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Southold Vital Records

   Southold Town Records Copied and Explanatory Notes, Vol. I,
   J. Wickham Case, pub. by the towns of Southold and Riverhead, 1882.

I/463  [B/116]  NOTE.--The following entries of Births, Marriages and Deaths
                Deaths found upon pages 116, 117, 118 and 119, were made
                without regularity, and with little regard to chronological
                order.--J.W. Case.
                1654 -- Thomas Osmann[#14631] the sonn of Thomas Osmann borne 25 Feb 1654.
                1656 -- John Osman[#14632] borne the 8th of Januarie 1656.
                     -- William Osman[#14633] borne the 6th of May 1659: being the sonnes
                          of Thomas Osman the father.

I/464  [B/116]  Marriages
                1653 -- Thomas Osman[#14629] and Martha Purrier married 1st Januarie 1653.

I/465  [B/118]  Bearthes
                1661 -- Abraham Osman[#14634] borne the 17th of April 1661.
                1666 -- Jacob Osman[#14635] borne January the 7.  Anno 1666.
                1668/9 -- Joseph Osman[#14636] borne the 20th of March 68:69

                1661 -- Thomas Osman[#14631] dyed about 16th Novembr 1661.

The Salmon Records

   The Salmon Records: A Private Register of Marriages and Deaths of
   the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, N.Y., and of Persons More or
   Less Closely Associated with that Place, 1696-1811, William Salmon,
   New York, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 1918.

I have extracted these records from the book published in 1918, which itself
is a reprint of records published in the New York Genealogical and
Biographical Record(NYGBR).  The first column is the page number within the
book where the record occurs.  The second column is the page number within
the copy of the Salmon records the book was prepared from.  Data contained in
"[]" is as in the book and is information unreadable or lost (due to damage
to the original) and is infered from context.  Information in "<>" is my
comment. "*"d notes are as in the book, except that I have moved the note
from the bottom of the page to the item where it applies.

The "Salmon Records" was a private register of marriages and deaths occurring
in Southold, NY, begun in 1696 by William Salmon and continued by members of
his family until 1811.

p5   [p3]   [An Account] of that Died in So-hold.
p7   [p5]   169.*  Mar  ..  Jacob osman a child buried.   *Probably 1698-9.
                        ..  Wid Mary osman a child burd.
                   June 21  [Ab]hm Osman child burd.
p8   [p7]   1705/6 May  12  Widw. Osman died.
p9   [p9]   1707   Feb   3  Jacob Osmans wife Sarah[#14642].
p11  [p11]  1716   Dec   7  Isaac Osman[#14637] Senr.
p12  [p13]  1719   Oct  10  Abraham Osman[#14634] died.
p14  [p16]  1723/4 Jan  28  John Osmans wife Patience.
p16  [p19]  1725   June 15  Isaac Osmans son Jabiz[#14657] 5 years old.
p17  [p20]         [De]c 23 Isaac Osmans wife Hannah[#14655]
                   Jan   2  Wm. Osmans wife Martha.  20.
            1725/7* Aug 13  Jacob Osman juners child.  2 w....  *5 written over 6 or vice versa
                                                                <date should be 1726>
p19  [p22]  1728   Jan  19  at night Thoms. Osmon died.  2 ...
p20  [p24]  1730   Dec  30  Rebecka osmans child infant.
p20  [p24]  1730   April 13 Widw. Rebeca Osman[#14641] Relec to Abrah...  <date s.b. 1731>
p20  [p24]  1731   Aug   6  Jn osmans Daughter Martha.
p22  [p27]  1735   [Ap]ril  Berzelah King.
p25  [p31]  1738   Oct   7  Birzealiah Osmonds child.
p32  [p40]  1747   Mar  11  Jacob osmon[#14635].  (89)                  <1747/8>
p33  [p41]  1750   [Aug] 12 Jn. Osbons son Elis Osman.<sic>
     [p42]         Aug  19  Jn. Osmans child.
                        21  John Osman.
p37  [p45]  1753   Aug  31  Abigll Osbon or Osman.<sic>
p38  [p47]  1754   Feb  18  Daniel Osbons wife Mehetabel[#5444].
                   June  5  Wid. Phebe Osmans Dauter Martha.
p40  [p50]  1755   Jan  15  Adonijah Osbons child.
p42  [p52]  1756   Aug  12  Jonathn. Osmons child Dau.
                   [Au]g 13 Jonathn. Osmons Dau.
                   Aug  21  Jonathn. Osmans Dauter 7.
p44  [p56]  1769   May   5  Wines Osbon child.
p48  [p64]  1774   Nov   4  Peter orsborn Junr.
p51  [p68]  1777   ---- --  Mr Daniel osborn wife Abigail[#8512].*   *"wife Abi", struck out.
p51  [p69]  1777   Sept 11  Adonijah osborn.
            1778   Mar  21  Sarah Osborn.
                   Sept 10* ..agnish Osborn.  19.   *Before 10 is 9 which has faded or been partially erased.
p52  [p71]  1778   Nov  23  Winse Osbons Child.
     [p72]  1779   Aug   5  Capt. Daniel osborn[#5443].  67.
p59  [p89]  1787   ---  --  Wid osborn Rellic to Jemes.  <with March entries>
                   Mar  31  Jonathn. osbons Wife [&] Child.
p60  [p91]  1788   May   7  Mathew Osborns child.
                        25  Mathew Osbons child.
p61  [p92]  1789   April 15 Mather Osbons Daughter Hannah.
p62  [p95]  1791   Feb  16  Wineses* Osbons wife Charity[#8519]   *"ne" interlined.
p63  [p97]  1793   Mar  13  Sarah Osborn sudden
p64  [p98]  1794   Feb   8  Daniel Osborns wife Mory<sic>[#8513].
p65  [p99]  1796   Feb  11  Wid Mary Osborn   Ocqebog.
p66  [p101] 1798   Mar  27  Patience Osborn.
                   Aug  31  Wines Osborn wife Elisebeth[#14579]
p67  [p103] 1800   Sept 29  Galer Osborn.
p68  [p104] 1801   July 11  Law Daniel Osborn[#8510].
     [p105] 1802   July  5  Matthu Osbon[#8392].
p70  [p109] 1805   Aug  18  Wines Osbons Child.
p72  [p111] 1807   Aug  25  Wines Osbons Child.
p73  [p112] 1808   Oct  25  William Osborn.
p74  [p114] 1811   Mar  12  Widow Osborn
                        30  Wid Hellen Osbern[#8511]
p75  [p115]        Sept 15  John Osborn

p76  [p119] [A]n a Count of some of the Mariages in So: Hold Since the Year
              Year 1706 & Some Elsewhere
p77  [p120] 171.   Aug  ..  Isaac osman[#14654] & Hannah Mapes.  <s.b. 1717>
p78  [p121] 1719   Jan  1.  Zerobabel Hallock & Ester osman.
            172[0] Feb  11  [Hen]ry Welse & Dority osman.
p79  [p123] 1723   Dec  12  Sall. King & Elesabeth osman.
     [p124] 1724   Oct  28  Wm. Osman & Martha Mapes
p80  [p125] 1726   Oct  27  Isaac osman & Mary Bayley.
p81  [p126] 1727   June 20  Jonathn. Bayley & Rachel osmon.
            1728   Nov   4  Jn. Osmun & Phebe Osmon.
p82  [p128] 1732   ---- --  Jesse Curwin & Bethi osman.  <prob. Jan-Mar>
p83                ---- --  Adonijah osman & Jemimah Howel.  <prob. Feb>
p84  [p130] 1735   Nov  20  Danll Osbun[#5443] & Mehetabel Wines.
                        27  Bezela Osman & Peltiel Curwin.
p85  [p131] 1737   Sept 13  Jn. Johnson & Rebeca Osman.
p86  [p133] 1741   April -- Wm. Case & Marcy osman.
p89  [p136] 1747/8 Feb   9  .onathn. osbon & Elesath. Gardiner.
p89  [p137] 17..   ---- --  John Williamson & Mary osbon  misplaced.  <with Oct 1748 entries>
p92  [p139] 1752   Feb  20* Peter osbon & Sarah Howel.  *20, writen over "r", or vice versa
     [p140] 1753   ---  --  Peter Osbon & Mary Bridget misplced.
p93  [p141] 1755   May   1  Daniel osbon[#5443] & ......a.* Hallock.  *Ink stained.  First letter may be
                                "W", and possibly followed by "id".
p95  [p143] 1758   last winter  Mik Scot & ---- Osbon.
p96  [p144] 1760   June  4  Peter Shelepoys or truman* & Hannah osborn  *Inkstained. "or truman", interlined.
p97  [p145] 1762   Feb   2  Wins Osbon[#8509] & Hellen Hull.
                   ---- --  Adonijah osborn & ---- Hallock
p98  [p148] 1763   Nov  10  Daniel osbon[#8510] & abigel Hull.
p103 [p156] 1772   Jan  26  John orsmore & Wid mary Vail.
p104 [p158] 1777   June 19  David Wells & Sarah osbon.
            1778   Sept 18  Daniel osbrn[#8510] & mary pain.
p105 [p160] 1779   Dec   9  Joshua oldridg & Hannah osborn.
p106 [p162] 1783   May  17  John Gardenner & Wid Hanna. osborn.
p108 [p168] 1788   Oct   5  ---- osbon and Delivrenc Howel*.  *"Case" was written after
                                "Delivrenc" and then struck out and "Howel" written under
p110 [p171] 1794   Feb  --  ---- Hutson          Elisibath Osborn.
                   Oct  26  Galer Osbon & ---- Brown
p112 [p175] 1802   April 26 Mathu Osborn[#8640]  Mehitble Brown
                   July 15  Wins osborn[#8519]   Bethier Hoel
                   Oct  11  Thomas Webb          Abigil Osborn.

1675 Rate Lists of Southold, NY

   The Documentary History of the State of New-York, Vol. II,
   E.B. O'Callaghan, Albany, NY, Weed, Parsons & Co., 1849.

page 451
    John Curwin
2 heads  21 acors land    57 -- --
6 oxen  6 cows            66 -- --
3: 3 yr old               12 -- --
1: 2 yr old               02 10 --
5 horses                  60 -- --
2: 3 yr old               16 -- --
1: 2 yr old  1 yerling    08 -- --
5 swine                   05 -- --
6 shepe                   02 -- --
                         228 20 --

page 455
    Thomas Osman
2 heads  8 acors land     44 -- --
4 oxen  4 cows            44 -- --
5: 3 yr olds              20 -- --
6: 2 yr                   15 -- --
6 yerlings                09 -- --
4 horses                  48 -- --
1: 2 yr old horse         05 -- --
9 swine                   09 -- --
                         194 -- --

1683 Rate Lists of Southold, NY

   The Documentary History of the State of New-York, Vol. II,
   E.B. O'Callaghan, Albany, NY, Weed, Parsons & Co., 1849.

                     lb  s  d
page 535
Theophilus Curwin   084 00 00

Thomas Osman        228 00 00
John Osman          050 00 00

1683 Rate Lists of Southold, NY

   Town of Southold, Long Island, Personal Index prior to 1698,
   and Index of 1698., Charles B. Moore, John Medole printer,
   New York, 1868.

Osman, Thomas   5 males and 3 females in his family
Osman, John     1 male and 4 females in his family

1698 Census of Southold, NY

   From Genealogy Quest - Southold, New York
   The list of names in the census does not provide a breakdown by households,
   nor does it provide ages.  Besides Osmans, I have included the "allied"
   Corwins.  I have left a blank line where other names have intervened.

Isaac Osmond[#14637]
Chaterine Osmond
Martha Osmond
Prudence Osmond
Isaac Osmond

Theophilus Corwin

John Corwin
Matthias Corwin
Samuel Corwin
Anna Corwin
Abigall Corwin
John Corwin Jr.
Sarah Corwin
Sarah Corwin Jr.
Eliza Corwin
Hester Corwin
Jacob Ozmond[#14635]
Sarah Ozmond
Mary Ozmond
Sarah Ozmond Jr.
Eliza Ozmond
Hester Ozmond
Pinnina Ozmond
Hannah Ozmond
Martha Ozmond[#14630] widdw
Sarah Ozmond

Mary Ozmond[#14659] widdow
Deborah Ozmond
Phebe Ozmond
Johannah Ozmond
Mercy Ozmond
Samuel Ozmond

Mehitober Corwin

Abraham Ozmond[#14634]
Rebecca Ozmond
Joseph Ozmond
John Ozmond

Margarett Hallock widdow
Dorathy Ozmon

Southold, NY Deeds

   Southold Town Records Copied and Explanatory Notes, Vol. I,
   J. Wickham Case, pub. by the towns of Southold and Riverhead, 1882.
   Southold Town Records Copied and Explanatory Notes, Vol. II,
   J. Wickham Case, pub. by the towns of Southold and Riverhead, 1884.
   [Note: The vol/page references not enclosed in parentheses are to the
    printed volumes of Southold records, while the references enclosed in
    parentheses are to the original volumes of Southold records (provided
    in the printed volumes).  I have italisized some parts of deeds for

I/430  [B/69]
   To all Christian people, Know Ye yt I Thomas Ozman of Southold (for
sundry good causes) have given and granted and made over to my eldest son
John Ozman of the same plantation, tenn acres of upland lying scituate within
my lott in the first division of Occabauk land -- the said tenn acres of Land
is to lye (or run) twenty poles in bredth, and is to be bounded on ye West
Side by the lyne yt parts William Hallocks land and my land: -- And it is to
run or (extend in length Northward one and thirty poles from ye house which
he my sd. John hath already built upon said land, and Southward (to run the
aforesaid breadth of twenty poles) until the said ten acres be fully
compleated, Always provided and excepted (notwithstanding any thing in the
premises to the contrary) that it be no way prejudiciall to me in my cartt
way to the South.
   To have and to hold, possess and injoy dureing the time of his naturall
life, and at his death I doe give it to the lawfull heirs of the body of him
my sd. son John Ozman, dureing the naturall life of such his heirs and so
that it descend from heir to heir forever:
   For confirmation whereof I hereunto set my hand this 23d Aprill 1683.
Witnesses                               Thomas Osman
          Benjamin Yongs
          Jonas Houldsworth
                             Entd. pr. Benj: Yo.

II/269  [C/76]
   To all Christian people, Know Ye that I Jacob Osman of Southold, Yeoman,
in consideration of forty five shillings, to me paid, do by these presents
grant and sell unto Samuel Swazey of Southold Yeoman two acres of Land lying
at Acquabauk, being in length eighty poles, and in bredth four poles --
bounded Westerly by the land formerly given by my honored father Thomas Osman
decd unto my brother John Osman decd -- on ye North, East and South by ye
land of me ye sd Jacob Osman.
   Witness my hand and seal this 2nd February 1714/15.
Witnesses  Jonathan Havens
           Jonathan Hudson              Jacob Osman [Seal]
   Acknowledged 2d Feby 1714/15 before me
                                Benjamin Youngs Justice.
   Entd ye 3d Feby 1714/5
        Pr Benjamin Youngs Town Clerk.

II/273  [C/141]
   Whereas Thomas Osman late of the Town of Southold deceased did in his life
time purchase of Mary Mapes and William Wells of Southold, for a valuable
consideration by him ye sd William received) a third lott of upland in the
second and third divisions of land in Ocquabauk with all the appurtinences
thereunto be-
longing, and hath since at his death by will disposed of sd land, as in his
Will bearing deatt the seventh day of November 1687, may more at large
   To prevent all controversies yt might arise for want of a legall
conveyance from us ye sd Mary and William to him ye sd Thomas deceased,
therefore be it known unto all men by these presents, that we the abovesaid
Mary Mapes and William Wells, doe allow, rattifie and confirme that
disposeall of his ye sd Thomas, in his sd Will to remaine good according
thereunto, against us our heirs, Executors, Administrators and assigns for
ever, or any other person or persons claiming any right title or intrest, by
from or under us or any of us:
   In consideration whereof we have herunto set our hands and seals this
ninth day of March 1688/9.
Witnesses  Thomas Mapes                 Mary Mapes
           John Cleves                  William Wells
           John Goldsmyth
   1691. Entd pr Benj: Yo. Rdr.

Wills ofSouthold, NY Residents

Will of John Corwin-14640
   (This is from The Corwin Genealogy by Edward Tanjore Corwin posted
    at Google Books.)

Will of Jacob Osman, made 1755
   (A posting at the Osman GenForum by Norris Taylor)