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Accomack Co., VA Deeds

Wills+Deeds Book 1692-1715
p436.  2 Mar 1707/8 rec. 26 Apr 1708;  John Jenifer Osbourne of Accomack Co.
  to Hill Drummond; 200 acres; dower release by Patience the wife of John
  Jenifer Osborn of Accomack Co.

Amelia Co., VA Deeds

7/544.  9/4/1760 rec. 3/26/1761;  John Osborn and Lucy Osborn his wife, and
  his mother Mary Osborn all of Amelia Co., Raleigh Parish, carpenter to
  Richard Jones of Amelia Co.,  Nottoway Parish, planter;  20 lbs. for a
  tract of land of 50 acres in Amelia Co. on the south side of West Creek;
  Signed John (his E mark) Osborn, Mary (her + mark) Osborn,
  Lucy (her + mark) Osborn.

Bedford Co., VA Deed Index

   Grantor Deed Index  O-Z  1754-1930  (SLFHL 0030550)
   Grantee Deed Index  N-Z  1754-1930  (          553)

x 6/276  1779   deed    Osburn, John from Thomas Weatherford + ux  270 A
x 6/309  1779   deed    Osburn, John to John Hall       271 A
x 7/609  1786   deed    Osburn, John from Elizabeth Morrol, extrx+@  260 A
x 7/344  1785   marr.   Osborn, Sarah to Benjamin Wilks
x 8/280  1790   B of S  Osburn, John from Marmaduke Dallis      pers property
  9/441  17xx   deed    Osburn, John to Thomas Woodford  234 A

Bedford Co., VA Deeds

        Deed Bk 6-7   1778-1787  (SLFHL 0030556)
                8-10  1787-1798  (          557)

6/276.  3/10/1779 rec. 3/13/1779;  Thomas Weatherford of Bedford Co. to John
  Osburn of Bedford Co.;  325 lbs. for 270 acres in Bedford Co.;  Signed
  Thomas Weatherford + Elizabeth (X) Weatherford;  Wit: John Wilks, William (X)
  Butler, + Coonrod Newman.

6/309.  9/27/1779 rec. 9/27/1779;  John Osburn of Bedford Co. to John Hall of
  Bedford Co., VA;  350 lbs. for 270 acres;  Signed John Osburn;  Wit. not
  recorded;  Rachel wife of John Osburn gives up right of dower.

7/344.  Sarah Osborn + Benjamin Wilks marr. 12/23/1783 by William Johnson.

7/609.  3/3/1786 rec. 4/24/1786;  Elizabeth Morroll + conrade Slusher of
  Augusta Co., exrs. of Adam Broback, dec'd, to John Osburn;  140 lbs. for
  260 acres in Bedford Co. on Crab Orchard Cr.;  Signed Elizabeth (X) Morroll
  + Conrod (X) Schlopan<sic>;  Wit: Benjamin Wilks, Francis Wilks, + Wm. (X)

8/280.  10/10/1789 rec. 4/24/1790;  Marmaduke Dallas of Bedford Co. to John
  Osburn of said county;  40 lbs. for personal property;  Signed Marmaduke
  (M) Dallas;  Wit: Samuel Osburn + Agnes (A) Dallas.

9/441.  5/12/1794 rec. 12/22/1794;  John Osburn + Rachel his wife of Franklin
  Co., VA to Thomas Woodford of Bedford Co.;  300 lbs. for 223 acres in Bedford
  Co. on the waters of Crab Orchard Cr.;  Signed John Osburn;  Wit: Stephen
  Preston, John Pollard, + William (X) Woodford.

Charlotte Co., VA Deeds

9/54.  2/6/1801 rec. 7/6/1801;  Amey Osborne widow of Thomas Osborne dec'd,
  Philip Osborne, Samuel Osborne, Edward Osborne, Jones Osborne, Francis
  Barnes, and Solomon Harmon Elam __ Co. heirs of the said dec'd to Reps
  Osborne Jr.; 255 lbs. 5 shillings for a tract of land in Charlotte Co. on
  the waters of Bluestone Creek being the land whereon Thomas Osborne dec'd
  lately resided containing 280 acres.

12/215.  9/6/1813 prvd. 9/6/1813;  Joseph Davis of Charlotte Co. to Samuel
  Osburn of Halifax Co.;  99 lbs. for 99 acres in Charlotte Co.;  Dower
  release by by Patsey, wife of Joseph Davis.

14/94.  10/6/1817 rec. 10/6/1817;  John Osburn, Skerm Osburn, and Elizabeth
  Osburn of Charlotte Co. to Solomon Davis of the same county;  $400 for
  99 1/2 acres in Charlotte Co.

Franklin Co., VA Deed Index

        Grantor Deed Index  1786-1897   (SLFHL 0031494)
        Grantee Deed Index  1786-1897   (          495)

  3/57          Osburn, John from Baze Thurman
x 3/447         Osburn, John from Francis Wilkes
x 3/452         Osburn, Samuel from Francis Wilkes
  3/688         Osburn, Samuel to Peter Feller
  4/3           Osburn, Samuel from William Burdett
x 4/179         Osburn, John to Robert Pasley
x 4/210         Osburn, John to Thomas Dunn
  4/223         Osburn, John Jr. from John Osburn Sr.
                                (wit. by Sam'l Dunn + Baze Therman)
  4/327         Osburn, Thomas from John Barns
x 4/439         Osburn, Samuel to Thomas Leftwich
x 4/610         Osburn, Thomas from John Osburn
  4/618         Osburn, Thomas to Moses Greer
  6/130         Osborne, John from Thomas Hill
  7/157         Osborne, Branch from Nathan Johnson
x 7/436         Osborne, John to Peter Saunders
  7/412         Osborne, Branch to Nathan Johnson
  8/210         Osborne, Branch to Edward + John Powell
  11/15         Osborne, Branch from Henry Childress
  13/253        Osborne, Branch to Abram Childress

Franklin Co., VA Deeds

3/447.  7/3/1797 rec. 7//1797;  Francis Wilks to John Ozbin, residences not
  stated;  40 lbs. for 180 acres in Franklin Co.;  Signed Francis Wilks.

3/452.  7/3/1797 rec. 7//1797;  Francis Wilks of Franklin Co. to Samuel Ozbin
  of the same place;  30 lbs. for 157 acres in Franklin Co. on the waters of
  Black Water River, this tract of land is adjacent to the tract mentioned
  in deed 3/447;  Signed Francis Wilks.

4/179.  9/5/1801 rec. 9//1801;  John Osburn + Mourning his wife of Bedford Co.
  to Robert Pasley of Franklin Co.;  30 lbs. for 180 acres in Franklin Co. on
  the South Branch of Gill's Cr., this is the same tract of land that John
  Osburn purchased from Francis Wilks in deed 3/447;  Signed John Osburn +
  Mourning Osburn.

4/210.  10/7/1799 rec. 10//1799;  John Osborne of Franklin Co. to Thomas Dunn
  of Campbell Co.;  325 lbs. for 300 acres in Franklin Co.;  Signed John
  Osburn + Rachel (X) Osb'n.

4/439.  10/12/1802 rec. 4/4/1803;  Samuel Osburn + Mary his wife of Franklin
  Co. to Thomas Leftwich of Bedford Co.;  65 lbs. for 50 acres in Franklin Co.
  on the south side of Stanton River;  Signed Samuel Osburn + Mary Osburn;
  Wit:  Philip Realy, Peter Booth, James S. Hail, Baze Thurman, Sam'l Dunn,
  Thos. Dunn.

4/610.  7/2/1804 rec. 7/2/1804;  "Deed of Release" by John Osborne to his
  father Thomas Osborne;  Signed John Osborn.

7/436.  9/3/1814 rec. 10/15/1814;  John Osbern + Salley his wife to Peter
  Saunders <no loc. rec.>;  40 1/2 acres in Franklin co. on Powder Mill Cr.;
  Signed John Osborn + Salley Osborn.

Frederick Co., VA Deed Index

        Frederick Co., VA Deed Index v1  1743-1839  (SLFHL 0031366)

  8/13    1762  deed    Osburn, Nicholas from Noah Harris
  15/222  1771  deed    Osbon, David from David Wadkins + ux
  17/108  1776  deed    Osborne, Nicholas + ux to Hugh Ferguson
  21/90x  1788  deed    Osburn, David from Christopher Heiskell + ux
  SC2/126 1794  Dedimus Osburn, Abner + ux to William Castleman
  27/508  1802  deed    Osborne, David to Edward Ridgway
  46/85   1822  trust   Osburne, Joshua + @ from Treadwell Smith + ux
  50/68   1825  deed    Osburn, George from Benjamin Harris Sr.
  50/70   1825  trust   Osburn, George + ux to Beatty Carson + @
  52/267  1827  deed    Osborn, Richard + ux to Parkison D. Shepperd
  53/134  1827  deed    Osburn, George from Benjamin Harris Sr.

Frederick Co., VA Deeds

        Deed Book 17  (SLFHL 0031376)

17/108.  2/27/1776 rec. 5/7/1776;  Nicholas Osborne of Loudoun Co., VA to
  Hugh Ferguson of Frederick Co., VA;  5 shillings current money of VA for
  200 acres being part of a tract of land of 340 acres granted to Noah
  Haines by deed from Lord Fairfax of date 5/30/1751 and sold by Noah Haines
  to Nicholas Osborne on 1st + 2nd Oct 1762;  Signed Nicholas Osborn;
  Wit: Martin Baker, William Frost, + John Frost.

17/109.  2/27/1776 rec. 5/7/1776;  Nicholas Osburn + Mary his wife of
  Loudoun Co., VA to Hugh Ferguson of Frederick Co., VA;  200 pounds current
  money of VA for (same land prev. deed);  Signed Nicholas Osburn + Mary
  her(W)mark Osburn;  Wit: same as prev. deed.

Halifax Co., VA Deeds

19/412.  10/20/1802 prvd. 12/27/1802;  Edward Osborn and Polly his wife to
  John Osborn; 20 lbs. for their interest in two negros, their part in the
  estate of their grandfather;  to be equally divided among John Osborn,
  Polly Osborn, Edward Osborn, and Fanny Osborn children to Skearm Osborn by
  Patty his wife who was dau. of William Arnold decd and now Polly Osborn
  wife of said Edward.

24/111.  11/21/1812 prvd. 11/24/1812;  Elizabeath Osburn, William Osburn,
  Fanny Osburn, Caty Osburn, + John Osburn of Halifax Co. to Thomas Osburn;
  20 lbs., 5 shillings for 135 acres in Halifax Co.;  All signed by marks.
  (SLFHL 00031891)

31/52.  11/25/1822 prvd. 11/25/1822;  Lucy Ozborne widow of Scarum Ozborne
  dec'd, Burwell Ozborne and Mary F. his wife, George Thomas and Parkey his
  wife formerly Parky Ozborne, and Robert Jones and Johanna his wife formerly
  Johanna Ozborne who are the heirs and distributees of said Scarum Ozborne
  dec'd of Halifax Co., VA to Adam Toot of Halifax Co., VA;  $300 for a tract
  of land of 25 acres.

60/222.  2/22/1860 rec. 1/2-/1864;  Richard Osborne and Eliza P. Osborne his
  wife to Joseph A. Osborne;  $200 for the interest of Richard P. Osborne in
  the land now held for life by Patsey Osborne's dower in the estate of his
  father Thomas Osborne dec'd.

Russell Co., VA Grantor Deed

Index 1787-1917

  (SLFHL 0033828)

6/13/1787  deed Osborn, James+Mary      Moses Damron    1/1     130A Clinch River
1/24/1792  "            James+Mary      Austin Bush     1/195   125A Clinch River
           ref          James           John Damron     1/203
1/22/1793  deed         James+Mary      Samuel Stalliards 1/250 360A Clinch River
7/28/1795  "            James+@         J.Marshall+S.Flannery 2/5 190A Clinch River
8/25/1795  "    Osband, James           William Turner  2/23    116A Mockerson Cr.
9/22/1795  "    Osburn, James+Mary      Samuel Cornet   2/46    230 1/2A Mockerson Cr.
8/26/1800  "    Osborn, James+@         T.Johnson+N.Ellington 3/114 Lots 1+2 Dickensonville
6/4/1805   "            James+Gildy     M.E. Church     3/605   1A
12/6/1808  "            James+Matilda   Jonothan Osborn 4/220   100A Clinch River

7/28/1795  "    Osborn, Steven+@        J.Marshall+S.Flannery 2/5 190A Clinch River
1//1802    "            Stephen+Comfort James Osborn    3/274   100A Clinch River
1//1802    "            same            same            3/276   100A Clinch River
1//1802    "            same            Johnathan Osborn 3/281  144A
1/2/1810   "            same            William Osborn  4/309   200A Clinch River

1/22/1793  "    Osborn, William         James Osborne   1/245   360A

Wayne Co., VA Deeds

A/251.  3/9/1844 prvd. 2/10/1845;  Walter Osburn, Thomas Ausburn, and Thomas
  Read and Pearsia Read his wife, Merodith Edwards + Sariah Edwards his wife,
  + John Woods + Mary Woods his wife, and Joseph Workman + Nancy Workman his
  wife, and John Osburn, heirs of Edmund Osburn, deceased, of Wayne Co., VA
  to Charles + Leander Osburn, heirs of the said Edmund Osburn;  $1 for 200
  acres on the waters of Twelvepole in Wayne Co., VA; Pearsia Read signed as
  Merisia Read.

A/361.  12/27/1845;  Thomas Vaughan and Minerva his wife, Edmund Osburn and
  Sarah Ann his wife, Lewis Bartram and Eliza Frances his wife, James Ball
  and Virginia Caroline his wife, of Wayne Co., VA to Erben Walker of the
  same place;  $235 for four tenths of four tracts of land in Wayne Co., VA,
  being land conveyed to Charles Walker.

B/215.  11/14/1849 prvd. 11/15/1849;  John Osburn and Susan his wife to Joel
  Ferguson, all of Wayne Co., VA;  Their interest in the undivided tract or
  tracts of land in Wayne Co., VA owned by Edmond Osburn when he deceased.

B/254.  2/22/1850 prvd. 2/22/1850;  Mary Osburn for her natural love for her
  daughter Marisa Reed wife of Thomas Reed to the said Marisa Reed, personal

C/183.  6/20/1861;  Deed of partition between Edmund Osburn, Margrett
  Ferguson(wife of Lewis S. Ferguson), Polly Napier(wife of Robert Napier),
  Matilda Francis(wife of Jesse Francis), Rebecca Dickerson(wife of Hiram
  Dickerson), Martha Dean(wife of Joseph Dean Jr.), Samuel Osburn, John
  Osburn, Thomas Osburn, Joseph Osburn, Henry Osburn, Robert Osburn, William
  Osburn, Lafayette Osburn, Susan Osburn, Maxwell Osburn, Harrison Watts and
  Alderson Watts, all of Wayne Co., VA by Milton J. Ferguson a Special
  Commissioner; lands of which John Osburn died seized.

C/346.  9/29/1865;  Edmund J. Ferguson, Ira Jackson and Cynthia his wife,
  Samuel Ferguson and Martha June his wife, Stephen Dean and Pauline his
  wife, W.M. Scaggs and Adaline his wife Fleming Thompson <and> Zella his
  wife, John Ferguson and Mary Jane Ferguson wife of the said Edmund J.
  Ferguson the heeirs at law of the estate of Elizabeth Ferguson (late
  Elizabeth Osburn who was daughter and heir at law of Edmund Osburn dec.)
  all of Wayne Co., WV to Thomas Vaughn;  $72 for land descended to them from
  the estate of Edmund Osburn dec'd in Wayne Co., WV.

N/175.  2/8/1870;  Widow and undersigned heirs of Thos. Osburn Dec'd to
  Marshall Cyrus all of Wayne Co., WV;  their interest in land in Wayne Co.
  on the waters of Wolf Creek;  Signed Emilia (her X mark) Osburn, John T.
  Osburn, Louisa Osburn, Henry (his X mark) Christian, Rebecca (her X mark)
  Christian, Walter Osburn, Martha (her X mark) Osburn, Sarah (her X mark)
  Osburn, Silas Christian, Mary Christian;  Grantors Amelia Osburn, John T.
  Osburn and Louisa Osburn his wife, Henry Christian and Rebecca Christian
  his wife, Walter Osburn and Martha Osburn his wife, Sarah Osburn, and Silas
  Christian and Mary Christian his wife.