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Bedford Co., VA Marr. Bonds

        From microfilm at the Library of Virginia

The bonds are organized first by first letter of the last name and then
by marriage year.  So a reel designated "1849M - 1835O" covers marriges
of surnames starting with letter "M" in the year 1849 to surnames starting
with letter "O" in the year 1835.

All of the bonds and consent notes were extremely faint on the microfilm and
essentially impossible to photocopy.

Bedford Co., VA Reel 189: Bonds 1849M - 1835O
frame 772:
Bond: 11 Jan 1786, Nicholas Osburn to Rachel Hibbs, Solomon Butler, bm.;
                                                  his        Wit:
                Signed Nicholas Osburn and Solomon O Butler   J. Stepton

Consent: Sir,
              I am willing that you shoud issue a
         license for the intermarriage of my son
         Nicholas Osburn with Rachel Hibbs
         Given under my hand this 10th day of January
                                      John Osburn
            Wilum Butler
            Marmadrake delis
                To the clerk of Bedford

Consent: Sir, I am willing that you shoud isue a
           license for the intermarriage of my daughter
           Rachel Hibbs with Nicholas Osburn Given
           under my hand this 10th day of January 1786.
           Witness                    Isaac Hibbs
              Willum Cru-h
              James Age
                To Mr. J. Stepton Cl. Bedford Court

frame 777:
Bond: 31 Dec 1788, Samuel Osburn to Mary McGlothan, Robert Dallam, bm.;
                           his                 his
                Signed Saml + Osburn and Robert R Dallam
                           mark                mark

Consent: Sir, this is to ----- that my son is a going
         to be married to John Macglahlons daughter
         and we both ----- that you wold grant him a
         lisence for ------- to the ---
         Robert Dallan          John Osburn
         Benjamin ---?(Hibbs?)  John Mac Glohlon
                December the 31 1789

Bedford Co., VA Reel 186: Bonds 1791K - 1843L
frame 654:
Bond: 8 Aug 1811, Alexander Lazenby to Frances Osborne, Branch Osborn, bm.;
         Wit: J.C. Steptoe                      Alex X Lazenby
                                                Branch X Osborne

Consent: Mr. James Steptoe please to grant license
         between Allexander Lazenby + Frances Ausbourn
         and in so doing you will oblige your most
         obet. ---- 8 August 1811                her
            Branch Orsborn              Elizabeth X Orsborn
            Robert Lazenby Jnr.                  mark
         reverse: ---- Eliza the mother ---- the within +
                  father was dead ----

Franklin Co., VA Marr. Bonds

(SLFHL 1977986, frame #71)
Bond: 6 Dec 1794, William Burdet to Rachel Osburn, Benjamin Osburn, bm.;
         No witnesses                       William  I  Burdet
                                              Benjamin Osburn

(SLFHL 1977989, frame #146)
Bond: 16 Aug 1804, John Osborne to Sarah Hill, John Ferguson, bm.;
         Bottom of bond torn off, no signatures.

(SLFHL 1977989, frame #148)
Consent: This is to sertefy that I desier you may ishue a Lisen of matrimony
         in be half of John Ausburn + my daghtor Sarah this given under my
         hand this 16 of August 1804.
         Mr.                                            Thos. Hill
         James Callawy Clark Franklin

(SLFHL 1977989, frame #655)
Bond: 14 Apr 1807, Robert Lazenby Jr. to Nancy Osborne, Thompson Osborne, bm.;
                                             Robert Lazenby
         Witness                             his
           --------                 Thompson  +  Osborne

(SLFHL 1977989, frame #657)
Consent:                    Bedford   April 13th 1807
         Hond. Sir this is to certify that I am perfectly well Satisfied that
         licans should be issued to joine together My son Robert Lazenby and
         Nancy Osborn in the Holy State of Matrimony please to grant them and
         this Shall be your Suffcant warrent given under My hand this Day and
         Date Above mentioned
         Mr Caleb Tate Clarke                   Robert Lazenby Ser
         In Franklin Court
         Henry Hatcher
         Thompson Osborn

(SLFHL 1977990, frame #188)
Bond: 16 Oct 1809, Nathan Johnson to Elizabeth Osborne, John Osborne, bm.;
         Witness                        Nathan Johnson
         James C. Anderson                      John Osborn

(SLFHL 1977992, frame #139)
Bond: 4 Jan 1819, Branch Osborne to Rachel Greer, Ezekiel Greer, bm.;
         Witness                            Branch Osborne
         A. Thompson                         Ezekiel Greer

Greenbrier Co., (W)VA Marr.

Greenbrier Co., WV Marr. Bk 1-A 1780-1849  (SLFHL 0595040)

p1    6/14/1781   Ozburn, Sarah[#2622] + Geo. Alderson by Jno. Alderson
p17   11/23/1781  Ozburn, Rebecka + John Claypole by Jno. Alderson
p23   2/10/1783   Osburn, Eliza.[#2623] + John Dunbar by Jno. Alderson
p109  3/27/1787   Osburn, John[#2520] + Mary Johnston by John W. Cue
p109  4/2/1789    Ozburn, Levi[#2620] + Nancy Johnston <by whom not rec.>
p109  1/3/1798    Osbourn, David[#2626] + Mary O'Harra by Josia Osburn
p114  6/17/1800   Osborne, Mary + William Puttuff by Jno. Alderson
p72   3/13/1802   Ozburn, Huldy[#2621] + Saml Kincaid by Jno. Alderson
p109  6/5/1806    Osburn, Jacob[#7177] + Susanna Henning by John Pennell
p64   7/13/1806   Osborn, Debrois[#2625] + Edward Johnston by Jno. Alderson
p72   8/3/1806    Osborn, Susanna[#7178] + John Kelly by Jno. Pinnell
p58   7/7/1808    Osborn, Elizth. + Arnold Henning by Jno. Pinole
p109  7/5/1815    Osborne, George + Susanna Fleshman by Josiah Osborne
p109  9/4/1815    Osborne, Leonard[#12670] + Betsy Melone by Josiah Osborne
p100  5/27/1829   Ozburne, Catharine[#12767] + Abner<?> Neal by Jno. McElhenny
p109  8/18<16?>/1831  Ozburn, Josiah + Nancy Bowen by Jacob Drup
p95   10/17/1844  Osburn, Martha + L. Morgan by Rev. A.G. Compton
p109  2/11/1847   Osborne, Wm.[#12673] + Sarah Jones by Saml Martin

Greenbrier Co., WV Marr. Bk Led 1843-1878  (SJFHC 4209)

                3/3/1851        Osborn, John + Rachel Sharin? by D.H. Cunningham
  8/11/1851     8/14/1851       Osburne, Elizabeth + Wm. N. Arbough by John McElhenny
  12/15/1851    12/18/1851      Osborne, Jesse + Eaby? Campbell by Samuel Martin
  2/23/1852     2/23/1852       Osborne, James M. + Susan Martin by G.L. ----
  3/13/1852     4/1/1852        Osborne, Mary Margaret + William Shuck by Samuel Martin
  5/11/1852     5/14/1852       Osborne, Eleanor Jane + Thomas James Thomas by L.A. Alderson
  6/22/1852     6/23/1852       Osborne, Nancy Elizabeth + John Thomas by L.A. Alderson
  8/24/1852     8/26/1852       Osborne, Wm. + Sarah Callison by George W. Cooper

Greenbrier Co., WV Marr. Index

Osbornse, Susan Jane    1-B/10  1858
Osborn, Jane            1-B/14  1860
        Rebecca         1-B/14  1860
Osborne, H'y            1-B/14  1860