Seymour         Elsie E.        22 F CT  [Elsie Osborn m. 12/1/1844 Derby]
9/4/1850        Edwin E.         2 M CT

p370 h162  Osborne, Lucius S.   39 M CT  farmer         [#9394]
Oxford          Almira          35 F CT
9/14/1850       Antoinette A.   14 F CT
                Martha E.        4 F CT

p371 h182  Osborne, Aurelia     55 F CT  (enum. in hotel)
9/16/1850  Osborne, Geo.        27 M CT  (enum. in same hotel)

p372 h203  Osborn, Eunice       25 F CT                 [#7703]
9/17/1850       Sarah           19 F CT                 [#7706]
                (ew Harvey(64,CT) + Susan(64,CT) Smith)

p374 h218  Candee, Patty        58 F CT
9/18/1850  Osborn, Avis         56 F CT  [Avis Candee[#7702], w/o
                Martha C.       16 F CT         Ambrose Osborn-5210]

p375 h237  Osborn, Martha       70 F CT
                Lewis           22 M CT  farmer

p377 h265  Riggs, Saml.         32 M CT  mason
9/19/1850       Charry          74 F CT
           Osborn, Smith        11 M CT

p377 h266  Osborn, Hiram        65 M CT  farmer         [#12894]
                Sarah           66 F CT
           Canary, Martin       21 M Ireland
           Johnson, Roxy        26 F CT

p377 h267  Osborn, Joel         29 M CT  farmer         [#12903]
                Catharine A.    27 F CT
                Orlando C.       3 M CT
           Wheeler, Saml.       81 M CT  farmer
           Washburn, Sally M.   54 F CT
           Gordon, Chas.        17 M CT  farmer

p377 h275  Vandebogart, Peter   57 M NY  farmer
9/20/1850       Electa          60 F CT  [Electa Osborn m. 4/12/1832 Waterbury, CT]
           Osborn, Bela         14 M CT                 [#8233]

p378 h289  Osborn, Thomas C.    41 M CT  farmer         [#9393]
                Nancy R.        40 F CT
                Frederick R.     5 M CT

p378 h297  Osborn, Nabby        54 F CT  [Nabby Davis[#14907], w/o Harvey Osborn-12896]
                (ew Burrit(44,CT) + Electa S.(42,CT) Davis)

p390 h150  Libballs, Isaac      68 M CT  cooper
Milford    Osborn, Mary         47 F CT
8/2/1850        George          22 M CT  cooper
                Amanda          20 F CT

p393 h190  Osborn, Henry        21 M CT  cabinet maker
8/6/1850        (ew Mary Kelsey(46,CT))

p405 h389  Osborn, Henry        21 M CT  cabinet maker
8/14/1850       (ew Anon(42,CT) + Nancy(41,CT) Clark)
                <Looks like a double enum.>

<page numbering restarted>
p22  h297  Young, Erastus       39 M CT  <occup. not rec.>
Wallingford     Cloa            30 F CT  [Cloe M. Osborn of Naugatuck
7/27/1850                                       m. 3/30/1845 Naugatuck]

p43  h111  Osborne, George      25 M CT  japan--
Meriden, 8/5/1850  (ew Matthew(36,Ireland) + Catharine(32,Ireland) McGuire)

p46  h145  Osborne, Margaret    15 F CT
8/6/1850        (ew Asahel(29,CT) + Ann E.(26,CT) Curtiss)

p69  h412  Osborne, Stephen     19 M CT  tinner
8/14/1850       (appears to be in a hotel)

<NARA Roll 47>
p129 h253  Osborn, Moses        20 M NJ  joiner
New Haven, 8/8/1850  (ew Geo. C. Heath(24,MA))

p159 h576  Osborne, Charles     28 M CT  shoe maker
8/19/1850       (enum. in boarding house)

p160 h582  Osborn, Nancy        87 F CT  [Anna Osborn[#5029]]
                (ew Hannah Peck(68,CT))

p162 h611  Strong, Jane W.      28 F NJ
8/20/1850  Osborne, Esther      60 F NJ

p192 h970  Osborne, Hubbard     65 M CT  blacksmith     [#5372]
9/10/1850       Phebe           60 F CT
                Henry           37 M CT  none  blind

p208 h1133 Hewlett, Alfred      43 M NJ  black  sailor
9/17/1850       Mahitable A.    22 F CT  black
           Osborn, Laura        56 F CT  black
                Cyrus           25 M CT  black  laborer
           Moore, Ellen          7 F CT  black
           Osborn, Emily        18 F CT  black
                Henry           12 M CT  black

p237 h1455 Osborne, Peter       41 M CT  black  clothe scourer
9/27/1850       Mary C.         31 F CT  black
                Matthew H.      10 M CT  black
                Marietta D.      8 F CT  black
                Christopher      4 M CT  black

p245 h1549 Osborn, Elihu        50 M CT  laborer        [#5306]
9/28/1850       Esther          45 F CT
                Geo. R.         19 M CT  laborer
                Mortimer        17 M CT  laborer
                Frederick       14 M CT
                Esther M.       19 F CT

p272 h1854 Osborn, Charles      24 M CT  druggist
103/1850        (ew James Fordham(50,NY))

p276 h1905 Osborn, Mary E.      16 F CT
10/4/1850       (enum. in hotel)

p292 h2121 Osborn, Minott       39 M CT  printer        [#5203]
10/7/1850       Catharine S.    29 F CT
                Caroline M.     15 F CT
                Minott E.        8 M CT
                Kate G.          7 F CT
                Helen E.         5 F CT
                Charlotte        1 F CT
           Cunningham, Ann      23 F Ireland

p293 h2129 Osborne, Mary        60 F CT  [*Nancy* Hitchcock[#5280], w/o Joel Osborn-5274]
                Catharine M.    30 F CT                 [#5293]
                John J.         28 M CT  laborer        [#5294]
           Kelley, Bridget      18 F CT
           <The enumeration of this family contains two major mistakes.  First
            is the name of the mother of this family which is in actuality
            "Nancy" and the second is the appearance of John J. in the
            household.  The ages are also off by one to four years.  Perhaps
            a neighbor reported the information to the census taker.  John J.
            is properly enumerated in the state of Virginia.  See the
            bio. of John J. Osborn-5294>

p293 h2137 Osborn, Curtis L.    36 M CT  joiner         [#7663]
                Nancy D.        33 F CT
           Hell, John C.        25 M CT  blind maker
                Hannah S.       21 F NY

p299 h2200 Osborn, Charles      38 M CT  builder        [#5291]
10/8/1850       Eliza J.        27 F MA
                Joel C.          8 M CT
           Davis, Ann           44 F NY
           Stock, Margaret      15 F MA
           Beardsly, Cyrus      18 M CT  joiner
           Bradley, Robert      17 M CT  joiner

p313 h2372 Osborn, R.H.         40 M CT  attorney       [#5290]
10/10/1850      (enum. in hotel)

p340 h2691 Osborne, Dorcas      45 F CT  black
10/14/1850      (enum. in Alms house)

p346 h2698 Osborne, Wm. H.      24 M NC  student
10/15/1850      (enum. at school)

1850 New London Co., CT Census

<NARA Roll 48>
p133 h1808 Ewen, Joel F.        25 M CT  mariner
Norwich         Harriet N.      19 F CT
10/19/1850 Stanton, Francis     41 M CT  ship carpenter
                Sybel           41 F CT  [Sybel Osborn m. 9/16/1827 Preston]
                Elizabeth       15 F CT
                Frances          3 F CT
           Beast----, John      32 M Denmark  mariner
                Jane            20 F Ire

p137 h1866 Osborn, William      40 M CT  laborer
10/21/1850      Cornelia        35 F unk
                Harriet          4 F CT
                Charles          4 M CT
                William         21 M CT  laborer

p143 h1955 Osborn, Lydia        32 F CT
10/25/1850      (ew Hannah Smith(23,RI))

p164 h2261 Boswell, John G.     30 M Eng  painter
11/5/1850       Lydia Ann       32 F CT   [Lydia A. (Drown) Osborn, widow of Thomas Osborn,
           Drown, Hannah        74 F CT      m. Jul or Sep 1850]
           (+2 others different surnames)

p170 h2350 Osborn, Abby Ann     11 F CT
11/7/1850       (ew James(70,CT) + Eunice H.(63,CT) Sleaman)

p170 h2362 Edgerton, George H.  44 M CT  shoe maker
                Catherine R.    41 F CT
                Catherine E.    17 F CT
                Georgeanna L.   12 F CT
                Anna L.          6 F CT
           Osborn, Priscilla A. 61 F MA  [Priscilla A. Jenks[#14855], w/o William Osborn-7298]
                Anna F.         19 F NY
           Taylor, Mary         35 F NY
                William O.       8 M NY
           (+4 others various surnames)

p172 h2392 Osborn, David        36 M CT  farmer
                Abby            37 F CT
                Margaret         8 F CT
                Eliza           15 F CT
                Esther           6 F CT
                Benjamin         4 M CT
           Collins, William     24 M CT  <occup. not rec.>

p175 h2433 Osborn, James        30 M Eng  paper maker
11/9/1850       Janett          29 F Ire  [Janet Lindsey m. 11/17/1842]
                Jane             6 F CT
                Abraham          4 M CT
                Sarah L.         3 F CT
                James A.      5/12 M CT
           Gawill, Lydia        22 F Ire

p179 h2470 Ford, Benjamin       58 M CT  laborer
11/11/1850      Ann             40 F CT  [Ann Osborn m. 5/1/1836]
                Martha          35 F CT
                Emma -.         30 F CT
                Harriet -.      29 F CT
           Gardner, David       21 M CT  teacher
                Caroline        24 F CT
           Ford, William        18 M NY  carpenter
                David            8 M CT
           Gardner, Emma        63 F CT

p189 h2578 Parnell, Job         30 M Eng  carpert weaver
11/14/1850      Emma            29 F Eng  [Emma Osborne m. 10/27/1844]
                Elisa E.         4 F CT
                Mary A.          2 F CT
                Susan         1/12 F CT
           (Enum. with David(35,Scotland) and Mary E.(32,CT) Lindsay)
           <Emma Osborne could possibly be dau. of Abraham Osborn below>

p194 h2654 Osborn, Abraham      55 M Eng  paper laborer
11/16/1850      Esther          54 F Eng
                William         22 M Eng  paper laborer
                Susan           16 F CT
                Benjamin        14 M CT
                Sarah E.         7 F CT
           Byron, Ann           25 F Eng  [Ann Osborn m. 11/28/1844 Walter Byrom]
                Walter           4 M CT
           <Hannah Prest of Waterford, New London Co., CT and Emma Parnell
            above could possibly be daus. of Abraham Osborn>

p211 h2861 Osborn, James        16 M CT  farmer
Montville, 11/25/1850  (enum. in poor house)

p297 h786  Osborn, John         18 nr MA  sailor
Stonington, 11/3/1850  (enum. on ship Romulus)

p398 h787  Osborne, Geo. B.     20 nr PA  sailor
           Osborne, Daniel P.   21 nr CT  sailor
                ----- A.        23 nr CT  sailor
                Henry           19 nr CT  sailor
           (all of above enum. on bark Leander)

<NARA Roll 49>
<Page numbering restarted>
p13  h185  Osborn, Henry        20 M CT  laborer
Preston, 8/16/1850  (ew Oliver H.(34,CT) + Caroline(40,CT) Bentley)

p14  h196  Osborn, Nathaniel    65 M CT  laborer
                Betsy           56 F CT  [Betsey Leach m. 11/6/1836 Norwich]

p128 h532  Rice, John P.        51 M CT  ship master
New London      Hannah B.       45 F CT
8/19/1850  Osborne, Robt.       15 M CT  none

p152 h775  Goodfaith, Sophia    65 F CT
8/28/1850  Osborn, Henry        65 M NY  carpenter
                Elizabeth       50 F CT
                Henry G.        16 M CT  founder
                Wm. B.          14 M CT

p173 h998  Chester, Susan       47 F MA  [Susan Osborn[#9890]]
9/10/1850  Black, Eliza         22 F SC
           Chester, Ellen       16 F CT
           Billings, Jos.       39 M CT  carpenter
                Susan           42 F CT

p189 h13   Prest, Towers<sic>   26 M Eng  stone mason
Waterford       Hannah          26 F Eng  [Hannah Osborne m. 8/19/1844 Norwich
10/1/1850       James            5 M CT         to Thomas Prest]
                Edward           2 M CT
          (Enum. with Wm. W.(29,PA) and Frances Y.(26,CT) Davis)
          <Hannah Osborn possibly could be dau. of Abraham Osborn(55,Eng) of

1850 Tolland Co., CT Census

p349 h5    Osborn, Wm.          56 M CT  merchant       [#14743]
Columbia        Sebee           48 F CT
8/15/1850       Mary I.         10 F CT
           Johnson, Abner       40 M CT  <occup. not rec.>

1850 Windham Co., CT Census

p225 h152  Place, Stephen       41 M RI  farmer
Ashford         Lois Ann        24 F MA  [Lois Ann Osborn[#13293]]
7/31/1850       George H.       17 M CT  laborer
                Abigail M.       7 F MA
                Phebe A.         5 F MA
                Jane E.       2/12 F CT
           Place, Phebe         77 F RI

p422 h29   Osborne, John        14 M CT
Windham, 8/26/1850  (ew Ezra(74,CT) + Lydia(66,CT) Allen)

p440 h193  Osborne, Wm. H.      27 M CT  book keeper    [#14747]
9/11/1850       Mary            25 F CT
                Henry            3 M CT