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Some Maryland Will and Estate Records

Year County
1841 Harfor  Osborn,    Amos[#1683] (Will TSB-5/211)
1803 Harfor  Osborn,    Ann (Will AJ-C/80)
1760 Baltim  Ozborn,    Benjamin[#827] (Will (transcript))
1815 Harfor  Osborn,    Bennet[#1685] (Will SR-1/38)
1780 Charle  Osborn,    Catherine (Will (transcript, PDF))
1798 Harfor  Osborn,    Cyrus[#1659] (Will AJ-2/504)
1790 Baltim  Osborn,    Daniel (Will (PDF))
1833 Harfor  Osborn,    Elizabeth[#7065] (Will TSB-5/46)
1665 StMary  Osborn,    Henry (Will 1/227)
1780 Harfor  Osborn,    James[#832] (Will AJ-2/496)
1793 Baltim  Osborn,    James (Will (PDF))
1798 Baltim  Osborn,    James (Will (PDF))
1787 Harfor  Osborn,    Jane[#836] (Will AJ-2/502)
1687 Somers  Osborne,   Capt. John[#12278] (Will (transcript))
1746 QuAnne  Osburn,    John (Will 25/42)
1751 PrGeor  Osborne,   John[#14248] (Will 1/434)
1789 PrGeor  Osbourn,   John[#14250] (Will T-1/277)
1824 PrGeor  Osborn,    John[#14253] (Will TT-1/358)
1742 Charle  Osborn,    Joseph (Will (transcript))
1823 Baltim  Osborn,    Joseph (Will (PDF))
1789 Harfor  Osborn,    Lawrence (Will AJ-2/504)
1769 PrGeor  Osborn,    Robert (Will 1/615)
1743 QuAnne  Ozburn,    Samuel (Will 23/449)
1767 QuAnne  Osburne,   Samuel (Will 36/138)
1843 PrGeor  Osbourn,   Sarah (Will PC-1/218)
1811 Harfor  Osborn,    Semelia[#2938] (Will SR-1/1)
1846 PrGeor  Osbourn,   Susan (Will PC-1/325)
1688 Somers  Osborne,   Thomas[#12295] (Will (transcript))
1726 Charle  Osborn,    Thomas (Will (transcript))
1750 Charle  Osborn,    Thomas[#13813] (Will (transcript))
1702 Calver  Osbourne,  William (Will 11/314)
1703 Calver  Ozborne,   William (Acct 3/93)
1704 Baltim  Osborn,    William[#823] (Will (transcript))
1705 Talbot  Ozborne,   William (Inv. 3/615)
1713 Somers  Osborne,   William (13/693)
1740 QuAnne  Osborn,    William (Will 22/267)
1779 Harfor  Osborn,    William[#835] (Will AJ-2/494)

1841 PrGeor  Boteler,    William N. (Will PC-1/154)
1805 PrGeor  Clagett,    Martha (Will T-1/607)
1720 Baltim  Cottain,    William (Will 16/170)
1818 PrGeor  Darcey,     John (Will TT-1/218)
1804 PrGeor  Edelen,     Joseph (Will T-1/586)
1805 PrGeor  Edelen,     Priscilla (Will T-1/598)
1692 Baltim  Hill,       John  (Will 7/127)
1766 Kent    Hynson,     William (Will 36/61)
1809 PrGeor  Magruder    Thomas (Will TT-1/15)
1713 PrGeor  Marsham,    Richard (Will 13/514)
1772 PrGeor  Moore,      Peter (Will T-1/40)
1721 Talbot  Morton,     Robert (Will 17/10)
1807 PrGeor  Pope,       Drusilla (Will T-1/644)
1809 PrGeor  Pope,       Elizabeth (Will TT-1/26)
1798 PrGeor  Pope,       Joseph (Will T-1/405)
1809 PrGeor  Pope,       Joshua (Will TT-1/16)
1733 Balt?   Pritchard,  Joseph (Will 20/909)  (See Cal. of MD Wills, Vol. VII, p64)
1682 Somers  Richardson, Robert (Will)
1698 Charle  Smith,      Eliza (Will 6/84)
1705 Talbot  Southerne,  Hannah (Will 3/659)
1788 PrGeor  Turner,     Edmond (Will PC-1/266)
1768 Freder  Walter,     Daniel (36/319)

Baltimore Co., MD Will Books 1+2, 1666-1763

   (SLFHL 0013590)

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN.  The first day of Janeary in the year of our lord
God 1704.  I William Osborn of bush River in the County of Baltomore being
sicke of body but of perfect minde and Memory thanks be to God for the same
calling to minde the uncertainty of this life and being wiling to settle my
affaires in this world doe make and ordane this my last will and Testement
in manner and form following that is to say, first and principally I
bequeth my Soul to Almighty God my Creator and my body to be decenntly
buried at the discression of my Executor hereafter named and as tutching my
worldly Estate and fortune which God hath been pleased to belss me withall I
give device bequeath and dispose in manner and form following and first I
revoke Renounce frustrate and make voide all wills by me formerly made and
by these presents make and ordaine my beloved Children James and William my
plantechen beed and furnatur these tow pots, grate goon I give to my son
James this midlen pot, I give all Carpenters toules, this short goon I
give to Even milles to my doter Rebecah I give four barless of Corn to John
Hall two barles of corn and as good to my son Bengmen a Coo and calfe to my
son Thomas I give slow these two beeds to my wife and all the rest of
personall to her disposel I give my chest to my son William, I give my Horse
to my wife, my son william is to make a Croap with my wife this year.

                                              William  W  Osburn

Edward Jackson
wittness to this will Richard Mills
John Hall
March the 7th 1704/5. Then came Richard Mils, Edward Jackson, and John
Hall Junr. witnesses to the within written will and proved the same in
comon form before me.  W. Wriothesley, dep. Commissary Balt. County.

In the Name of God Amen, I, Benjamin Ozborn of Baltimore County in the
Province of Maryland, Planter being very sick and weak in Body but of
perfect Memory thanks be given to Almighty God therefore calling to mind
the Mortality of my body knowing that is once appointed for all men to Die,
I do make & ordain this my last Will and Testament is to say principally &
first of All I recommend my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God who gave it
and my body I recommend to ye earth to be Buried in a Christian like manner,
nothing doubting but that I shall Receive again by ye Mighty of God and as
touching such Worldly Goods as my Estate affords which it hath pleased God
to bless me with, I Give and depose After ye following Manner and form.
Itam. I Give and bequeath to my well beloved Son, John Ozborn all my Real
Estate in Lands to him & his heirs for ever Lawfully begotten of his body
ye said John Ozborn my youngest Son being mentioned the Tracts Robinhood
forrest fifty Acres betell reserve forty Acres and Drisdell fifty five the
said John Ozborn is not to Inherit the said till after my decease without
the said Benjamin Ozborn my father is willing and I Likewise Constitute and
Ordain this my Last Will and Testament.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seale this Thirty-second Year of his Majesty King George the
Second Reign One Thousand Seven hundred and fifty nine.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered }                     his
    in presence of us        }            Benjamin  B  Ozborn (Seal)
  Thos. Browne Senr. }                             mark
  Garrett Brown      }  Jan'y 10th, 1760.  Thomas Brown Senr. & Freeborn
  Freeborn Browne    }  Brown made Oath on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty
                        God that they Saw the Testator Benj. Ozborn sign the
foregoing Will and heard him publish and declare the same to be his last
Will and Testament, that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of
their apprehension of sound and disposing mind & Memory and that they
subscribed their names as Witnesses to the sd. Will as also they make Oath
they sa Garrett Brown the other Witness subscribe his Name the same time,
all in the presence of the Testator and at his Request.  Sworne before
        William Young, D Com'y Balt. County.

Charles Co., MD Wills

3/191.  Made 10 Nov 1726, prb. 20 Feb 1726;  Will of Thomas Osborn.
   Maryland, Charles County, November 10th 1726.  In the name of God Amen.
Thomas Osborn being sick and weake but --- sound and perfect memory thanks
be to God for the same.  Imps  I give to Eliza. Hoskins Daughter of Will
Hoskins one negro girl called Nan to her & her heirs forever.  Item  I also
give to Mary Hoskins Daughter of Will Hoskins one negro girl called Jane to
her & her heirs forever.  Item  I give to my well beloved son Joseph Osborn
after my just debts is paid one negro man called Captain ---, negro woman
called Flora & her increase all my Royall Estate and all the half of my
personall negro excepted.  I give said above Royal and personal Estate to
my said son to him & his heirs lawfully begotten of his body and in Default
of such heirs I give the land and Estate to my dear beloved wife and her
heirs lawfully begotten of her body and to desend from her to her<?> forever
and my said son I give to the care of my beloved friends Will Hoskins and
Richd. Harrison and ----- them to take all the care of him that in their
power lies and my ---- to have his Estate att the age of twenty one.  Item
I give all the rest of my Estate annainex<?> to my dea and well beloved wife
Eliza. Osborn and Constitute and appoint her my hole and sole Executrix.
As witness my hand and seal this 10th of November 1726.
Witness Richard Price }
   his                }
Rd- R Minion          }                 Thomas Osborne
   mark               }
      his             }
Daniel + Coffe        }
      mark            }

   On the back of the foregoing Will was endorsed the follg probate, to wit,
Charles County Ses. Feby 20th 1726.  Then came Richard Price and Robert
Minion & made oath on the holy Evangelist that they saw Thomas Osborn sign
& seal the within writing ...

4/143.  21 Jun 1735, prb. 16 Jan 1742;  Will of Joseph Osborn.
   In the Name of God Amen I Joseph Osborn of Charles County in the province
of Maryland planter being of a sickly and weake Constitution but at this
time of sound & perfect mind memory thanks be God and Calling to mind the
uncertainty of this life do make & ordain this to be my last will and
Testament in manner & form following -- Imprimis I give & bequeath my soul
to Almighty God and my body to be buried at the Discretion of my Exectrix
hereafter named.  Item  I give devise & bequeath unto my well beloved mother
in law Elizabeth Thorne all and Singular my Estate both Reall and personal
Consisting of what kind nature or quality ---- I give it to the said
Elizabeth Thorne her heirs & assigns forever.  Item  I Constitute appoint and
ordain the said Elizabeth Thorne my whole and sole Executrix of this my Last
Will & Testament hereby Revoking & making void all former will or wills
Testament or Testaments by me heretofore made.  In Witness whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and seal the 21st day of June Anno Domini 1735.  Signed
sealed published and Declared In the presence of us
S. Hanson jr.     }
    her           }                     Joseph Osborne
Mary C Jones      }
    mark          }
          her     }
Elizabeth o- King }
          mark    }

   On the back of the foregoing will was Endorsed the follg. probate to wit
Charles County Ss.  On the 16th day of January Anno Domini 1742 Came Saml.
Hanson Jun. & Mary Jones two of the subscribing witnesses to the within will
and made oath ...

4/325.  Made 31 Oct 1748, prb. 14 Nov 1750;  Will of Thomas Osborn.
   Maryland.  In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Osborn of Charles County in
the province of Maryland being infirm of body but in sound and perfect
memory do make this my last will and Testament as follows
Imprimis I bequeath my soul to God who gave it my body to the earth after
my Departure to be Decently buried at the Charge of my Estate and Discretion
of my Execr. hereafter Named.  Item  I will that my Just Debts & funeral
charges be first paid.  Item  I Nominate Constitute and ordain my loving wife
Frances Osborne whole and sole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament
to whome the aforesaid Frances my wife I give and bequeath all my personal
Estate.  I ordain that this present will to be my Last will and Testament.
In Witness hereof I have set my hand and fixed my seal this the 31st of
October 1748.  Signed Sealed in the presence of us
William Hagan      }                          his
Thos. Jas. Boreman }                    Thomas o Osborne
   Annexed to the foregoing will was the follg. probate to wit,
Charles County Ss.  On the 14th November 1750 Came William Hagan and Thomas
James Boarman subscribing witnesses to the above Will and made Oath ...

7/463.  Made 20 Jan 1780, prb. 1 Apr 1780;  Will of Catherine Osborn.
   In the name of God Amen this 20th day of January Anno domini 1780, I
Catherine Osborn of Charles County in the province of Maryland being of low
state of health but of perfect mind and memory praised be to God for the same
do hereby ordain constitute and appoint this my last Will and Testament,
revoking and disannulling all former Wills by me heretofore made in anywise
ordaining constituting and appointing my Brother David Osborn and Brother
Thomas Osborn my lawfull heirs<?> hereof and for the more ---- and peaceable
performance hereof.  Imprimis, I commend by soul to Almighty God, hoping
assuredly through the merits of my Redeemer to become partaker of life
everlasting and I commend my body to the Earth whereof I was made.  Item
I give in manner and form following.  I give all my ----- and cash to be
equal divided between my five Brothers and Sisters David Osborn, Thomas
Osborn, Joseph Osborn, Stacey Glasgow and Ann Cameron after my Debts<?> is
paid and a decent burial to them and ---- --- forever.  Item  I give and
Bequeath to my ---- Mother Francis Osborn ------- ----- Count--
---- gown, silk hankerchief, cloak, petty coat, dinner<?> cap gown, my
leather shoes and after her death it is my will that she would give it to my
Brothers and Sisters as she thinks is in most want of.  Item  I give and
Bequeath unto my Sister Stacey Glasgow my ----- dinner gown, County Cloth
pettycoat and one cap<?>.  Item  I give and bequeath unto my sister Ann
Cameron my Cloth Cloak and my Callico Gown.  Item  I give and Bequeath unto
my sister Elizabeth Wheatly my County Cloth pettycoat and short gown after
it comes from the Weaver and one of my -----s.  Item  I give and Bequeath
unto my niece Elizabeth Osborn my purple stuft pettycoat -----------------.
Item  I give and Bequeath unto my niece Chloe Osborn my Chints pettycoat.
Item  I give and Bequeath unto my Niece Sarah Osborn my Chintz gown which
Cloak silk Bonnet lawn<?> Hankerchief and my leather Trunk.  Item  I give
and Bequeath unto my sister Mary Montgomery my whole gown & my Masher<?>
apron.  Item  I give and Bequeath unto my niece Linder Osborn two earthen
dishes & half a dozen plates and half a dozen --- spoons.  Item  I give and
Bequeath unto my sister Elinder Osborn one short gowne.
Signed Sealed and Acknowledged                  her
in the presence of us                  Catherin  x  Osborn
Joseph Boarman                                  mark
Edward Boarman Jun.
Ralphael Boarman Jun.

Charles county Ses. 1st April 1780
                                Then came David Osborn and Thomas Osborn and
made oath on the holy Evangels of Almighty God that the within Instrument of
writing is the true and whole Will and Testament of Catherine Osborn late of
Charles County deceased that have come to their hands or possession ...

Somerset Co., MD Wills

Will of John Osborne-12278
   Maryland Will Liber 4, page 266  (SLFHL 0012843)

   In the name of God Amen the 23rd day of Feb 1686, I John Osborne off
Somerset Count being weak of body but of good memory & knowing that all men
has their appointed tyme to dye doe make constitute ordaine & declare this to
be my last will & testament in manner & form following.  Imprs. I make null
void and of nowe effect all other Wills Testaments and Codicills whatsoever
heretofore mad by me & declared either by word or writting.
   Item. being Sorrow full & from my heart penitent for all my sins desireing
forgiveness of the same I commend my soul to God that gave it & my body to
the ground to be decently intered hoping through the merritts of my saviour
Jesus Christ for the generall day off resurection.
   Item. As to ye settling my Estate and such goods chattells Lands & as it
has pleased God far above any desert to bestow upon me I doe order give
bestow & despose ye same in manner & form foll. --
Imprs. I constitue order and appoint my dear wife Attalant my whole & sole
Executrix of this my last Will & testamt.
   Item. I leave give and bequeath all my psonall Estate or goods chattells
debts & that I have at present or my have in reversion unto my said wife
Attalanta & Martha my daughter to be devided equally between them.
   Item. Butt whereas my said wife is great wth child now iff the said child
shall be borne alive my will then is that the said Estate shall be devided in
three equall part & the said child to have one share.
   Item. I will that my said Executrix or any other by her order shall have
lycence & are hereby impowered to sell make title & dispose of on tract<?>
or dividend of Land ajoining upon Messonge Creek containing twelve hundred
acres of Land it being for the paying of Debts and other expences that
necessarily will insue upon my death as funerall charges probatt of will &t.
   Item. If there should be no occation for my said Exrx. to sell to sell
<sic> the said land called Water Mellon point then I will & devise the said
Land to my daughter Martha Osburne & to her hrs & in case of her mortality
before she shall arrive at age of seventeen or be married then the said Land
to revert to the Survivor that is to say the mother or child that she now
goes wth. to them or either of their hrs.
   Item. I will that my said daughter Martha Osborne shall be capable of
entring upon or receiving & sharing her said Estate real or psonall when she
shall marry or arrive at the age of seventeen yeares.  Item. I will that iff
the child lives that my wife is wth. be a girl the said child shall enjoy &
receive her Estate also when either she shall marry or arive at ye age of
seventeen.  Item. the said child should be a boy that then he shall be &
arive at his full age at twenty yeares and enter upon recieve & enjoy what
Estate here is bequethd him either psonall or reall or what estate shall
desend to him as her. to ye same.
   Item. I will that a divident of Land sold to James Duncan be firm & stand
good & I bequeth the sd. pcell of Land to the said Duncan provided he the
said James Duncan according to bargain shall by my Executrix.
   Item. I will that Michell Hannah & Adam Spence have good title to their
Land according to bargaine each of them one hundred acres.
   Item. I will that Joseph Light have and enjoy good title to fifty acres of
Land he paying what is due upon ball.
   Item. I will that Sylas Chapman have good right & title to eight hundred &
fivety acres of Land when he has pformed & done the worke for the same
according to bargaine.
   Ithem<sic>. I will that if the said Sylas Chapman shall nott pforme his
worke or religquish that bargaine that -- divident I bequeth to Martha
Osborne or if the child my wife is wth live then to them both to be devided
as cann be between them or wholly in case of martality to ye Survivour their
or each of their heires.
   Item. I will that my said wiffe and Executrix have the care tuition and
ordering of my said child Martha & other child iff live till they or each of
them arive at their his or her respective age or ages.
   Item. In case my said wife & Executrix should dye during the minority of
my child or presumed children, then I constitute ordaine & appoint by loving
brother Thomas Wesburne<sic> in her steed & place as ample and as large & to
all intents & purposes and in as full power, as Igave to my said Executrix.
In Wittness whereof I have hereunto put my had & seal.
Signed Sealed & delivered before us}
  Mathew Scarbrough                }          Jno. Osborne     sealed
  Bryan Parfe<sic>                 }
  Hanah Hopkins                    }On the back of the afsd will was endorsed
  the W marke of                   }as foll.    June the 16th 1687.
  Allexander Williams              }Then Capt. John Osbornes will was proved
  the Y marke of Dority Cay        }by the oathes of Mathew Scarbrough and
  Jane R Cart                      }Dorothy Cay before me
                                   }                      Will Stevens
                                    August 19th 1687.  Then Bryan Pearl and
Hannah Hopkins made Oath they saw Capt. John Osborne signe & seale the
forgoing as his last Will & Testament.  Sworn before me   Will Stevens
   These are alsoe to Certifie that on the 16th day of June Attalanta Osborne
did then in comon forme take the Oath of an executrix of the last Will &
testament of John Osborne deceased before me.             Will Stevens
      To the Honble. Comissaries.

Will of Thomas Osborne
   Maryland Will Liber 4, page 312  (SLFHL 0012843)

   In the name off God and in God name amen.  First I bequeth my soul to God
that gave it and my body to be decently laid in the Earth.  my sonne Thomas
Osborne and my sonne samuell Osborn I doe ffreely bequeath all my Land to be
equally devided between them.  2d all my feameale off my Cattle to be equally
divided  between my wife and my four children.  3d I bequeath my 2 Gunne the
one to my sonne Thomas Osborn and the other to my sonne Samuell.  4th I
bequeath my shite horse to my wife Elizabeth Osborn and my other horse for
use of the Plantation.  5th It it is my Will and desire that my three sonns
shall bee ffree at the age of Eighteen years old & all there Cattle to be
delivered them as they comes to age.  6th It I do make my wife Elizabeth
Osborne my hole Executrix.  I doe desire that Mrs. Fosett should bee
satisfyed to her Content as Wittness my hand this Eight and twenty off
Decembr. 1687
Signe & Seale in the prsence oof us}
         his                       }          Thomas Osborne   seale
    John  +   Oker                 }
         marke                     } and on the Back off sd Will was written
     Jonathan Towers               } as ffolls.
                          Snow Hill Towne  June the 9th  Dom. 1688
   Then appeared before me John Oker & Jonathan Towers and made Oath upon the
Holy Evangelists that they saw the within named Thomas Osborn sett his hand
and seale to the within mentioned Will & heard him verbally declare the same
to bee his last Will & testamt.
   The day above mentioned Elizabeth Osborne Executrix within named took her
Oath before me verbatin according to the forme thereof, the day afsd. John
Smocke & John Miller made oath before me Well & truely to appraise the Goods
and chattells of the testat. within mentioned & Given under my hand and seale
Pr. order and appointmt. off the Honble. Henry Darnall & Clement Hill Esqr.
Judges off Probate of Will, & the day & year above written.
                                        Saml. Hopkins    seale