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Benton Co., MO Probate Records

        Records of Benton Co., MO, "Index to Benton Co., MO Wills + Estates",
        Jacqueline H. Williams + Betty H. Williams, Warrensburg, MO, 1969.

  12/13/1858    Osborn, Wood    Adm. E.S. Drake
  -------       Osborn, J.R.    g.+c. J.G. Simpkins

Boone Co., MO Probate Index  (SJFHC 3792)
                                                               Est. #
Osborn, Clara Ann + @ (minors)          James B. Nichols, gdn   1380  2/8/1856
Osborne, Richard                        Wm. McBaine, g+c        4043

Wills + Administrations of Boone Co., MO 1821-1870, Mrs. E.E. Evans +
        Mrs. J. Frank Thompson, Columbia, MO, 1932.

p27.  Wit: 3/13/1843, Exrs grntd 8/11/1848, F.S. 8/6/1851;  Will of Robert
        Lemon, Sr.;  dau. Rachel Osborn among other heirs.

Index of Purchasers, U.S. Land Sales in MO 1818-1837

  Ashburn, George T.    v1/3
  Osborn, Wm.           v1/1,3,32,36
  Osborn, Arlo          v2/72
  Osborn, William       v2/92,100,106
  Osborn, Aaron         v3/236,237
  Osborn, Amzi          v3/530,561
  Osborn, William       v3/140
  Osburn, Samuel        v3/319

    Date of Sale        Land Office     Pages
v1  1818-1827           St. Louis       1-67
v2  1828-1830           St. Louis       98-111
    1826-1834           Jackson         72-75; 166-178
v3  1831-1836           St. Louis       138-214; 416-440
    1834-1834           Jackson         235-242
    1835-1836           Palmyra         303-415
    1836-1837           Jackson         496-561

Bates Co., MO Deed Index

        v1-2  1839-1868     0945145
         3-4  1868-1874         146

x B/390  4/11/1854      Young, Willis B. from Thomas Osborn     80A E 1/2 SE 18/39/30 + 40A NW NW 20/39/30
x B/391  4/11/1854      Young, Willis B. from George Wakefield  same
x B/392  4/11/1854      Young, Willis B. from Mary C. Osborn    same
x B/407  6/7/1854       Young, Willis B. from Naomi Embree      same
x B/412  7/12/1854      Young, Willis B. from James Osborn      same
x C/27   11/15/1854     Young, Willis B. from Enoch Osborn      same
x C/70   1854           Young, Willis B. from Frederic Brown    same
s E/286  10/14/1858     Young, Willis B. from Sheriff, Bates Co.  same
x B/354  11/28/1853     Osborne, James to Major P. Evans        60A SE SW + S 1/2 NE SW 17/39/30
s C/412  12/1/1856      Osborn, Lydia to        "               40A NW NE 19/39/30
s C/198  12/19/1855     Young, Willis B. to     "               40A NE NE 19/39/30
x C/413  12/1/1856      Osborn, Madison to      "               80A S 1/2 NE 19/39/30
  C/71   2/15/1855      Osborn, Thomas to Wm. Evans             40A NW SW 17/39/30
  C/124  5/28/1855      Osborn, Enoch to Jno. O. Starr          80A S 1/2 SW 5/39/30
  C/125  5/28/1855      Osborn, Enoch to        "               120A S 1/2 SE + SE SW 10/39/31 + 40A NE NE 15/39/31

x C/71   1/16/1855      Young, Willis B. from David Y. Smalley  40A NE NE 23/39/31
x C/209  2/21/1856      Young, Willis B. from William Pyle      40A SE NE 24/39/31
x C/500  3/14/1857      Young, Willis B. from William Thomas    80A NE SW + SE NW 10/39/31

  B/351  9/9/1853       Osborne, James from Major T. Hancock    20A S 1/2 NE SW 17/39/30
  C/224  9/9/1853       Osborn, Thos. from M.T. Hancock         40A NW SW 17/39/30
  D/379  7/14/1857      Osborn, Norman L. from Danl. Brown      80A S 1/2 SE 36/40/33
  F/311  1/9/1860       Osborne, McDonald C. from Alex H. Spencer   50A pt. NE -- N 1/2 7/41/33
  F/483  12/23/1859     Osborne, Christina from Wm. Pearson+@   40A NW NE 15/39/31

Bates Co., MO Deeds

        Only additional information not in index copied.

B/354.  from James Osborne + Mary Osborne his wife of Bates Co., MO.
B/390.  from Thomas Osbourn + Mary Osborn of Bates Co., MO;  their interest in ...
B/391.  from George Wakefield + Joanna Wakefield his wife of Bates Co., MO;  their interest in ...
B/392.  from Mary C. Osbourn of Bates Co., MO;  her interest in ...
B/407.  from Naomi Embree of Buckanan, MO;  her interest in ...
B/412.  from James Osborne + Mary his wife of Kansas;  their interest as heirs to part of Robert
                Osborn's land lying in Bates Co., MO.
C/27.   from Enoch Osborn + Anna Osborn his wife of Bates Co., MO;  their interest in ...
C/70.   from Frederick Brown + Sarah Ann Brown his wife of Bates Co., MO;  their interest in ...
C/71.   from David Y. Smalley + Manerva Smalley his wife of Bates Co., MO.
C/209.  from William Pyle + Levina Pyle his wife of Bates Co., MO.
C/500.  from William Thomas + Sarah Thomas his wife of Bates Co., MO.

Boone Co., MO Grantor Deed Index 1821-

  (SLFHL 0909097)

4/23/1828   4/22/1828   B/447   George Osborn + @ to David W. Williams   1 lot in Columbia
                                                                         213 pt only - see deed
2/17/1830   8/11/1829   C/257   John Osborn + wf to James M. Alexander   80A twp 49, rng 13
3/28/1831   3/12/1831   C/494   John Osborn + wf                         Lot #17 + pt Lot #34 11A
3/28/1831   3/12/1831   C/504   "                to John B. Hays         16.5A near Columbia
6/22/1832   7/22/1832   D/371   Hays, John B.+wf to John Osborn
9/29/1834   9/26/1834   E/435   "                to Austin A. King       16.5A near Columbia
11/28/1835  11/6/1835   F/336   Jeptha Osborn+wf to John Kimbrough       Lot #153 in Columbia
6/18/1834   4/30/1833   E/368   Geo. W. Osborne + @ to John Osborne      Personal property
6/29/1835   8/5/1833    F/170   Geo. W. Osborn                           Lease agreement
11/28/1835  11/6/1835   F/336   Jeptha Osborn    to John Kimbrough       Lot #153 in Columbia
10/31/1838  8/30/1838   I/432   "                to William Provines
10/12/1839  4/20/1839   J/352   Jeptha Osborne   to George W. Osborne
3/7/1840    12/31/1839  J/611   Jeptha Osborne   to William Provines
3/18/1840   2/29/1840   K/5     George W. Osborne to John T. Nelson
8/15/1840   8/15/1840   K/152   George W. Osborne to Jeptha Osborne
3/8/1841    3/8/1841    K/425   John Osborn      to Jefferson Garth
8/2/1841    3/12/1841   L/125   Jeptha Osborne   to Overton Harris

Boone Co., MO Grantees Index 1821-

  (SLFHL 0909095)

3/14/1828   2/1/1828    B/438   John Osborn from Daniel P. Wilcox
2/17/1830   1/15/1830   C/358   John Osborn from Andrew Spence
8/5/1830    1/12/1830   C/366   John Osborne from Edward Camplin (agreement)
3/8/1832    4/5/1831    D/274   Jeptha Osborne from D.B. + Miner Neale
6/18/1834   4/30/1833   E/368   John Osborne from Geo. W. Osborn + Charles Byrne (a horse)
11/4/1834   8/20/1834   F/23    George Osborn from Durrett Hubbard

Boone Co., MO Deeds

F/23. Made 8/26/1834 rec. 8/28/1834;  Durrett Hubbard Senr. and Susan
  Hubbard his wife of Boone Co., MO to George Osborn of Boone Co., MO;  A
  tract of land in Boone Co., MO, being the NW 1/4 Sec. 15 Twp 47 Rng 12
  containing 160 acres, also 2 acres in NW corner of NE 1/4 of Sec. 15
  Twp 47 Rng 12;  Signed Durrett Hubbard and Susannah her X mark Hubbard.
  (SLFHL 0909101)

Daviess Co., MO Deeds

Daviess Co., MO Grantor Deed Index  (SLFHL 0947999)
Osborn, Thos. J. + wf + @       12/3/1849       C/357   (SLFHL 0954888)

Daviess Co., MO Grantee Deed Index  (SLFHL 0947999)
Osborn, Thos. J. + @            10/29/1850      C/286
Osborn + @                      10/30/1846      B/370

B/370.  10/3/1846 rec. 10/30/1846;  Partition of the lands of Jesse Osburn,
  dec'd to the widow + heirs;  Widow Margaret Osburn;  Heirs Eliza Ann Osburn,
  Joseph Wood + Emeline his wife, Jeptha Osburn, Mary E. Osburn, America
  Osburn, George Johnson, Charles W. Steward, Martin D. Hines + Mariah his
  wife, Margaret Osburn Jr., Zarilda Osburn;  The widow received 326 acres,
  each of the heirs about 160 acres.

C/286.  10/29/1850 rec. 11/2/1850;  An order of sale by sheriff of Daviess Co.,
  MO on petition for partition of Susan E. Wood;  William M. Osborn, Malissa J.
  Cope, Thomas J. Osborn and Charles Stewart and George Johnson by Thomas J.
  Osborn their curator, Margaret C. Osborn, Sarilda E. Osborn, Mary E. Osborn
  and America S. Osborn by Allen J. Cope their curator, Jeptha D. Osborn and
  Marion A. Hines by Martin D. Hines their curator and Jeptha C. Wood adm of
  the estate of Eliza Osborn, dec'd ... belonging to the estate of Jesse
  Osborn, dec'd to wit: Lots #1 + 2 both NW of sec 5 and the SW qr of sec 5 all
  in twp 58 rng 29 in Daviess Co., MO.

C/357.  12/3/1849 rec. 12/3/1849;  Joseph Wood + Emaline Wood his wife, Allen
  J. Cope + Melissa Jane Cope his wife, Robert F. Owings + Margaret C. Owings
  his wife, Thomas J. Osborne + Isabella Frances Osborn his wife all of
  Daviess Co., MO, William M. Osborn + Elizabeth Osborn his wife of DeKalb Co.,
  MO to Reuben D. Black of Daviess Co., MO lots #1 + 2 of the NW qr + the SW
  qr all in sec 5 twp 58 rng 29 of 326 A.

Jackson Co., MO Deed Index

        Jackson Co., MO Grantor Deed Index 1828-1857  (SLFHL 1017962)
        Jackson Co., MO Grantee Deed Index 1828-1857  (same film)

  B/24   3/10/1832  deed        Osburn, William + wf to Samuel D. Lucas
  F/447  6/29/1839  mort        Osborn, Enoch + wf to Gabriel Ch-----

Macon Co., MO Deeds

27/176.  12/15/1875 rec. 5/26/1877;  Dovey Osborne, Elizabeth Jane Bennett
  and her husband William A. Bennett, Jemimah A. Scobey and her husband
  William H. Scobey, John H. Osborne and Mathilda J. Osborne his wife,
  Adaline Dash (signed as Dasch) and her husband Phillip Dash (signed as
  Dasch), Eliza Pillars and her husband Daniel Pillars, and Sarah A. Osborne
  of the State of Missouri and Malissa Smith and her husband William H. Smith
  of the State of Kansas to Jacob Cress of MO; Witnesseth: that the said
  parties of the first part the first named being Widow of Robert A. Osborne
  and the others the sole and only heirs of said Robert A. Osborne ...;
  being the same land bought by said Robert A. Osborne from George M. Taylor
  and William D. Mannaduke? ...

Annals of Platte Co., MO

        W.M. Paxton, Kansas City, MO, Hudson-Kimberly Pub. Co., 1897.

p124.  March 1850.  Aaron Osborn of New Market, died in Holt Co.;  he was
        a cabinet maker;  m'd Sarah Harker.  Ch: I. Malinda m'd John Chambers.
        II. Elizabeth m'd Wm. Gan.  III. Capt. Aaron F.<sic> m'd Winnie A.
        Merchant, wid. of Thos., 6 chn.  IV. John W., m'd Julia A. Armstrong.
        V. Sarah, m'd Wm. Lewis, son of Jesse.
p303.  9/1/1860.  James Osborn having died at Weston, M. Ellinger administered.
        Bond, $10,000.  He was a merchant of Weston.  He m'd Nancy Lewis, dau.
        of John.  Ch: 1, Mary Frances Osborn;  2, Amanda S.;  3, Robert.
p1050. 1/26/1896.  Mrs. Winnie A. Osborn, nee Robertson, died at Weston.  She
        marr. 1859 Thos. A. Merchant who died 1870.  She marr. 2nd Farmar A.