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Daviess Co., KY Deeds

33/593.  3/5/1878 rec. 6/16/1879;  Div. of land; Lot No. 1 to Virginia S.
  Galloway, lot no. 2 to S.G. Osborne, lot no. 3 to J.T. Osborne, lot no. 4
  to Ann T. Galloway's heirs, lot no. 5 to Phebe Bates, and lot no. 6 to
  W.J. Osborne.

33/596.  6/16/1879 rec. 6/16/1879;  Div. of land; M.S. Mattingly,
  commissioner for W.J. Osborne, James T. Osborne, Samuel G. Osborne,
  Virginia S. Galloway (formerly Osborne) and Zachariah Galloway her husband,
  Phebe E. Bates (formerly Osborne) and H.W. Bates her husband, and Zachariah
  Galloway statutory guardian of Martha A. Galloway, Stephen D. Galloway,
  Leonard Galloway children of Ann T. Galloway (formerly Osborne) and of
  Henrietta Galloway, William Galloway, Elizabeth Galloway, Cora R. Galloway,
  and Samuel Galloway the latter five are children of Samuel Galloway dec'd,
  who was a son of Ann T. Galloway for the purpose of executing a deed of
  partition; As heirs of Samuel G. Osborn dec'd.

Harrison Co., KY Deeds

1/730  (images).  1803;  Moses Raredon and wife Ellender to David Osborn
9/25   (images).  1823;  Elijah Holton and wife Susannah to David Osburn
14/168 (images).  1833;  David Osborn and wife Sarah to Lawson Myers

Hopkins Co., KY Deeds

39/580.  4/18/1881 rec. ----;  Eliza Osburn(widow), Jacob Lutz + wife Matilda
  Lutz, T.W. Samuels and wife Lavina Samuels, Isaac T. Osburn, Jno. V.
  Osburn + wife Susan Osburn, Joseph Hibbs + wife M.E. Hibbs, Laura C.
  Osburn, W.T. Osburn + wife Ann E. Osburn, Jno. A. Osburn + wife Rosanah
  Osburn (heirs of Isaac Osburn, dec'd) to Tolbert Hibbs(residences not
  given);  $1-- for a tract of land conveyed to Isaac Osburn by deed dated

Lewis Co., KY Deeds

B/457 (images).  1813;  Alexander Osburn from James Barkley and wife Catharine
E/336 (images).  1827;  Heirs of James Osburn to Jane and Nancy Osburn
F/566 (images).  1827;  Jane Osborn Sr., Jane Osborn Jr. and Nancy Osborn to George Bane
                                to George Bane

Pulaski Co., KY Deeds

3/242.  8/25/1817 rec. 8/25/1817;  POA from Elijah Osborn of Casey Co., KY to
  Moses Turpin of Pulaski Co., KY to sell several tracts of land conveyed to
  him by James Osborn and Joseph Osborn of Champaign Co., OH as exrs. of
  John Osborn dec'd.  (SLFHL 0804636)

13/463.  9/22/1848 rec. 9/22/1848;  Hiram Gragg and Lucy his wife, Elisha
  Gragg and Elizabeth his wife, and George M. Gragg to Nancy Osburn widow of
  James Osburn dec'd and Samuel, Elizabeth, Braxton Fugate + Nancy his wife
  late Osburn, James, Sally, John, Solomon, Wood, David, Tabitha, William,
  Polly, and Martha Osburn heirs of the said James Osburn dec'd all of
  Pulaski Co., KY;  $1020 for three tracts of land in Pulaski Co. on the
  waters of Pitman Creek of 100 A, 50 A, and 16 A.  (SLFHL 0804601)

22/331.  7/7/1866 rec. 4/11/1867;  POA from David J. Osborn of Riley Co., KS
  to William M. Osborn of Vandalia, IL to sell his interest in real estate in
  Pulaski Co., KY known as the Widow Osborn's farm.  (SLFHL 0804607)

22/332.  3//1866 rec. 4/11/1867;  Elizabeth Bates, the heirs of Nancy Fugate
 viz. Margaret Fugate, James Fugate, Robert B. Fugate, and Elizabeth Fugate,
 and Samuel Osborn, John Osborn, Solomon Osborn, Polly Osborne, the heirs of
 James Osborn Jr. dec'd viz. Samuel Osborne by W. McKee Fox commisioner of
 the Pulaski Co. Court to David Osborne, Wm. Osborne, Sarah Osborne,
 Mary<sic> Osborne, and Tabitha Osborne;  Petition for the division of the
 lands of James Osborne Senr. dec'd.  (SLFHL 0804607)

23/87.  3/15/1868 rec. 9/29/1868;  Enoch Liggett, Sarah E. Liggett, Josiah W.
  Osborn, John L. Logan and wife Eliza J. Logan (late Eliza J. Osborn),
  Cyrenius Combest and wife Wealtha A. Combest (late Wealtha A. Osborn),
  James M. Wright and wife Frances J. Wright (late Frances J. Osborn) heirs
  of Caswell Osborn dec'd of Gentry and Decalb Cos., MO to A.P. Minton and
  wife Mary M. Minton (late Mary M. Osborn) of Pulaski Co., KY;  $2,500 for
  5 undivided 6ths of tracts of land descended to them from Caswell Osborn
  dec'd.  (SLFHL 0804608)

29/640.  8//1880 rec. 8/6/1880;  John S. Woolsey and wife Miranda O. Woolsey,
  and Richard F. Woolsey of Putnam Co., IN to George W. Osborne of Putnam
  Co., IN;  $200 for three undivided shares in lands in Pulaski Co., KY.
  (SLFHL 0804612)

Shelby Co., KY Deeds

S/493.  11/2/1822 rec. 1/18/1823;  Edward Osburn of Rockingham Co., NC and
  Allen Preston + Francis his wife of Stokes Co., NC to Edward Osburn + Polly
  his wife of Shelby Co., KY;  Whereas John Osburn of Jefferson Co., KY died
  intestate leaving an undivided tract of land containing 76 acres in Shelby
  Co., KY on the waters of Big Bullskin Cr.;  The said Edward Osburn and
  Allen Preston of NC as heirs for $152.79 sell to said Edward Osburn and
  Polly his wife of KY;  Signed Edwd Osburn, Allen Preston, and Francis her
  X mark Preston.