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Information on Andrew and Clementine (Osborn) Goad

   Contributed by Rick in Indy

Wesley Chapel Cemetery

   Warrick Co., IN, inscriptions from photos by Rick France taken 14 Jun 2003.

CLEMENTINE/WIFE OF/A. Goad/BORN/Mar. 16, 1813./
   DIED/Apr. 2, 1879./Aged 66 Ys. & 16 D.

ANDREW GOAD/BORN/May 8, 1811./DIED/Oct. 13, 1870/AGED/59 Y. 5 M. 5 D.
   (stone next to Clementine's)

Andrew Goad Family Bible

   Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible Union Theological
   Seminary.  New York City, June 15th, 1869.  Bible in possession of Ralph
   France, Great-grandson of Andrew Goad.  In front is a notation "Permelia
   Ellen France A Present from her mother".  Copied 1-31-1965 by Opal Barton

   Andrew Goad was born May the 8th in the year of our Lord 1811
   Clementine (Osborn) Goad was borned March 16, 1813
   William C. Goad was borned Aug. 7, 1833
   James W. Goad was borned Sept. 21, 1835
   Manoah Goad was borned July the 28th in the year of our Lord 1838
   Eli L. Goad was borned Jan the 6th in the year of our Lord 1840
   Squire A. Goad was borned May 8th in the year of our Lord 1843
   Permelia E. Goad was borned March 5, year of our Lord 1845
   Amos J. Goad was borned June the 6th the year of our Lord 1847
   John F. Goad was borned July the 28th in the year 1849
   Nathan P. Goad was borned Oct 31 in the year of our Loard 1852
   George W. Goad was borned Apr 2 in the year of our Lord 1854
   Mary A. Goad was borned July 16 in the year of our Lord 1856
   Alzina J. Goad was borned Sept 22 in the year of our Lord 1860

   Andrew Goad and Clementine Osborn was married Aug the 4th in the year of
     our Lord 1831
   W. C. Goad and Susan A. Barclay married 29th Dec. 1853
   James Goad and Nancy Barclay was married Sep the 23rd 1858
   Manoah Goad and Malinda Eby was married_____________
   Ely Goad and Sary Cannon was married Feb. 6th 1862
   Squire Goad and Mary Mickes was married Aug the 16th 1866
   Permelia Goad and Glen France was married Dec the 25th, 1864
   Amos Goad and Pega Goad was married Oct 30, 1871
   John F. Goad and Rosa Wierbacher was married Dec. 11, 1871
   George Goad and Ardelene Bilderbach was married Mar. 23, 1873
   Mary A. Goad and William Thomas was married Feb. 4, 1871

   Manoah Goad departed this life November 8, 1869
   Andrew Goad departed this life October the 13th 1870
   Mary A. Thomas departed this life January 18th 1873
   Clementine Goad departed this life March the 31st 1879
   Nathan P. Goad departed this life April the 15th 1881
   Isom A. Goad departed this life August the 19th 1862
   Warrick Andrew France departed this life Aug. 29th 1867
   Lany Ellen Goad departed this life March the__________

Clementine Goad Obit.

   Boonville Standard, Thursday, April 3, 1879 (transcript)

Died - On April 1st, 1879, at her residence, about 5 miles North of
Boonville, Mrs. Clementine Goad, widow of Andrew Goad, deceased, aged 66
years.  She was buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery, April 2nd.  Mrs. Goad
leaves 10 children, all grown.  Two, a son, and a daughter, have preceded
her to the world beyond the grave.

Additional information

Clementine Osborn was daughter of William Osborn and his first wife
   -- name unknown (for certain).
b. 16 Mar 1813, Greenup Co., KY
md. 4 Aug 1831, Warrick Co., IN
d. 2 Apr 1879, Warrick Co., IN; buried Wesley Chapel Cemetery.
[Note: Gravestone, obituary, and Bible record all give different days of the
 month for Clementine's death -- LKO]

Andrew Goad b. 8 May 1811, TN (born in TN according to 1850, 1860 and 1870
   federal census records)
d. 13 Oct 1870, Warrick Co., IN; buried Wesley Chapel Cemetery, next to
   Clementine.  Other Goads nearby, including some of their children.
Often referred to as Andy in family records.