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1860 Fairfield Co., CT Census

   [Note: This is only some of the Osborns in Fairfield Co., CT in 1860]

<NARA Roll 73>
p351 h1445 Osborne, Lewis B.    41 M CT  labourer
New             Abby E.         40 F CT
Fairfield       Amelia E.        9 F CT
7/23/1860       Edwin L.         5 M CT

p351 h1446 Osborne, Andrew      28 M CT  wagon maker
                Mary E.         22 F NY
                Henry E.         5 M CT
                Alice        11/12 F CT
           Osborne, Edgar       31 M CT  carpenter
                Emily           26 F CT
                Georgeana        - F CT  <overwriting makes age unreadable>
                Charles      10/12 M CT
                Fernando        16 M CT  carpenter

p351 h1449 Osborne, Henry       40 M CT  wagon maker
                Harriet         39 F NY
                Rachel          16 F CT
                Harvey L.       10 M CT
                Arthur           5 M CT
           Collier, James       46 M ME  painter
           Couch, Nathan        23 M CT  carriage trimmer
           Bevans, Joseph       21 F CT  carriage maker
           Hodge, Reuben C.     18 M CT  carriage app

p773 h1065 Osborne, John        46 M CT  farmer         [#4435]
Norwalk         Ledia A.        36 F CT
7/5/1860        John A.         13 M CT
                Eugene E.        6 M CT
           Fox, Mary            30 F CT  servt

<NARA Roll 74>
p1017 h967 Orsbo-n, Jame<sic>   32 M CT  seaman         [#8565]
Fairfield       Mary            31 F CT
P.O.            Elizabeth       53 F CT
Bridgeport, 7/31/1860

<NARA Roll 75>
p37  h300  Osborn, Peter M.     46 M CT  farmer         [#10314]
Wilton          Mary E.         41 F NY
6/12/1860       Josephine       17 F CT
                Smith           15 M CT
                Cyrus           11 M CT
                William          9 M CT
                Samuel           6 M CT
                Mary E.          3 F CT
                Fredrick      5/12 M CT

1860 Hartford Co., CT Census

   [Note: This is only some of the Osborns in Hartford Co., CT in 1860]

<NARA Roll 79>
p483 h143  Osborn, Charles S.   38 M nr  marble worker  [#14763]
Canton          Harriett        32 F nr  housekeeper
8/10/1850       Charles          4 M nr
                Alonso           3 M nr
                -----         1/12 F nr
           <State of births is not recorded for this family.  No
            name is given for the infant daughter.>

p840 h42   Osborn, Amos         51 M CT  farmer         [#8311]
Hartland        Laura           49 F CT
6/19/1860       Hubert          22 M CT  farm
                Philena         24 F CT
                Cevelia         20 F CT
                Amos Jr.        18 M CT  farm
                Burtis          16 M CT

p840 h45   Osborn, Emery        49 M CT  farmer         [#8492]
                Esther          53 F CT
                Ambros          16 M CT  farm
           Kingsley, Mahitabel  78 F CT