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Some Kentucky Will and Estate Records

Year County
1859 Hardi   Ozbourn, Francis (Will (transcript))
1816 Lewis   Osburn, James (Will Book A/94)
1834 Nelso   Osburn, Mary (Will Book G/312)
1835 Washi   Osbourne, Pius (Will (PDF))
1824 Nelso   Osburn, Samuel (Will Book E/175)
1817 Brack   Osborn, Susannah (Will Book B/70)
1815 Washi   Ozbourn, Thomas (Will (PDF),
                                1861 Distribution to his heirs(PDF))
1816 Bourb   Osborn, Thomas (Will Book E/412)
1825 Bath    Osboun, Thomas (Will (abstract))
1829 Washi   Osbourn, Thomas (Will Book D/396)
1854 Hardi   Osborn, Thomas C. (Will (transcript))
1820 Nelso   Ozbourn, Walter (Will Book C/206)
1834 Washi   Ozbourne, Walter (Will (PDF))
1808 Jeffe   Osborn, William (Will Book 1 or 2)
1816 Caldw   Osborn, William (inv. A/155)
1832 Clark   Osbarn, William (Will Book 7/687)

Bath Co., KY Wills

Will of Thomas Osbourn (abstract)
   Bath Co., KY  Will Book B/5  (SLFHL 272944)
Made 10/8/1816 rec. 7//1825;  Wife Ceneah Osborn; Signed Thomas Osbourn,
his mark;  Wit: Nathan Butler, Zachariah Green, John Jones.

Hardin Co., KY Wills

Will of Thomas C. Osborn (transcript)
   Hardin Co., KY Will Book E/259  (SLFHL 0390774)

                                        Big Spring, Ky August 9 1854
In view of the uncertainty of life and desiring to make a Just and equal
division of my property among my children being now of Sound mind and
perfect memory I do now make and declare this to be my last Will &
Testament.  After my decease it is my will and desire that the court shall
appoint some responsible & competent man to act as Executor of this my last
will & testament and after my debts are paid it is my will & desire that all
monies notes etc. which may be found to belong to my estate shall be cashed
by collection after a public Sale upon 12 months credit of the land negroes
and all personal property except a tract of land which I have intended
deeding to my Son Joseph R. Osborn containing ~ acres & upon which he now
lives and the nett proceeds equally divided among my children viz my son
Thomas B. Osborn, Joseph R. Osborn and to my daughters Eliza, Jane and
Sarah Eleanor and in reference to the latter it is my will and desire that
the portion that shall be going to her be invested in a piece of good land
by the Executor of my estate the use of which she is to have during her
lifetime and at her decease to be sold and the proceeds equally divided
among her bodily heirs.  After mature deliburation I have determined that
in reference to the device I have made to my daughter Eliza that instead of
giving to her an equal portion with the other children to make the device to
her children that is to the children she had by her second husband Dennis
McLaughlin and do hereby will and bequeth to them that portion of my estate
which their mother would originally have been entitled to.  And that the
Court shall appoint a Suitable guardian whose duty it Shall be to Keep in
Safety this fund and as the McLaughlin children shall marry or become of
legal age to distribute this fund between them or pay it out to them so that
each child (I think 3 in number) shall have an equal portion I have
furthermore concluded that in respects the tract of land intended to have
been deeded to my Son Joseph R. Osborn Spoken of in the forepart of this
will that it shall be sold with all the other property both real & personal
and divided among my children Sare & Share alike upon the _____ said ____
that is to each child an equal portion & to my daughter Sarah Eleanor & her
bodily heirs as before mentioned and to the McLaughlin children instead of
to their mother.  In witness where of I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal the
day & year before written.
Signed in presence of                   his
Simeon Shrewbury                  Thomas X Osborn
Francis Ozborn                         mark

        At a County Court began and held for Hardin County at the Court
house in Elizabeth town on Monday, August 21 1854.  The forgoing instrument
of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Thomas C. Ozborn
deceased was produced in Court and p____ __ __ form of law by Simeon
Shrewsberry and Franceis Osborn two of the Subscribing witnesses thereto and
the same was established and orderd to be recorded.  Whereupon I have truly
recorded the same in my office this 29th day of August 1854.
                                Wm. T. Samuels Clk
                             By Hugh _________

Will of Francis Ozbourn  Hardin Co., KY Will Book E/322  (SLFHL 0390774)

   The last Will and testament of Francis Ozbourn being sound in mind and
memory do make and declare this as my last Will an testament Viz}  1st the
payment of all my just debts.  I will and bequeth to my wife Nancy Ann
Ozbourn one third of my estate both real an personal.  2nd having given to
my step son Joseph E. Nevitt about forty three dollars & to Sarah Ann the
wife of E.J. Smith the same amount & to Wm. F. Ozbourn the same amount &
to Mary Jane the wife of Jerome W. Rhodes the same amount I desire that all
the rest of my children shall receive the same amounts of forty three
dollars.  It is my desire that my step children Sarah Jane Nevitt and John
Melville Nevitt shall receive the same amount.  It is my desire that all my
infant children shall receive a plain English education including my step
son John M. Nevitt to be paid for out of the proceeds of my estate after the
above requitions are complide with it is my desire the balance of my estate
shall be equall divided between all my children.  In testimony hereof
hereunto signed my name this the 7th day of September 1855.
Signed in presence of                    Francis X Ozbourn
J.R. Malin                                     mark
R.A. Pearman

   At a county court began and held for Hardin County at the court house in
Elizabethtown on the 7th of November 1859 the foregoing Instrument of
writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Francis Ozbourn
deceased was produced in court and proven in due form of law by the oath
J.R. Malin subscribing witness thereto and the same was established and
ordered to record.  Whereupon I have truly recorded the same in my office
this 13 of November 1859.
        W.T. Samuels Clk