John OSBORN-6074

Marr: [2]

Susan WILLIAMS-6075


  1. Jesse OSBORN-667 ;Born: ca 1794 KY[6,7] ;Died: 1845 Daviess Co.,MO[8]
    Marr: [8] Margaret ORR-666
    [1840 MO Census], [1830 IN Census], [1820 IN Census]
  2. Jeptha D. OSBORN-741 ;Born: ca 1802 KY[11]
    Marr: 12 Nov 1825 Boone Co.,MO Eliza GRANT-742
    [1830 MO Census], [1860 Sonoma Co., CA Census], [1852 CA State Census, Santa Clara Co.]
  3. John OSBORN-693 ;Born: ca 1805 KY[5]
    Marr: 13 Aug 1825 Boone Co.,MO[5,12] Rachel LEMMON-695
    [1840 MO Census], [1830 MO Census], [1860 Daviess Co., MO Census], [1850 Daviess Co., MO Census]
  4. George W. OSBORN-694 ;Born: 12 Apr 1806 KY[5,13] ;Died: 10 Apr 1879 [13] ;Bur.: Black Cem.,Daviess Co.,MO[13]
    Marr: 25 Aug 1835 Boone Co.,MO[12,13] Catherine COLVIN-704
    [1860 Daviess Co., MO Census], [1850 Daviess Co., MO Census]
  5. Reuben OSBORN-6076 ;Born: 12 Jul 1814 Scott Co.,KY[2]
    Marr: 10 May 1838 Yazoo City,Yazoo Co.,MS[2] Jane Wood HOWARD-6077
    [1840 MS Census], [1850 Callaway Co., MO Census]


The only child of John Osborn-6074 mentioned in the genealogy of Reuben Osborn-6076 (taken from "Genealogy of the Sharpless Family") is Reuben.

There is no direct evidence, but there is compelling circumstantial evidence that Jeptha D. Osborn-741, John Osborn-693, and George W. Osborn-694 are children of John Osborn-6074.

1) When John Osborn-6074 died in 1817, his wife Susan declined to be
   administrator of his estate.  In her place, one John Williams and
   George Wood were appointed administrators.  (Scott Co., KY Court Order
   Book B-2, page 344)

2) The book "Genealogy of the Sharpless Family", gives information on the
   family of Reuben and Jane Wood (Howard) Osborn, including the fact that
   Reuben's mother's maiden name was Williams.  This book gives no
   citations for evidence, but from a comment included with the information
   on Milton H. Osborn, son of Reuben and Jane, it is known that Gilbert
   Cope, author of "Gen. of the Sharpless Family", corresponded with Jane
   Wood (Howard) Osborn.  Thus it seems highly likely that the information
   on Reuben Osborn's mother's maiden name being Williams is correct.

3) In the 1850 census for Daviess Co., MO, a Susan Hubbard is enumerated with
   the family of John Osborn-693.  From Boone Co., MO records, it is clear
   that Susan Hubbard was the widow of Durrett Hubbard.  Recorded in Boone
   Co., MO deed book F, page 23, is a deed where Durrett Hubbard and Susan
   his wife sell George W. Osborn-694 a tract of land.  The Osborns and
   Hubbards had some sort of close relationship.

3) In the estate papers for a John Williams who died in Boone Co., MO in
   1828, George W. Osborn-694 is listed as a buyer at an estate sale.
   Durrett Hubbard is listed as having loaned John Williams $50.  Other
   information available on John Williams shows he was from Scott Co., KY
   or the vicinity of Scott Co., KY.

4) In the Scott Co., KY tax records through 1817 there is just one John
   Williams consistly listed in the tax records.  (There is another John
   Williams, but the second John Williams is consistly listed as
   John *F.* Williams.)  After 1817, John Williams is gone from the Scott
   Co., KY tax records.  Clearly John Williams who died in 1828 in Boone Co.,
   MO is the John Williams of the Scott Co., KY tax rolls and the same
   person who was administrator of the estate of John Osborn-6074.

5) In the 1810 census for Scott Co., KY, there are three Osborn families with
   3 or more male children in the 0-10 age group -- the families of Richard,
   Bennett, and John Osborn.  The families of Richard and Bennett Osborn are
   known sufficiently well to know that neither Richard nor Bennett Osborn
   are father of Jeptha D., John, and George W. listed above.

From the above, it is clear that Susan (Williams) Osborn was closely related
to John Williams and about 1822 moved to Boone Co., MO taking her family.
Sometime between 1822 and 1825 she married Durrett Hubbard and after Durrett
Hubbard died in 1848, she resided with her son John Osborn-693.

The exact relation of John Williams and Susan Williams is unknown, but it
seems likely that they were brother and sister.  John Williams left a will
and Susan Williams is definitely not John Williams' daughter.

I previously had Jesse Osborn-667 as a child of Richard Osburn[#1] of Owen
Co., KY.  From tax records, it appears that Jesse Osborn was born about 1794
and according to 1880 census records for three of Jesse's children, Jesse
was born in KY.  Of the Scott Co., KY Osborn families living in Scott Co., KY
by around 1794, Richard Osburn was the only person with "room" in the family
for Jesse.  The census data for Richard Osburn-1 in the 1810 census for Scott
Co., KY doesn't show him with any male children above age 10, while John
Osborn-6074's family shows several male children older than 10.  Jesse also
moved to Daviess Co., IN as did John Osborn-693 and George W. Osborn-694.
Jesse also named one of his sons Jeptha D.


You are welcome to include the information on the family of John and Susan (Williams) Osborn in your files. Please though also include the information on the evidence given here. People seeing the information on the family of John and Susan (Williams) Osborn deserve to know the information on this family is based on circumstantial evidence and what that evidence is.


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