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Owen Co., KY  Will Book D  1847-1858  (SLFHL 0272764)

p37.  A.W. Osburn Guardian Report 5/15/1848 rec. 5//1848;
  Brother L.B. Osburn is the husband of the mother of wards Joseph Weaver
  + Benjamin Weaver.

p255.  Inv. + Appr. of the estate of Richard Osburn, dec'd
  11/1/1851 rec. 11/1/1851;  David Clifton adm.

p264.  Sale bill for Richard Osborn.  Buyers: Lewis Osborn,
  W.S. Osborn, G.W. Hammon, John Hammon, David Clifton, Ben Osborn, Joab
  Osborn, Andy Osborn, Sarah Osborn.

Owen Co., KY  Will Book G  (SLFHL 1843364)
p1.  Made 5/20/1893, prb. 6/26/1893;  Will of Jeptha Osburn;  Wife Sally
  Ann;  Chn of James L. Sebree, viz. Sarah Bell, Jeptha, Tommie, Richard,
  Revill, and Loulie;  Mary Ollie Sebree, wife of James L. Sebree, rel. to
  Jeptha Osburn not stated;  brothers and sisters W.R. Osborn, David L.
  Osburn, Thos. J. Osburn, Sally Bennett, Almira Sebastaine, Nancy Jane
  Obanion, and Brunette Elizabeth Garrard;  Exr: brother Thos. J. Osborn;
  Signed Jeptha Osborn;  Wit: James Wash + L.M. Rowlett.

Owen Co., KY  Will Book J  (Copied at the Owen Co., KY courthouse)

p115.  1/4/1947 prb. 1/23/1954;  Last Will + Testament of James Osborne;
  Wife Sallie;  Wit: Earl H. Jackson, E.T. Reed;  James Osborne died

Owen Co., KY  Court Order Book A-B 1819-1829  (SLFHL 0272766)

22   12/13/1819  The court this day received the Jail of this county from
                Richard Osborn the undertaker thereof the same being finished
                according to contract and the said Osburn is hereby discharged
                from his obligations entered into for the completion of said

123    9/8/1823  Elias Osburn exempted from the payment of the levy for the
                year 1823.

322   10/6/1829  Doctor Franklin Osburn has $1.50 claim against county.

Owen Co., KY  Court Order Book C 1830-1838  (SLFHL 0272766)

85     6/4/1832  Ordered that the sum of $20 be allowed Fanny Osburn Wife of
                Bartholomew Osburn for the support of herself and children
                and that William Cobb be appointed a committee to disburse
                the same and that he draw on James OHara the County Attorney
                for the said sum.

85     6/4/1832  Same for Sally Osburn Wife of Richardson Osburn.

116   10/1/1832  A list of persons who have obtained License to stand covering
                horses and Jacks ... together with names of horses or Jacks
                and the rates at which they stand:
                    Doctor F. Osburn     horse     $2.00

144    1/7/1833  Ordered that William Cobb the Committee of the Mrs. Osburns
                pay over no further money to them under order of this court
                until further orders and the order of continuance herein be
                set aside.

395   10/3/1836  On motion of Jesse Robinson ordered that James Perkins,
                Washington OBanion, Daniel Cobb, + Doctor F. Osburn be and
                they are appointed reviewers of a road proposed to be opened
                from the abutment of the bridge on the west side of Eagle
                Creek at Cobbs Mill to the top of the hill near the fence
                of R.N. Roland.

507    6/4/1838  Ordered that Richard Osburn + Abram Kightly be and they are
                released from the payment of any county Levy forever

Owen Co., KY Court Order Book D  1839-1845  (SLFHL 0272766)

154    9/6/1841  Ordered that the clerk of this Court bind out to any person
                who will take them the following children towit: Aaron, Joab,
                Bennett, America, Doctor F. Osburn children of Bartholomew
                Osburn according to law now in force in relation to the poor.

264   6/19/1843  Patsy Scott infant daughter of William Scott, decd came
                into court she being over 14 years of age and made choice of
                William Walker as her guardian.  Thereupon said Walker
                entered into bond with John L. Haydon his securities in the
                penalty of $500 conditioned according to law.
                [Note: Some of the guardianship and apprenticeship cases
                 could be for the children of William Scott and Mary Ann
                 Osburn, married April 1835 in Owen Co., KY.  More
                 information on their children is desired.]

Owen Co., KY  Court Order Book E 1846-1853  (SLFHL 0272767)

54    8/17/1846  Ordered that Joab Osburn, Lewis Osburn + others be added to
                D.F. Osburn's boundary of road.

56    8/17/1846  Jno. C. Scott ordered summons against Elias Osburn regarding
                custody of Bennett Osburn infant orphan of Bartholemew

60    9/21/1846  Elias Osburn, defendant, appeared before the court opposing
                the binding out of Bennet Osburn(son of Bartholomew Osburn)
                claiming the right to said Bennet under contract with his
                (Bennet's) father.  The court cancelled the contract and
                Bennet released from further obligations to Elias Osburn.
                Clerk of the court ordered to enter into indentures with
                John C. Scott for the binding out of Bennet Osburn to learn
                the trade of miller.

81   11/17/1846  Sheriff returned to court the following individuals with
                their lists of properties which are not returned for the year
                1846:  Doctor F. Osburn  30 acres land on the waters of
                                           Eagle Creek.
                                        Other stuff.

98    2/12/1847  George W. Hammons appointed constable.

197   4/18/1848  A.W. Osburn, guardian of Joseph M. + Benjamin C. Weaver,
                summoned to court regarding why he has not made a report on
                his ward's estate.

200   5/15/1848  A.W. Osburn removed as guardian.

240  11/20/1848  Ordered that Hiram Osburn, orphan of Bartholomew Osburn aged
                6 yrs. on 2/12/1849 be bound as apprentice to George W.
                Hammons to learn the trade of farmer.  His mother was present
                + consenting.

251   1/15/1849  Doctor Franklin Osburn, an infant Orphan of the county aged
                14 yrs. on the (blank) day of September last, apprenticed to
                Smith Taylor to learn the trade of farmer.

376  10/20/1851  David Clifton appointed adm. of estate of Richard Osburn

476   7/19/1852  Sarah Scott infant orphan of Wm. Scott decd being over 14
                years of age came into court and selected David Clifton as
                her Guardian.  Thereupon said Clifton together with Geo. W.
                Hammons his surety entered into and acknowledge bond in the
                penalty of payable and conditioned according to law.

                ... Joseph Scott ... who is now 12 years of age ... to take
                said Joseph Scott to the trade and business of a wool
                carder.  It is ordered that the said Joseph Scott be bound
                as an apprentice to the said Andrew Brown ...

                ... John Scott an infant orphan of this county who is 6
                <overwriting -- could b 5 or another number> years old last
                May hath no estate and Lindsey Briscoe having signified to
                the court his willingness to take said John Scott to the
                trade and business of a saddler ...

502  12/20/1852  Indenture of apprenticeship of Jno Scott to Lindsey Briscoe
                set aside; Jno Scott bound to Geo. W. Foster to learn the
                trade of cabinet maker.

530   6/20/1853  John W. Scott a minor of this county over 14 years of age
                came into court and selected Obadiah Sheets as his Guardian.

Owen Co., KY  Court Order Book F 1854-1860  (SLFHL 0272767)

95    6/18/1855  Indenture between George W. Foster and orphan John Scott
                cancelled and set aside.

Owen Co., KY Court Order Book G 1860-1867  (SLFHL 0272767)

9     8/20/1860  G.W. Hammon, guardian of W.B. Hammon, made report on ward's

33   11/19/1860  John Hammon appointed adm. of estate of Hiram Hammon, the
                widow[not named] giving up the right to do so.

329   8/29/1865  Statement made to court that Jeptha Osburn is the son of
                Jesse Osburn of Grant Co. and half brother of John A. Osburn
                + that said John A. Osburn moved from Grant Co. KY to
                Calafornia <sic> about 1850 or 1851 + afterwards moved to
                Nevada Territory.  Said John A. Osburn is now reported to be

374   3/19/1866  A.C. Osburn appointed adm. of estate of S.S. Osburn, dec'd.

Owen Co., KY Court Order Book H  (Personally recorded in Owen Co.)

353  1/22/1870   French Taylor + A.P. Taylor minor orphans over age of 14
                choose Jeptha Osborne as guardians.

Owen Co., KY Court Order Book O  (Personally recorded in Owen Co.)

435  4/25/1898   W.R. Cook apptd admr of estate of Bessie Osborne.

587  3/10/1899   Polly Ann Osburn apptd admx of estate of dec'd husband
                Strother Osburn.

Owen Co., KY Circuit Court Index

        Transcribed at the Owen Co., KY Court House

Owen Co., KY  Circuit Court  General Index  1819-1864

  1844  A-61  Osburne, ----       vs.  James Scruggs
  1836  A-36  Osburn, Richd       ads. Jas. F. Robinson
  1838  A-44  Osburn, A.W.        ads. Wingate Shipp + Co.
  1839  A-48  Osburn, A. + @      ads. J.B. Abbatt + @
  1845  A-61  Osburne, Adley + @  ads. James B. Abbott + @
  1846  A-71  Osborne, L.B. + @   ads. R.W. Orr adms
  1846  A-71      same            ads. Jo. Yates
  1847  A-77  Osburne, L.B.       ads. Morgan Chinn + @
  1848  A-81      same            ads. Lindsay Briscoe
  1848  A-81      same            ads. Wm. G. Briscoe?
  1849  A-84  Osburne, L.B.       ads. Willis Roberts
  1852  A-99  Osburne, R.         ads. J.H. Rush
  1853  A-101 Osburne, Lee B. + @ ads. W. + J.T. Roberts
x 1854  A-106 Osburn, Theressa    ads. David Clifton
  1856  A-115 Osburn, A.W.        ads. J.H. Poindexter
  1858  A-128 Osburn, Jeptha      ads. Wm. Teal
  1858  A-129 Osburn, A.J.        ads. Geo. W. Brumback + @
  1860  A-138 Osborn, W.S.        ads. W.E. Kale
  1861  A-140 Osburn, Will S.     vs.  E.H. Taylor
  1862  A-145 Osburn, Jeptha      ads. J.F. Crouch
  1862  A-146 Osburn, Strother    vs.  A.D. Blanchet + @

Owen Co., KY  Circuit Court  General Index  1864-1893

  date     Bk/Bundle
x 5//1877  T/95   Osburn, Nancy R.        vs.  Johnson Osburn
  5//1879   /124  Osburn, Jeptha          vs.  James Reed
x 11//1887 28/221 Osborne, Sarah A.       vs.  Jno. T. Osborne
  5//1888  29/230 Osborne, E.R. Guard.    vs.  C.H. Ward + @
  2//1893  32/290 Osburn, J.W. + @        vs.  Joshua Stamper heirs + @
x 4//1866  M/56   Osburn, Sarah E.        vs.  A.C. Osborn, admr of S.H. Osburn
           M/56   Osburn, S.H. admr       vs.  Wm. Brissey
x 4//1868  N/12   Osborn, Louisa          vs.  Richd Osborn
x 7//1870  O/18   Osburn, Richd           vs.  Sarah C. Osburn
x 9//1870  O/18   Osburn, Sarah C.        vs.  Richd Osburn

x 11//1870 P/20   Osborn, A.J.            ads. Jesse Holbrook
  5//1878   /109(149?) Osburn, Thos.      ads. W.C. Hamber
  5//1878  T/112  Osburn, T.J. + @        ads. A.P. Grover
  11/1878  W/114  Osburn, Mary J. Admx    ads. J.J. Adkins
  11//1878 W/119  Osburn, Alphred         ads. A.D. Jones Admr
     "       "            "                "      "
x 12//1880  /162  Osburne, Sallie + @     ads. John M. Hearn
            /67   Osborn, Jeptha          vs.  Wilburn Holbrook + @
            /67           "               vs.  N.W. Lee
            /69           "               vs.  B. Martin + @

Owen Co., KY  Circuit Court  General Index  1893-1903

  10//1893 33/297 Osburn, W.R. + @        vs.  T.J. Osburn, Exr + @
                          (mentions will of Jeptha Osburn)
x 10//1893 33/299 Osburn, Sylphia         vs.  John Osburn
  6//1896  35/329 Osburn, A.C.            vs.  Chas. Clifton + @
x 10//1900 39/392 Osburn, Susie E.        vs.  Geo. W. Osburn
x 1901     39/408 Osburn, Ivy             vs.  Wm. Osburn
  10//1903 41/436 Osbourne, Annie         vs.  Frank Osbourne
  2//189?  36/335 Osburn, Sallie A.       ads. D.E. Smith
  1904      /442  Orsborn, R.W.           ads. W.N. Th--- Com.

Owen Co., KY  Circuit Court  General Index  1904
           43/454 Orsborne, D. Frank      ads. Annie Orsborne

Owen Co., KY Circuit Court Records

        Abstracted at the Owen Co., KY Court House

David Clifton
  vs.     Filed April 19, 1852
Theressa Osburn + Doctor F. Osburn[#4]
  The plaintiff David Clifton states that he is the owner and entitled
  to the possession of a tract of land in Owen Co. containing 124 acres
  1 rood and 25 poles and bounded as follows ...  [This is the same tract
  that David Clifton purchased from Richard Osburn, Sr. and Sarah Osburn
  in 1850 -- Deed Book K p219.]  ...  The defendants Therresa Osburn and
  Doctor F. Osburn now hold possession of the land without right and for
  two years past have unlawfully kept the plaintiff out of possession.
  Note by sheriff on summons dated 19th April 1852: Come to hand April
  20th 1852 and executed April 22d Theresa Osburn by delivering to her
  a true copy of the within summons.  D.F. Osburn not found.

Sarah E. Osborn[#199] by her next friend Wm. Brissey
  vs.   Petition, filed April 19, 1866
A.C. Osborn, adr of S.H. Osborn, decd + W.J. Riley
  The pltf Sarah E. Osborn by her next friend Wm. Brissy states that
  she is the widow of S.H. Osborn, decd, who died domiciled in Owen
  Co., KY on the [blank] day of June 1865.

Louisa Osburn
  vs.   Petition in Equity, 4//1868
Richard Osborn[#320]
  Louisa Osborn states that she was married to Richard Osborn in Owen Co., KY
  in Nov. 1864 and moved to Grant Co., KY immediately after the marriage
  where she and the defendant lived until 6/1/1867.  Afterwards she lived
  with her grandfather, both her parents being dead, and she now has an
  actual residence in Owen Co., KY.   Deposition by Mary V. Brissy: Louisa
  Osborn living at her grandfather Wm. Brissy's near Owenton in Owen Co.
  At the time of their separation they were living at the house of the mother
  of Richard Osborn.  David Morrison a brother-in-law of Louisa Osborn.
  No grant of divorce found.

Richard Osborn[#185]
  vs.   Petition, filed 7/9/1870
Sarah C. Osborn
  Richard Osborn states that he married Sarah C. Jump on 7/31/1867 in Owen
  Co., KY.  He then states that 5 months later Sarah C. Osborn gave birth
  to a full grown infant.  He says that the defendant was pregnant by
  another man.  He left the defendant just after the child was born.

Sarah C. Osborn
  vs.   Petition, filed 9/15/1870
Richard Osborn
  Sarah C. Osborn states that she and Richard Osborn were married 7/31/1867
  in Owen Co., KY.  They lived together for about 4 months when defendant
  abandoned her.  Plff says that she is a resident of Owen Co., KY and has
  been all her life and that she is now about 22 years of age.  They lived
  with John Jump most of the time they were married.  Divorce granted.

Jesse Holbrook
  vs.     Filed Nov. 17, 1870
A.J. Osborn
  Case for settlement of debt by A.J. Osborn to Jesse Holbrook.
  The plaintiff has a mortgage lien on seven undivided twelfths of the
  tract of 51 1/4 acres of land described in the mortgage.  Said
  seven twelfths ordered to be sold.

Nancy R. Osborne
  vs.     Petition in Equity, filed April 23, 1877
Johnson Osborne[#133]
  The pltf Nancy R. Osborne says that she intermarried with the deft
  Johnson Osborne in the month of January 1875 in Owen Co., KY.
  Petition for divorce dismissed.

John Hearne + @
  vs.   Petition for Divison of Land, filed 12/4/1880
Sally Osborn[#181] + @
  John Hearne, Mary Hearne, Porter Holbert, Sally Holbert, R.T. Hearne,
  + Richard Osborn Jr.  vs.  Sally Osborn, Allen Osborn, John Keith,
  Zarilda Keith, Irvin Keith, Esther Keith, Moses L. Osborn, + Samuel
  Osborn.    The plffs state that Richard Osborn Sr.[#180] died in Owen Co.,
  KY intestate and at the time of his death left as his only heirs at law
  the following named persons (viz) Sally Osborn his widow, Allen Osborn,
  Zarilda wife of Irvin Keith, Moses L. Osborn, Samuel Osborn, Mary Hearne
  wife of John Hearne, Sally Holbert wife of Porter Holbert, + Richard
  Osborn.  That since his death Samuel Osborn died leaving a son whose
  name is Samuel Osborn, an infant now about 16 years old

Sarah A. Osborne
  vs.     Petition in Equity, filed April 13, 1886
John T. Osborne[#599]
  The plff Sarah A. Osborne states that she and the Deft John T. Osborne
  were legally married in Owen Co., KY on the 23rd day of November 1882.
  Plff says that as a result of said marriage there was on the [blank]
  day of August 1883 born to them a son whose name is Wm. Perry Osborne
  and that on the 5th day of Jany 1885 there was born to them another
  son whose name is Ralph Reed Osborne.  Both of said children are now
  living + with this Plff.  Divorce granted.

Sylphia Osburn
  vs.     Petition in Equity, filed Jan. 30, 1893
John Osburn[#603]
  The plff Sylphia Osburn states that she and the deft John Osburn are
  husband and wife: that they were legally married in [blank] Co., KY
  on [date blank].  Three children, all living -- the oldest one Walker
  is now 6 years old.  Lindsay is now 5 years old + Foster is now 2 years
  old.  Divorce granted.

Susie E. Osburn
  vs.     Petition in Equity, filed June 9, 1900
George W. Osburn[#99]
  Susie E. Osburn states that she and the defendant George W. Osburn
  were duly and lawfully married on the 22nd day of June 1877 in Veva,
  IN -- that her maiden name was Hammonds, that she is a resident of
  Owen C., KY and has so resided continuously for the last 10 years --
  ... separated Sept. 1896 ... defendant now resides in Carroll Co.,
  KY.  Two children now living, the oldest Robert T. is now 21 years
  old and Johny F. is now 17 years old and both live with plaintiff
  in Monterey, KY.  Divorce granted.

Iva Osborne
  vs.     Petition in Equity, filed Sept. 25,1900
William Osborne[#203]
  The plaintiff Iva Osborn, states that she and the defendant Wm.
  Osborn were lawfully married in the State of Kentucky, on the first
  day of April 1900, and they each now reside and have continuously
  resided in Owen Co., KY.  J.H. Jump grandfather of William Osborne.
  Divorce was never granted.

Annie Osburn vs. Frank Osburn, Petition in Equity
        Filed 6 Oct 1903, Owen Co., KY Circuit Court case files, photocopied
        at the KY State Archives.

     Owen Circuit Court
Annie Osburn    Plff
   vs}  Petition in Equity
Frank Osburn[#52]    Deft
     The plff states that she and deft were married in Owen Co., KY (the county
wherein both she and deft reside and have always resided and are now husband
and wife.  The plff states that she was and is the mother of two children by a
former husband, a fact known to deft, and that by ante nuptial contract made
and entered into between herself and deft, the deft promised and agreed to
receive into his home and care for as if his own the said children of this
plff, if this plff ____d marry the deft which she did on the <blank> day of
July, 1903.  The plff says the deft did take into his home the two children
aforesaid, infants of very tender years, but that in a few weeks after said
marriage, the deft in violation of his undertaking refused to care for plff's
children and did ______ compel plff and her said children to abandon, forsake
and vacate deft's habitation and that plff and her said children are now
houseless and penniless -- The plff says her married life has been marred and
blurred and her peace and happiness destroyed by deft's cruel and inhuman
The plff states that the deft owns 15 acres of land in Owen Co., KY, one grey
mare about 12 years old, one bay filly two years old next spring, 1 milch cow,
one sow and nine pigs, one buggy, the 2/3 of about 12 <42?> acres of corn and
1 1/2 acres of sugar cane and one farm wagon and that she has a lien thereon
to secure the payment of such maintenance and alimony as my be adjudged her in
this action, that the deft is about to remove himself and his propery, or a
material part thereof out of the state and that she has reason to suspect and
does suspect that deft will fraudulentlly sell, convey or conceal his property
unless prevented by the court.
Wherefore plff prays for maintenance ___ _____ ___ for divorce ____________
for $500.00 alimony, for $100.00 atty fee, for a specific attachment against
defts property as herein described for costs and all necessary and proper
                                        Jas. _____
                                        Atty for Plff
The plff Annie Osburn says the statements contained in foregoing petition are
true as she verily believes.
                                        Annie Osban
Subscribed and sworn to before me by Annie Osburn Oct 6 1903.
                                        J.H. Little
                                        Ex Owen Co., KY