Benjamin OSBORN-843

Marr: [2]

Rebecca HAWKINS-6555


  1. Benjamin OSBURN-2827
    [1790 SC Census], ["Second Census" of KY 1800]
  2. James OZBURN-6556
  3. William OZBURN-10916 ;Born: 1760/1770 VA[6,7] ;Died: 7 Feb 1837 [11] ;Bur.: Old Brwnsvll Cem,Jackson Co.,IL[11]
    Marr: ca 6 Dec 1786 Orange Co.,NC[8,9] Margaret STALCUP-10917
    [1830 IL Census], [1820 IL Census]
  4. Richard OSBURN-1 ;Born: ca 1767 VA[12] ;Died: 1851 Owen Co.,KY[13]
    Marr: [12] Sarah-2
    [1790 SC Census], [1840 KY Census], [1830 KY Census], [1820 KY Census], [1810 KY Census], ["Second Census" of KY 1800], [1850 Owen Co., KY Census] [Researchers: Lee Osborne ]
  5. John OSBURN-137 ;Born: 11 Oct 1773 NC ;Died: 6 Sep 1863 IN
    Marr: 26 Apr 1798 Nancy ROBERTSON-138
    Marr: 29 May 1827 Owen Co.,KY Elizabeth FORTNER-147
    [1810 KY Census], [1840 IN Census], [1830 IN Census], [1860 Howard Co., IN Census], [1850 Jennings Co., IN Census] [Researchers: Barbara Wilson, Lynn Pipher, Lee Osborne ]


James Ozburn-6556 is known to be a child of Benjamin Osborn-843 from the letters by James Ozburn-6556. It is very highly likely that Benjamin Osborn-2827 is a child of Benjamin Osborn-843 based on the fact that Benjamin Osborn-843 is known to have lived in Orange Co., NC through most of the 1760s and 1770 from the letters by James Ozburn-6556 and the fact that Benjamin Osborn-2827's family had connections to the Stalcup family who were known to be in Orange Co., NC during the same period of time.

Evidence on the children of Benjamin Osborn-843


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