Richardson A. OSBURN-5

Marr: 14 Apr 1826 Grant Co.,KY[3,4]



  1. Malinda OSBURN-9989 ;Died: 10 Jan 1907 Fountain Co.,IN[6] ;Bur.: IN
    Marr: 8 Jun 1847 Owen Co.,KY[6] John M. ROMAN-9990
    [1860 Fountain Co., IN Census], [1850 Owen Co., KY Census], [Birth and Death Certificates]

Marr: 20 Mar 1836 Grant Co.,KY

Margaret JUMP-24


  1. William Strother OSBURN-129 ;Born: ca 1841 KY[8]
    Marr: 9 Jan 1862 B. Jacob's,Grant Co.,KY[3] Eliza JACOBS-586
    [1860 Grant Co., KY Census], [1880 Grant Co., KY Census]
  2. Commodore Perry OSBURN-26 ;Born: ca 1842 KY[1]
    Marr: 31 Mar 1863 Owen Co.,KY Nancy JUMP-343
    [1860 Fountain Co., IN Census]
  3. Joseph OSBURN-27 ;Born: ca 1844 KY[1]
  4. John OSBURN-28 ;Born: ca 1849 KY[1]
    [1880 Fountain Co., IN Census], [1870 Fountain Co., IN Census], [1860 Fountain Co., IN Census]
  5. George W. OSBORNE-13657 ;Born: 4 Aug 1850 IN[9,10,11] ;Died: 29 Feb 1932 Tilton,Vermilion Co.,IL[10] ;Bur.: Mt. Hope Cem.,Covington,Fountain Co.,IN[10]
    Marr: 29 Jul 1872 Vermilion Co.,IL[12] Minerva YOUNG-13658
    [1880 Fountain Co., IN Census], [1870 Fountain Co., IN Census], [1860 Fountain Co., IN Census], [Birth and Death Certificates]
  6. Doctor Frank OSBURN-29 ;Born: ca 1852 IN[13]
    Marr: 21 Jan 1886 Grant Co.,KY Matilda JUMP-344
  7. William OSBURN-30 ;Born: ca 1854 IN[13]

Marr: 26 Apr 1858 Fountain Co.,IN

Elizabeth JUSTICE-31


  1. Anne OSBORN-32 ;Born: ca 1861 IN[9]
  2. Mary OSBORN-33 ;Born: ca 1862 IN[9]
  3. Robert OSBORN-34 ;Born: ca 1866 IN[9]
  4. Thomas OSBORN-35 ;Born: ca 1867 IN[9]
  5. Christina OSBORN-36 ;Born: ca 1868 IN[9]
    Marr: 3 Jul 1885 Vermilion Co.,IL[14] Abraham RENNAKER-13643


The death certificate for Richardson Osburn's daughter Malinda (Osburn) Roman gives her birthdate as 29 March 1826 and her mother as Malinda Osborn born in Ohio. It seems unlikely that Richardson Osburn was married previous to his marriage to Sarah Woodruff, to an Osborn born in OH at that. More likely is that the name given for Malinda (Osburn) Roman's mother is in error and that Malinda was born a year later than that given on the death certificate, making her birth 29 March 1827, which would be 11 months after Richardson's marriage to Sarah Woodruff.

Richardson Osburn-5's son does not appear in the 1860 Fountain Co., IN census with the rest of the family. Correspondance from Mrs. Vera Clem (granddaughter of George W. Osborne-13657) to Florence Osborn (dau. of Doctor Frank Osburn-29) in 1912 shows that George W. Osborne was brother of Doctor Frank Osburn-29.


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