Introduction to the Linked Family Records

Welcome to the "Linked Family Records" at the Osborne Origins website. This is a collection of over 1,100 family groups records representing over 12,000 individuals, over 7,000 of whom are Osborns, the rest being spouses and in-laws. Osborns from all regions of the United States are included, from many different unrelated family lines. Generally, I have only included families from 1850 and before. Exceptions would be for northern Kentucky and Fountain Co., IN where I have included many families (most related to me of course) up to about 1900.

The family group records are based on information I have collected since 1982 or has been given to me or contributed to the website. Much of this information is from wills, deeds, Bible records, biographies published in old county histories, etc. Much of information also comes from published genealogies, such as Donald Lines Jacobus' History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield or Rita Sutton's Early Osbornes and Alley. I have verified much of the information found in these genealogies. In no case have I used information from genealogies that did not contain source records or citations to source records, or at least provided some idea of how or where the information was obtained.

I believe that *in general* the information contained in the family group records in the "Linked Family Records" is the most complete and correct information available on these families. I *do not* claim that the information in these records is 100% complete or correct. In specific instances, other books or websites might contain more complete or correct information on particular families, whether these other sources mention evidence or not. When you find conflicting information, it is up to you to find evidence to verify one or the other source.

Using the Linked Family Records

Family groups are linked by the names appearing in each family group. Clicking on a child's name that is colored and/or underlined takes you to the family group that the person is a parent of. Clicking on a colored/underlined father's name or mother's name, takes you to the family where that individual is parent.

The frame to the left contains four tables of links. The first table is a navigation link table, allowing you to return to the Osborne Origins home page, to the introduction to the Linked Family Records, download the Osborne Origins GEDCOM file, or go to the Paul Phipps Linked Family Records. Be sure to check out the "Early American Ancestors" page which contains information on many of the early Osborn families in America.

The second table is a "Locality Index". This index gives links to families by where they lived. This index is an excellent way to find the Osborn families that lived in a particular area and are included in the database.

The third table is the "Osborne Index". Each link is for a range of names. Clicking on a "name range" link brings up that range of names in the right hand (this) frame. Each name in the right hand frame is a link which takes you to a family group that contains that person. Note that irrespective of the spelling of the Osborne surname, all persons in this index are in order by their first name.

The fourth table is the "Other Surnames Index". This table indexes all persons with surnames other than Osborne (or spelling variation). It is sorted in order first by surname and then by given name. Again, clicking on a name range brings up that range of names in the right hand (this) frame. Click on a name in the right hand frame and you will go to the family where that person is mentioned.

The information in the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records is the same as what is contained in the Osborne Origins GEDCOM file. If you wish to view this information using your genealogy program, you can download the GEDCOM file by clicking on the appropriate link in the Navigation table to the left.

Paul Phipps Linked Family records is a separate set of records contributed by Paul Phipps. Ephraim Osborne-25 in Paul Phipps records is the same person as Ephraim Osborne-2809 is the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records. To view Paul Phipps Linked Family Records, click on the appropriate link in the Navigation table to the left.

Note: Many of the notes in the Osborne Origins genealogical database contain names followed by numbers (i.e. John Osborne-1234). These numbers are the RIN numbers in the original PAF database where the information was kept and will NOT necessarily be accurate when you reload the database into your genealogy program.

Downloading the Osborne Origins GEDCOM File

The Osborne Origins GEDCOM file contains the same information as the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records. To download, read the instructions first and then click below where directed.

  1. Where directed, click with the right mouse button. This causes a menu to be displayed.
  2. Click on "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". This causes a "Save As" window to be displayed where you can select the folder where the GEDCOM file will be saved and if necessary, change the name of the GEDCOM file.
  3. Click on "Save".
  4. Click with your right mouse button here.

Contact Me

Whether you wish to make a contribution to the Osborne Origins website, wish to report a bad link, or have a correction to the records that are posted at Osborne Origins, I can be reached by email at