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Information on the family of Silas


   (Contributed by Sarah Dart)

1878 Bio. of Silas Osburn-1639

   History of Wapello County, Iowa, Chicago, Western Historical Co., 1878.
   "Directory of Wapello Co.", p642.

OSBURN, SILAS, farmer; P.O. Dahlonega; born in Shelby Co., Ky., Oct. 29,
1794; came to Wapello Co. in 1849. Married Miss Lucinda Green, who died in
1852.  Married again in 1853 to Mary M. Wells; have twelve children --
Elizabeth, Rebecca, John, Margaret, Irene, Emily a., Silas, Lucinda, Stephen,
James, Mary C. Ellen.  Mr. O. served as an Associate Judge five years in
Indiana, and as a memeber of the Legislature and as Judge of Wapello Co., six
years.  Mrs. O. is a member of the M.E. Church. Mr. O. owns 160 acres of
land, valued at $30 per acre.  Republican.

Bio. of James Osburn-10945

   History of Wapello County, Iowa, Chicago, Western Historical Co., 1878.
   "Directory of Wapello Co.", p642.

OSBURN. JAMES, farmer; born in Wapello Co. Aug. 31, 1855, lives with his
parents; follows farming. Republican.


1860 Federal Census

   Highland Township, Dahlonega P.O., Wapello County, Iowa p.173
1194 1146 Stephen Osburn  21 M Farm laborer Indiana     [#10942]
          Catharine  "    17 F              Indiana
          John       "  1/12 M              Iowa

1196 1148 Silas Osburn    65 M Farmer 2000 300  Ky      [#1639]
          Mary     "      32 F                  Ind
          James    "       2 M                  Iowa
          Walter Grebby   18 M Farm laborer     England

1870 Federal Census

   Highland Township, P.O. Highland Center,
   Wapello County, Iowa, p.17 (or 144)
113 113 Osburn Silas      75 M W Farmer  5850 800   Kentucky  [#1639]
        -------  Mary M   42 F W Keeping House      Indiana
        -------  James    12 M W Attending School   Iowa
        -------  Mary C.  10 F W Attending School   Iowa
        -------  Ellen     7 F W Attending School   Iowa


Silas Osborn's Obituary

   Ottumwa Weekly Courier, Ottumwa, Iowa, April 2, 1879, No. 51, page 3

   At his residence in Highland Township, at 5 o'clock Sunday morning last,
Judge Silas OSBORN, aged 84 years.
   The deceased emigrated from the State of Indiana to Highland Township in
1849. Previous to his settlement in the State, he occupied a prominent
position in politics, and represented his county as a Democrat in the
Legislature of Indiana. On the 14th day of June, 1851 he was nominated by
the democratic party of this county for County Judge and was elected the
following August by 275 majority, while the usual Democratic majority was
only about 40. The legislature the previous winter had repealed the law
electing three County Commissioners, and vested the entire control of
managing the county funds in the hands of a County Judge. Judge Osborn was
a man of sterling integrity, good, sound common sense, and soon fell out
with his party because he would permit no jobs to be set  up under his
administration of the affairs of the county. His party cast him off, but he
was taken up and triumphantly re-elected by the Know Nothing party in 1855.
Having, during the Kansas and Nebraska troubles, become a full sympathizer
with the Republican party, he was nominated and again elected by
that party. During his administration of the affairs of the county they were
never better managed, before or since. He built the present court house and
jail at an expense of some $30,000, and left the county comparatively out of
   He was a man of strong convictions (a great deal of the old Andrew Jackson
spirit) and once satisfied he was right no ordinary influence or obstacle
could turn him from the course he had marked out. It is a great pity that we
have not more Silas Osborn's than there are. He was a kind neighbor and a
fast friend. He was a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and for
many years officiated with acceptation and efficiency in that capacity.  He
leaves a wife and several children to mourn his demise, and his memory will
long be cherished by those who knew and appreciated the sterling integrity
of the man.
   He was an honored member of Ottumwa Lodge, No.16, A.F. & A.M. and was
buried with the honors of the fraternity in Ottumwa Cemetery, at 2 p.m.


Estate of Silas Osborn deceased

   Filed April 11, 1879   Mary M. Osburn, Widow

Heirs at Law                         Date of Birth      Residence
Elizabeth Osborn Buckner             Feb 4  1817        Wappello Co Iowa
Louisa Bicknell (Heirs Deceased)     May 26 1815
Joel Osborn (No heirs Deceased)      Feb 7 1819
Harriett Jane Gunn (Heirs Deceased)  April 25 1821      Bond Co IL
Rebecca Buckner                      Feb 14 1823        Clark Co Illanois
John Osborn                          Feb 15 1825        Clark Co Illanois
Margaret Ernest                      Jan 3 1827         Sullivan Co Ind
Irene Pinkston                       Jan 9 1829         Sullivan Co, Ind
Emily Colvin                         Febru 4 1831       Sullivan Co, Ind
Silas Osborn                         Aug 6 1833         Marion Co, Origan
Lucinda Griffith                     Oct 4 1835         Sullivan Co, Ind
Stephen Osborn                       Dec 19 1839        Bexar Co, Texas
William Osborn (No heirs Deceased)   Sept 25 1854
Charles Osborn (No heirs Deceased)   Aug 25 1856
James Osborn                         Aug 31 1858        Wappello Co, Iowa
Mary C. Osborn                       Dec 27 1860        Wappello Co, Iowa
Ellen Osborn                         Feb 5 1863         Wappello Co, Iowa

Sworn to by Alfred J. Whipple, Admr. of Estate of Silas Osborne Apr. 11, 1879
before W.C. Thompson, clerk


Excerpts from Silas Osburn's probate papers:

... Said administrator would further report that all of this amount $253.77
should go to the children & issue of deceased and no part to the widow for
the reason that it is the balance on hands left after a sale of real estate
of which the widows one third has already been taken out & paid her as shown
by the first part of this report and the above is part of the proceeds of the
childrens two thirds.

He would further report that no part of the above should be distributed to
Stephen Osburn for the reason that he is indebted to said estate for in
excess of his distribution share & that the balance of said claim is

   That leaving him out said money $253.77 should be distributed to the
following persons, in the following proportions & amounts to wit:

Eizabeth Buckner          1/13   $19.52
Rebecca Buckner           1/13   $19.52
John Osburn               1/13   $19.52
Margaret Ernest           1/13   $19.52
Irene Pinkston            1/13   $19.52
Emily Colvin              1/13   $19.52
Silas Osburn              1/13   $19.52
Lucinda Griffith          1/13   $19.52
James Osburn              1/13   $19.52
Mary C. Osburn            1/13   $19.52
Ellen Gardner             1/13   $19.52
J.S. Gunn                 1/39    $6.50
James. R. Pounds          1/117   $2.17
James. B. Myatt           1/117   $2.17
James. Silas Pounds       2/351   $1.44
Sarah Jane Overman        2/351   $1.44
Lucinda Ellen McKee       2/351   $1.44
Harriett Murphy Myatt     1/234   $1.08
Illinois Valonia Myatt    1/234   $1.08
Elizabeth Bell Myatt      1/234   $1.08
Sarah Ellen Myatt         1/234   $1.08
Joel Bicknell             1/52    $4.87
Mary J. Marts             1/52    $4.87
Thomas Shores             1/52    $4.87
Irana Bicknell            1/52    $4.87
Total                           $253.68

State of Iowa
Wapello County  I, A. J. Whipple, on oath say the above is my report as
administrator of the estate of Silas Osburn deceased and that the facts
therein stated are true as I believe.  Alfred J. Whipple
Subscribed & sworn to before me by said Alfred J. Whipple this March 30th 1881
E.E. McElroy
Notary Public
In the Circuit Court of Wapello County Iowa October Term 1881.
In the Matter of The Estate of Silas Osburn decd.
Final Report of Administrator

Now comes A.J. Whipple Administrator of the estate of Silas Osburn decd. and
for report shows the Court that in August last when he made his report to
this Court as an amendment to his report filed March 30 1881 it showed in his
hands for distribution and payment of the Falcon & Castle bill and bill of
appraisers $258.07. That of said amaount he has paid out as follows:

Bill Appraisers pd to Clerk            9.70
Distribution- Eizabeth Buckner        19.52
      "       Rebecca Buckner         18.44
      "       John Osburn             19.52
      "       Margaret Ernest         18.44
      "       Irena Pinkston          19.52
      "       Emily Colvin by garnisher proceedings 19.52
      "       Silas Osburn            19.52
      "       Lucinda Griffith        18.44
      "       J.L. Osburn             19.52
      "       Mary C. Osburn          19.52
      "       Ellen Gardner           19.52
Joel S. Bicknell distribution          4.87
Total paid out                       225.05

There is still unpaid
Bill Falcon & Castle           4.30
J.S. Gunn      distribution    6.24
Jas. R. Pounds       "         2.05
Jas. B. Myatt        "         2.05
Jas. Silas Pounds    "         1.38
Sarah Jane Overman   "         1.38
Lucinda Ellen McKee  "         1.38
Harriett Murphy Myatt  "       1.04
Illinois V. Myatt    "         1.04
Elizabeth Bell Myatt "         1.04
Sarah Ellen Myatt    "         1.04
Mary J. Martz        "         4.60
Thomas Shores        "         4.60
Trana Bicknell       "         4.60     36.74
Total paid & unpaid          281.79
That in herewith presents the receipts for the above amounts paid out.

That the above amounts are small and the parties entitled to the same are
non residents of the State of Iowa and their place of residence unknown.
He therefore asks the Court to order said sum of $36.74 paid into the hands
of the Clerk of this Court to be held by him and paid out by him when called
for by the parties entitled thereto and that the administrator be released
from all further liability.
                Alfred J. Whipple
Subscribed & sworn to before me by siad A.J. Whipple this Nov 9th 1881
        E.E. McElroy
        Notary Public