The Osbornes and Related Families -- Jones, Worsham, Fowlkes, Robertson & Gayle, by Elizabeth J. "Betty" Harrell, pub. by the author. $20.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling to Betty Harrel, 10535 Deodara Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014. Osbornes of Henrico, Chesterfield, Amelia, and Prince Edward Cos., VA and Middle TN.

The Osborn/Osborne Family, by Donald H. Campbell, pub. by the author. $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling by check or money order to Donald H. Campbell, P.O. Box 326, Rose Hill, VA 24281. William Osborn (1644- ) and his descendants. The family went from the Carolina's into VA and KY. Some of the families listed are Jonathan, Enoch, Samuel, Ephriam, Nehemiah, and James Washington Osborne, and many more. Hardbound with photographs.

Genealogy of Edward and Sarah (Burchett) Osborn of Floyd Co., KY, 12 pages, by Donald Lewis Osborn, 1970. Available for $6.00 postpaid to the author, 322 SE Willow Way, Lee's Summit, MO, 64063-2928.

Early Osbornes and Alleys, by Rita Sutton, pub. by John C. Mullins, Clintwood, VA, about 1973. $32.00 plus $3.50 shipping and handling. Order from Mrs. John C. Mullins, Route 2 Box 307, Clintwood, VA. Osbornes in early southwest Virginia and neighboring area of North Carolina. Includes immigrants to Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Many lines through about 1850 included in the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records. Many lines in the book go a couple of generations additional.

An Osburn Family, 1750-1970, by Josie (Walker) Blakey, pub. by author, Little Falls, Minnesota, 1972. Available on microfilm from the Salt Lake Family History Library, film #1036286, item #10. Genealogy of the family of Jesse Osburn(1780-1863) of Johnson Co., KY. Most of his children moved to Arkansas, where many of his descendants live.

One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families, by John Osborne Austin, Salem, MA, 1893, reprinted by The Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1977. For ordering information click here: Book or CD. Early Osborn families of Essex Co., MA, and one branch of the family that moved to RI.

History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, by Donald Lines Jacobus, pub. by the Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter, DAR, Fairfield, CT, 1930. Descendants of Richard Osborn who settled in Hingham, MA in 1635 and moved to Fairfield, CT by 1652. Includes descendants who remained in the Fairfield, CT area through about 1800. These families are included in the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records. This book is included as part of Family Tree Maker's Family Archive CD 515: Connecticut 1600s-1800s Local and Family Histories.

Families of Ancient New Haven, by Donald Lines Jacobus, printed by Clarence D. Smith, Rome, NY, 1927. This is an eight volume collection of genealogies of a number of early families of New Haven, CT. Includes descendants of Jeremiah Osborn who died in New Haven, CT in 1696 and some additional probably related Osborn families. These families are in the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records. These volumes are included as part of Family Tree Maker's Family Archive CD 179: Connecticut Family Histories #1, 1600s-1800s.

"Richard Osborn and Some of His Descendants", Descendants of Richard Osborn, born at East Chester, NY in 1676. Richard Osborn was grandson of the immigrant Richard Osborn who settled in Fairfield, CT.

The Whitney Family of Connecticut and it Affiliations, by S. Whitney Phoenix, privately printed, NY, 1878. Three volumes with at least eight generations of Whitney descendants. Includes descendants of David Osborn and Rachel Keeler of Ridgefield, CT. Many lines through about 1850 included in the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records. This genealogy carries some lines another 30 years. These volumes are available from Heritage Quest on microfilms SW16-230 item A (Vol. 1), SW16-231 item E (Vol. 2), and SW16-232 (Vol. 3).

"Ralph Osborn", Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, vol. 9. Ralph Osborn is person 873 in the Whitney genealogy (above). This article provides a couple of generations of descendants of Ralph Osborn. Ralph Osborn's family is contained in the Osborne Origins Linked Family Records.

The Descendants of Jonathan Osborn of Scotch Plains, New Jersey, by Robert Stanley Osborn, Tinton Falls, NJ, 1993. Jonathan Osborn's sons Jonathan H. Osborn and John B. Osborn were veterans of the Rev. War. Descendants lived in Essex/Union Co. and also other parts of New Jersey. Grandsons Charles and John Osborn moved to the area of Dearborn and Ripley Cos., IN.

The Descendants of Captain David Osborn of Scotch Plains, New Jersey, by Robert Stanley Osborn, Tinton Falls, NJ, 1989. This books covers the descendants of Capt. David Osborn, another son of Jonathan Osborn of Scotch Plains, NJ.

Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Levi Osborn 1827-1913, by Cressa Osborn Parker, Berne, IN, 1981. Material arranged and edited by Rosemarie Osborn Hopler, O. Edward Hopler, and Genevieve Snyder Nussbaum. This book contains several generations of the descendants of Levi Osborn-1367.

Descendants of William Osborn(d. 1729/30) of Essex Co., MA This is a typescript at the New Hampshire Historical Society and can be found on microfilm 0015529, item 2, at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The book, at least what is on microfilm, is actually untitled and no author or manuscript date is given. Some lines are given through about 1900 and at least some female lines are also followed. Unfortunately, there are no notes as to sources of information.

The Osborns of N.E. Louisiana, by Elsa B. Malcom, P.O. Box 27, Gladstone, OR 97027, 1984. Supplement, 1989, same author and address.

Mathew Osborn and his Family, by Frederic Verne Osborn, pub. by author, 1970. This book covers some of the descendants of Matthew Osborn-958 and Isabell Dobson. Most of the Osborns who were Quakers are on this line.

The Barbour Collection: Connecticut Vital Records Prior to 1850, compiled under the direction of Lucius B. Barbour, Connecticut State Examiner of Public Records from 1911-1934. This is a collection of Connecticut town vital records organized in two parts. The first part is a card index of the vital records alphabetized by name. The second part is a typescript of the records, organized by town and then alphabetized by name. The Barbour Collection was microfilmed in 1949 by the Genealogical Society of Utah. Copies of this microfilm can be viewed through the LDS genealogical library system. The microfilm is also available from Heritage Quest. The second part of The Barbour Collection is being published as a series of books edited by Lorraine Cook White and published by The Genealogical Publishing Co.. A complete description of the collection can be found at the Connecticut State Library webpage Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, by William Wade Hinshaw, compiled by Thomas Worth Marshall, originally published Ann Arbor, MI, 6 vols. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co.
Vol. I - NC, pub. 1936, with supplement 1948, reprinted 1969.
Vol. II - PA & NJ, pub. 1938, reprinted 1969.
Vol. III - NY, pub. 1940, reprinted 1969.
Vol. IV & V - OH, pub. 1946, reprinted 1973.
Vol. VI - VA, pub 1950, reprinted 1973.
See Where Did Hinshaw Put Those Quaker Records? for a list of the Monthly Meetings that each volume contains.

Vols. I-VI are available from FamilyTreeMaker on CD-ROM 192 for $59.99. See Genealogical Records: The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1740-1930 for ordering information. Vols. I, III, IV, V, and VI are also available in paperback from American Genealogical Lending Library (AGLL) and vols. I & III are available from AGLL on microfilm or microfiche: Vol. 1 (film: V234-1 item 1, fiche: F-2091), Vol. 3 (film: V234-2 item 1, fiche: F-2093).

Most of the information on Quaker Osbornes found in Osborne Origins Linked Family Records was taken from these volumes.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Abstracts of the Records of the Society of Friends in Indiana, edited by Willard Heiss from notes of William Hinshaw. Pub. by the Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis. Published as Vol. VII of Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy in 6 parts: Pt. 1 - 1962, Pt. 2 - 1965, Pt. 3 - 1970, Pt. 4 - 1972, Pt. 5 - 1975. A revised edition of Pt. 1 was published in 1996 as "Vol. 1".

Most of the information on Quaker Osbornes living in Indiana found in Osborne Origins Linked Family Records was taken from this volume.

Elijah Hackleman Scrapbook, by Margaret K. Fox, Betty Ann Wilson, and Anna M. Harvey, 1987, pub. by Selby Publishing & Printing, 3405 Zartman Rd., Kokomo, IN, 46902, tel: (765)453-5417. $36.00 plus $4.50 shipping and handling from the publisher. Transcript of a scrapbook kept by Elijah Hackleman. Contains descendants of Michael Hackleman, born in Germany about 1720. Includes some descendants of Thomas Osborn and Elizabeth Simpson. Elizabeth Simpson is mis-identified in this book as being "Mary" or "Molly". Thomas Osborn moved to NC and then SC. Branches of the family later moved to northern KY and various places in IN. All of these Osborns are found in Osborne Origins Linked Family Records.

More Osborne books(David Osborne's records)