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Welcome to the Osborne Origins website. This site is for dissemination of Osborne genealogical information and coordination of research on Osborne family history. Included are abstracts of public records, linked pedigrees, queries, etc. New information is continually being added. If you are a first time visitor, please visit the "Help & FAQs" page by clicking on the link on the left. That page gives some information helpful in knowing how to navigate around the Osborne Origins website. Also, please consider signing the guestbook above.

By its nature, Osborne Origins is considered a secondary source. The information here comes from a variety of sources, original and secondary. You are encouraged to verify any information found here that pertains to your family line. Please see the National Genealogical Society webpage Standards for Sound Genealogical Research.

This site contains information on many unrelated Osborne families and the vast majority of information here does not pertain to the compiler's personal family line. The records are posted here so you can perform your own search through them. Please read the information on making contributions to Osborne Origins and the Queries section.

What's available at the Osborne Origins website?

Register Your Reseach Interest

You can register your research interest in any or all of your direct Osborn(e) ancestors who appear in various records posted at Osborne Origins. This includes the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records (but currently not the Paul Phipps Linked Family Records), census records, or any will or other probate record posted at Osborne Origins. Your interest is recorded as an email link which other researchers can click on to send an email message to you. To see how this works in the Linked Family Records, you can see my email link indicating my interest in Richard Osburn. To see how an email link appears in census records, please see the 1850 Owen Co., KY Census Have you contributed source records for posting at Osborne Origins? In this case you can register your interest in any Osborn(e)s you are interested in. [Note: Please do not send queries to me using this email link. If you have a query, please post at Ancestry's Osborn message board or email to the OSBORN-L email list -- I visit all of the various Osborn(e) message boards and am on the OSBORN-L email list. If I have any pertinent information, I will contact you.]

To register your research interest:

Click here and provide me with the following information:
  1. Your email address to use in the email links.
  2. Your name or "handle" as you want it to appear in the email links.
    This can be just your first name, just your last name, your full name, a handle, or even your email address again. Just let me know how you want it to appear. Examples are "Lee", "Lee Osborne", "root digger", or "".
  3. The full names of your ancestors. For Linked Family Records, please give me the Record Identification Numbers(RINs) that appear with your ancestors' names in the Linked Family Records. For instance, my ancestor is Doctor Frank Osburn-4. I have to have the RINs to make sure I have the right people.

    For census records, please give me your ancestors' names, what census years, states, county names, and page and line numbers. This is needed to make sure I put your email links where they properly belong.

    For will or other probate records, please give me your ancestor's names, the URL (web address) of the page where the will or probate is located at Osborne Origins and the date of the will or probate. This way I will get the email link on the proper will or probate record.

Your ancestor doesn't appear at Osborne Origins:

Sorry, your research interest can't be posted at Osborne Origins. Please consider posting a query at a GenForum or Ancestry/Rootsweb message board or sending a query out on a Rootsweb mail list.

Another thing to consider is making a contribution of source records to Osborne Origins. With your contribution, you will be credited with the contribution and your email link will appear with it. Please see the information on contributing to Osborne Origins.

Osborne Message Boards and Mail Lists

Post or search for Osborne (all spellings) queries or messages at any of the following message boards: Joining Mail Lists: Queries previously submitted to the Osborne Origins query page can be viewed on Query Page 1 and Query Page 2. Queries are no longer being accepted for posting on Osborne Origins.

Contributions to Osborne Origins

Do you have photocopies or transcripts of source records that might be of interest to other Osborne researchers? Please contact me at to discuss what we can do with your records. Thanks.

What's Happening at Osborne Origins

There are a number of changes happening at Osborne Origins. This is to let you know what is going on. Please be aware that all of the things listed below are going on in parallel over a period of time, so you won't see everything happening at once.

Contact Me

Whether you wish to make a contribution to the Osborne Origins website, wish to report a bad link, or have a correction to the records that are posted at Osborne Origins, I can be reached by email at